Matthew Soltys / Nitro Rooski / Capital City Fur Con / Spark the Dalmatian / Cyder the Donkey / DJMSOL Entertainment / Nitro Production Company - Stole $4000 from a nonprofit to fund his vanity convention. Got evicted for a harem of underage boys in his home. Currently impersonating a far more likable furry.

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Furries and drama go hand-in-hand. In a fandom that's so drama-prone, a minor incident can quickly be blown out of proportion, and a major crime can often be swept under the rug with furries shrugging it off as "drama". At times, it can be tough to determine who are the truly bad people, so I'm honestly shocked this guy didn't have a thread until now.


Matthew Soltys (better known by his fursonas Nitro Roosky, Cyder The Donkey, and currently Spark the Dalmatian) from Red Lion, Pennsylvania would like you to believe that the hundreds of furries who cut ties with him are lying about him, his behavior, and why everyone hates him. However, a quick glance at how he handles himself both online and IRL shows that Matthew has left a fairly destructive path in his wake, trying his best to drag down everyone who gave him the benefit of the doubt along the way. While his infamy was somewhat known among the PA furries for a few years, it finally hit critical mass in 2020 with a massive string of fraudulent activity and continued into 2021 with Matthew actively harassing people.

Hello there! Odds are good that you discovered this thread because it popped up in a search, or you were linked to it by a friend. There are a lot of reasons why Matthew/Nitro should not be trusted (either with money or your time). Since this thread has gotten a fair amount of traffic from furries who don't understand KF's atmosphere, I'd like to give our lurkers a few quick reminders, especially since Matthew is aware of this thread and has tried his hardest to discredit all the information within.

Matthew's most common tactic is to claim that KF cannot be considered a reliable source of information and only exists to bully people with fake evidence. He is ignoring that fact that when you see an (archive) link mentioned in the thread, that is an accurate snapshot of that weblink, and it was taken at a time when that website was still live (for example, if a Twitter link is archived, it means that tweet was indeed real, even if it might have been deleted later). Archive links can not be faked, and they’re hosted on a service completely independent of KF. If you're willing to disregard legitimate evidence solely because you don't like that it was posted on Kiwi Farms, that says far more about you than it says about us.

In addition, while some of Matthew's personal information is visible in this thread, DO NOT CONTACT/HARASS MATTHEW. Despite what the rest of the internet will tell you, Kiwi Farms does not endorse harassing or contacting thread subjects; we simply archive, discuss, and occaisionally theorize about what's going on. KF's "Don't interact with lolcows" rule exists for far more than liability reasons. At best, whatever "trolling" plan you had in mind will mostly just make you look dumber than Matthew in comparison. At worst, you'll end up doxed and with a thread of your own on here, and we'll all collectively laugh at how much of an unfunny dumbass you are.

With all that out of the way, let's move on on Matthew.

Matthew Himself


To get the basics out of the way, Matthew is a furry in his mid-20s who had been somewhat well-known in Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s furry scene for a couple of years. According to one furry I talked to while working on this OP, nearly every furry who attended PA fur meets regularly from 2017-2019 had personally encountered him at least once in some form. Outside of the furry fandom, he works at a Six Flags amusement park and runs "DJMSOL Entertainment" (sometimes referred to as "Nitro Production Company"), a side business of DJ/AV work that got him a few local gigs.

Former friends have also claimed that Matthew was constantly broke and asking for more money (while at the same time buying expensive things and living far outside of the means that his job provided). While precise evidence to back this up is lacking, it should be pointed out that Matthew has been sued for unpaid rent at least three times; once in March 2018, a second time in February 2021, and a third time in August 2021. It goes without saying that it takes a lot to justify unpaid rent escalating to a court case.

It is critical to establish that Matthew's skills with money are lacking before going any further, as this comes into play several times during this OP. This won’t be the last time you’ll hear about him mishandling money.

Capital City Fur Con (March 2019-June 2020)​


What made Matthew as infamous as he is now was the drama and fallout involving the convention he founded (and made himself chairman of), Capital City Fur Con. Initially announced to the public in March 2019, the first and only CCFC was held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in January 2020. It also has the unique distinction of being one of the only 2020 furry events that weren't canceled due to COVID-19. CCFC has already been discussed heavily in the Furry Convention Drama thread, and it spawned a massive CCFC OP. I’d strongly encourage reading that OP if you have some time, but here are the cliff’s notes:

Matthew wanted to host his own furry convention, but he lacked the experience, knowledge, or resources. He decided to proceed anyway, hired a few of his friends as staff, then spent most of 2019 pestering furries (primarily ones with a lot of followers on Twitter) to show up to his convention.

Planning was close to nonexistent. Matthew insisted on having control over everything, wouldn’t communicate with his staff or volunteers, and managed to piss off the few people who actually had convention experience to the point that they all quit. Despite all this, he was able to fill in some of the staffing gaps with random people he met at fur meets, and CCFC actually happened as promised in early 2020, with roughly 400 furries showing up to it.

Matthew never paid the hotel a deposit that was agreed upon in their contract, and on the first night of the convention, the hotel demanded payment or they’d shut everything down. First, Matthew tried to pressure his staff member Tripp to hand over thousands from his college savings to help cover the unpaid deposit. Due to transfer limits at Tripp's bank (as well as Tripp's parents refusing to let him use the money for non-college expenses), nothing came from this, but that didn't stop Matthew from continuing to harass Tripp for money for the rest of the convention. Here's Tripp's take on what happened:

Despite this setback, Matthew managed to avert disaster. He convinced one of his friends to put their personal credit cards onto the convention's billing accounts, and he also managed to suppress news about the potential shutdown from attendees before it became public knowledge.


Surprisingly, the rest of the convention seemed to go okay. Most of the furries I spoke to that attended CCFC said they generally enjoyed themselves. Matthew spent most of CCFC casually schmoozing furries, did little to no management, and left the inexperienced staff to fend for themselves. At CCFC's closing ceremonies, he announced he was immediately stepping down as the chairman and gave the role to a DJ who played at one of the dances, then told everyone that any inquiries post-convention should be sent to the new chairman, not him.

Matthew promised the guests of honor and his staff that he would cover their rooms, only for all of them to find out upon checking out that they were now stuck paying the entire bill. People who pre-registered for CCFC (but were unable to make it) were denied refunds. Most of the people who paid for "Sponsorship" registration never received the merchandise they were promised. Matthew’s friend that put his card down to save CCFC's shutdown was stuck with a bill for $12,000. The new chairman quit ten days after CCFC ended because he realized Matthew was trying to shift the blame of CCFC's mismanagement over to him. Matthew also ignored all questions from everyone about being compensated.

Matthew had also partnered CCFC with a charity (ALS Association) and con-goers had raised somewhere around $4K-$5K at the event. At some point, Matthew came up with the idea to use the charity money to pay down some of his debt. He was repeatedly told by staff and friends that this was a terrible idea, but he did it anyway in order to save himself from having to declare bankruptcy. Essentially, CCFC ran at a giant financial loss, and rather than be transparent about what happened, Matthew committed charity fraud in order to soften the debt he racked up, then threw everyone else under the bus.

Since a lot of this wasn't publicly known at the time, Matthew managed to avoid drawing more attention to himself for a few months. That all changed on June 11th, 2020, when his former staff Tripp made a callout post about Matthew and demanded proof that the charity money was properly donated. Tripp's callout gained a lot of traction online very quickly, and Matthew responded a few hours later by tweeting that CCFC would be ending.

When people started pointing out how incredibly suspicious it was that CCFC announced its closure mere hours after a callout, Matthew nuked most of CCFC's social media (as well as his own) and went radio silent for a few months.


Post CCFC: (June 2020-Present)

A more sympathetic reader might see the above and view Matthew as a misguided person who wanted to throw an event but got in way over his head. However, Matthew has since proven the direct opposite. Over the course of the next few months, he managed to eradicate any sympathy people might have had for him, refusing to take any accountability for his actions, (unsuccessfully) trying to absolve himself of any blame, blaming CCFC's failure entirely on the overworked and inexperienced staff he had hired.

Unsurprisingly, most furries did not want to be associated with someone who willingly mishandled thousands of dollars meant for charity. News about CCFC’s mismanagement spread quickly through the Pennsylvania furry scene, and Matthew quickly found himself universally shunned and despised by most of his former friends and associates. While most events for 2020 were on indefinite hiatus due to COVID-19, most fur meets and conventions in PA preemptively banned him from coming back (once they were allowed to safely start running again).

Matthew's dating life and #TeamNitro


(Team Nitro, circa January 2021. All of the people in this photo have since cut ties with Matthew.)

Before moving on to his failed attempts to get furries to like him again, it's worth taking a look at Matthew's love life and a few of his known associates. Between each of his failed schemes, there seems to be a repeating cycle of predatory dating behavior coming from Matthew, which consists of him cruising furry dating groups and asking unsuspecting furries out, usually ending poorly for whomever he suckered in. It's best summarized by this chart I made:

Authors' note: Most of Matthew's exes have expressed genuine remorse over getting involved with him and cut ties completely. For that reason, I'm going to keep personally identifying information about most of his exes minimal.

In 2020 alone, Matthew has gone through at least 8 romantic relationships, and those are just ones we know about through public posts. Matthew likes to ask out vulnerable furries who are unaware of his history (oftentimes while he is still dating someone). The majority of his exes were just recently establishing themselves in the local furry "scene", which allowed Matthew to gaslight them into believing that any furries who disapproved of them associating with him were only doing it because they're just jealous and/or intolerant.

It's also worth pointing out that Matthew explicitly seeks out furries that own fursuits of their own, which is supported by the fact that every ex has photos of the two of them in suit together, all of his close personal associates are fursuiters, and every furry Matthew pestered to come to CCFC was a fursuiter.

Despite this, Matthew has maintained a small cult of personality around him of furries who support him unquestionably, with at least one of them currently living with him. They appear on each other's social media, liking/sharing each other's posts and white-knighting each other. Essentially, think of it as a smaller version of the rat-king social structure prevalent in some other online communities.

Notable #TeamNitro members​

Max NightEmber/Tezi The African Wild Dog


Max (actual name: David Earl Moss) is a personal friend of Matthew who worked as CCFC's head of events, and also became Matthew's roommate somewhere between February-June 2020. He's since become Matthew's biggest and most contentious white knight. Max is probably best known for leaking a fake charity donation receipt, and he was also listed as staff in the ACFC incident (both mentioned later in this OP). When CCFC shut down in June 2020, Max made his public online presence as minimal as possible in order to avoid drawing more attention to himself, but he's since used his lack of visibility as a means to aggressively harass people on Matthew's behalf without repercussions.

For some reason, Matthew has given Max access to some of his accounts, which has resulted in multiple incidents where Max said very regrettable things on Matthew's behalf. On at least two occasions, he's been documented harassing and threatening people critical of Matthew (the linked one is especially concerning because his target was underage), insisting Matthew did nothing wrong, all evidence saying otherwise is faked, and everything in this thread is a lie. However, it's very easy to determine which posts are made by Max, as he has a distinctive writing style (full of run-on sentences and a lack of punctuation) that's fairly different from posts Matthew makes on his own.

In August 2021, Max attempted to come out of hiding and re-integrate with the local furry scene by making some of his accounts public again. The re-appearance was short-lived, however, as his attempts to apologize for past behavior were not perceived as genuine, and when confronted about the far more incriminating incidents he did not address at all, he responded by rambling about completely unrelated topics. Max eventually went back into hiding following this poor reception, but not before briefly re-naming his account as "Tezi The African Wild Dog" to throw off onlookers.
Inactive Twitter (Archive) Current (Locked) Twitter

Former #TeamNitro members​

All of the people under this spoiler were prominent members of the group at one point, but have since cut ties, either due to how Matthew treated them or the backlash they received from associating with him. For the sake of this thread, I'm going to give a brief summary of each of them.

Blue Heart Fox


Blue Heart was Matthew's current romantic relationship when this thread was first created in January 2021. Blue is probably best known for an incident where he stupidly implicated Matthew even further in wrongdoing, resulting in Matthew immediately dumping Blue, then throwing out a bunch of Blue's dox in the hopes that people would harass Blue instead of him. Out of concern for Blue being actively harassed by Matthew, that information will not be posted here.

A few days following this incident, someone claiming to be Blue showed up in this very thread, claiming that Matthew indeed broke up with him, and he was also not responsible for an unrelated incident that was blamed on Blue. However, they immediately logged out after posting this, so it's unknown if this was the real Blue or someone attempting to ween. "Blue's" statements lined up with some previously posted evidence in the thread, but the true identity of the poster was ultimately inconclusive.

Blue Heart was a small lolcow in their own right, but not nearly to the same level as Matthew. His social media was full of photos of himself fursuiting in stores and restaurants (in fursuiting culture/etiquette, wearing your fursuit in a store without asking permission first is a BIG no-no). In addition, when someone showed Blue hard evidence that Matthew was cheating on them and sending unsolicited dick pics to others, Blue responded that they personally watched Matthew send the pictures so that made it okay, completely ignoring Matthew's unfaithfulness and his sexual harassment of others. It's also worth pointing out that based on the above photos, Blue had free access to alcohol when he was dating Matthew, which is concerning as he was underage (20) at the time.

Kyle the Wolf


Kyle was another friend/white knight of Matthew. He's been documented going out of his way to actively harass furries who have spoken negatively about Matthew and CCFC's mismanagement (sometimes replying to tweets that were months old) and was witnessed heavily white-knighting Matthew in the ACFC incident.

Kyle is also the person who created the #TeamNitro hashtag, which he prominently featured on some of his social media bios (which earned him justified ridicule). In addition, even though Matthew was usually in a relationship of some kind, that didn't stop Kyle from commissioning artists to make suggestive art of their fursonas together.

In June 2021, Kyle has stated (via commenting on a YouTube video about Matthew's controversies) that he regrets getting to know Matthew. While Kyle has yet to publicly acknowledge if the two of them still share any contact or not, it would appear to be the latter, as Kyle has wiped most of his social media of any mention of Matthew.

Kenaii The Husky


Kenaii was a friend of Matthew who had first met him around October 2020, a few months after the CCFC shutdown. Despite being very aware of the public fallout over the convention, he had let Matthew into his social circle under a promise that Matthew was working to improve himself and turn over a new leaf.

Kenaii had frequently been the cameraman for Matthew's photos and videos. While he usually had little to no direct involvement with Matthew's schemes, he was actively complicit and made little to no attempt to dissuade Matthew. He also let Matthew guest host in some of his music/DJ streams, referring to him as Matthew's lesser-known "Cyder" alias to avoid backlash.

In late June 2021, Kenaii released an "apology" video when he became aware of the negative pushback he was getting for keeping Matthew as a friend. The video was heavily mocked, as he ignored why people were criticizing him and instead spent the video crying about losing followers on social media. He has since deleted the video and put up a revised (and much better-received) written apology, making his motivation for befriending Matthew more clear and finally realizing that Matthew was not going to change or improve. The two of them no longer share any contact.

Dear Furries, PLEASE take me back!​

In the months following CCFC’s shutdown, Matthew has made multiple attempts to reinsert himself back into a group of furries that want nothing to do with him. So far, every single attempt has managed to backfire massively and only increase the animosity towards him.

Note: a lot of these incidents were previously discussed in greater detail in other threads. As such, I’ll give brief summaries of each incident and then link to appropriate Kiwi Farms posts if you want to read further.

The “donation receipt” saga (June 2020)​

(read more)
Someone gets in contact with Max and presses him on what happened to CCFC’s charity money. Max then claims it was actually just donated a few minutes ago and sent a photograph of the receipt to prove it. It was almost immediately determined that Matthew instead googled “ALS receipt”, photoshopped some of the text, printed it out, and took a photo. It’s not clear if the forgery was Matthew’s idea or Max’s, but it certainly didn’t do Matthew any favors regardless.


The "Twitter resurgence" saga (September 2020)

(read more)
Matthew showed up on Twitter with a new account, posting fursuit photos and pretending that nothing ever happened. Other furries eventually noticed that he was back on Twitter and started harassing him, which caused him to tweet this before he locked his account, name-dropping the furry he was dating and bringing unwanted attention to them in the process.
Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 3.57.01 PM.png

The “my cousin's donkey fursuit” saga (October 2020):​

(read more) (featured in Act 4 of the CCFC OP)
Matthew came upon a donkey fursuit auction on The Dealers Den (think eBay but for furries) that was sitting at about $5,000. Matthew contacted the seller and offered to pay $10,000 on the condition that they settle the payment offsite and ship him the suit first. He then admitted to a friend in private that he didn’t have anywhere close to that money, but he was hoping that with a new character, he could sneak back into venues he had been banned from.

He was so confident he was going to scam the fursuit owner that he immediately set up multiple social media accounts for his new character, “Cyder the Donkey”, then started using Cyder to contact ex-friends who had previously cut ties with him. Furries caught on that something fishy was going on almost immediately, and it probably didn’t help that he thought it was a good idea to send a selfie to someone:

He didn’t get away with it. Someone tipped off the fursuit's owner that Matthew was a known scammer and they decided to cancel the sale entirely. This prompted Matthew to reactivate the official CCFC Twitter account and have a bizarre meltdown. Matthew claimed numerous ridiculous things in the process. Among others:
-The guy trying to buy the donkey fursuit was actually his cousin and totally not him.
-His cousin also looks exactly like Matthew, lives in the same house as Matthew, and was dating someone who looks exactly like Matthew’s (at the time) boyfriend.
-His cousin communicated with the fursuit seller through Matthew’s personal Twitter account instead of just making his own.
-Tripp was a liar who ruined his reputation.
-CCFC failed because his staff sucked and he did everything right and none of it was his fault.
-The only good staff members were the AV staff (aka Matthew) and the head of events (aka Max)
-Everyone got compensated and if they say otherwise, they’re lying.


Not even furries were stupid enough to believe any of this. Tripp responded mockingly, which only made Matthew even angrier. He flew into an incoherent rage which only caused more people to notice the situation and start mocking him.

Matthew continued to rage and argue with furries for a few more hours before he eventually got off Twitter. Although he never got the donkey suit, he has continued to use the “Cyder” alias on social media, still attempting to sneak into places he is no longer welcome.

The “ACFC” saga (November 2020):​

(read more) (ACFC Telegram summary)
In late October/early November, several social media pages and a website popped up for an “Amish Country Fur Con”, planning to tentatively run sometime in 2022 in Lancaster, PA. The official website set off several red flags almost immediately.

Among other issues, it was discovered that all the promotional photos were stolen off Google, the convention’s logo was a stolen stock image, the convention's hotel was the same one Matthew had bragged about getting an A/V gig at a few months prior, and all of the listed staff were acquaintances of Matthew at some point (including one of Matthew’s exes as well as Max). ACFC’s Code of Conduct was also blatantly plagiarized from the Anthrocon and Furrydelphia websites, and bizarrely, one line accidentally referred to the event as CCFC.

An official ACFC Telegram chat was linked on the website, which prompted some furries to join it to figure out what was going on. Ultimately, it was being run by Matthew (with Kyle and Max white-knighting him heavily through sockpuppets). Matthew had pressured his ex into being his meat-puppet and speaking on his behalf, and the ex spent several hours being grilled by furries who were pointing out very obvious questions the ex could not answer (eg “what experience do you have?” and “where is the contract for the hotel you claim to have a contract with?”). The ex eventually relented, admitted the entire thing was Matthew’s idea and nuked the chat.

Matthew reacted to ACFC's failure by putting his fursuit up for auction, stating in the description that he was “leaving the fandom” and asking $800. It ultimately ended with zero bids, presumably because nobody wanted to risk getting scammed and/or give Matthew more money.


The “Cease and Desist” saga (January 2021):​

(read more)
Blue Heart Fox (Matthew's boyfriend at the time) decided to actively go out of their way to make a shitty callout post regarding Tripp's callout on Matthew (despite the fact that Tripp's callout was seven months old at this point). Tripp laughed it off and in the ensuing argument that followed, asked Blue to prove that anything he said about Matthew was wrong.


Blue eventually declares that they have proof that exonerates Matthew, and tweets a photograph of a Cease and Desists letter Matthew was sent in late December. The letter states that CCFC was never registered as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (something that 99% of conventions are registered as for tax and charity purposes) and Matthew did not have any authorization to legally raise charity money under the CCFC name. If he continues to claim otherwise, he will face legal action.


When Blue Heart finally realized how royally they fucked up by implicating Matthew even further in charity fraud, they nuked their Twitter account, but not before the incident caught the attention of furry lawyer Boozy Badger.


The "Impostor Patch" saga (October 2020-Present)​

(read more) (part 2)
In late February, it was brought to light that almost immediately after failing to scam the donkey fursuit, Matthew had contacted another fursuit owner and expressed interest in their "Patch the Dalmatian" fursuit they recently put up for sale. Matthew then agreed to a payment plan, but after missing the deadline to pay for the suit fully (even after Matthew was given multiple deadline extensions), the suit's owner canceled the deal entirely due to nonpayment, then refunded Matthew the money he had sent so far. The suit was then sold to someone else (who paid for the entire suit upfront). When Matthew found this out, he spent months harassing and impersonating the new owner in petty revenge, reposting old photos of the suit and claiming he owned it. When the new Patch received the suit, they promptly called Matthew out.


After Matthew was called out, he disappeared from the public eye for three months, and he attempted to reinvent himself yet again, this time as "Spark the Dalmatian". Matthew's "Spark" should NOT be confused with another infamous (but unrelated) Spark Dalmatian, as they are two entirely different people. And despite the fact that he was recently sued by his landlord for thousands in unpaid rent, he decided to instead spend thousands on commissioning a Dalmatian fursuit that bears a very close resemblance to Patch.

What makes this situation especially concerning is that Matthew explicitly went out of his way to commission the same fursuit maker as the original Patch suit, which happens to be Don't Hug Cacti. For those unaware, DHC is currently embroiled in a controversy that's best explained elsewhere. Despite Matthew being fully aware of this (and despite multiple people contacting DHC and asking them to not make the suit for Matthew), DHC made it anyways.


The original "Patch the Dalmatian" suit Matthew has repeatedly impersonated.


Matthew's "Spark the Dalmatian" suit, which bears a very close resemblance to Patch.

As of this writing, he is still actively bullying and hate-stalking Patch, messaging any furry he can get into a private conversation with to spread a false narrative of events. He's also been caught desperately trying to smear Patch's reputation by registering Patch sockpuppets on various services to send harassing messages to other furries, presumably hoping that if he tries hard enough, Patch will eventually give in and allow him re-brand himself as Patch.

The TRUE and HONEST Patch has provided this list of their social media accounts. Any "Patch" accounts not on this list are most likely Matthew's sockpuppets

The "Underage Harem and Eviction" Saga (June 2021-Present)​

(read more)
A woman reaches out to a friend of Tripp's and claims that Matthew had been trying to convince her teenage son to move in with him so he could illegally sublet his home to them, and also revealed there are already other underage boys living there as well. The woman then sends her husband down to physically confront Matthew over this. In the process, the husband escorts two other teenagers from the home and reports all of this to Matthew's landlord.

The revelation that Matthew had (at least) three underage boys sublet his home (in addition to being repeatedly sued by his landlord for unpaid rent) resulted in Matthew being served an eviction notice by police in late July. As of this writing, it is currently unknown what his current living situation is or what is happening to his roommate.

Closing Statement​


Matthew Soltys is a pathetic, socially broken scam artist who is incapable of admitting his mistakes and has since surrounded himself with moronic white knights who are either unaware of his history, fallen for his lies, or who simply don't care because no other furries will tolerate them. He will continue to be actively shunned and despised by anyone with a brain until he either goes to jail or somehow repays the thousands of dollars he’s responsible for misappropriating.

He is also part of the reason why websites like Kiwi Farms exist in the first place. Sooner or later, Matthew will make another resurgence online with another failed stunt to get furries to like him again, and it will almost certainly blow up in his face. When that happens, someone will have to tell the younger generations the "legend" of Nitro Rooski. As such, it is our sworn duty to archive and re-tell his tale for all to hear. It's sort of like the ending to James and the Giant Peach, only with more being Mad at the Internet.

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Social Media​

Known Telegram usernames: "sparkdog1", "thespotdog", "cyderapples" "dumbspotdog"
Personal webpage
Linkedin (archive)
Youtube (archive)
Facebook (archive)
Second Facebook (archive)
Nitro Production Company on FB (archive)
"Cyder" on Facebook (archive)
CCFC Facebook (archive)

Known Patch socks made by Matthew:​
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Pinball 2000


The Matthew Soltys timeline, a near-comprehensive chronological guide


(graphic taken from LagoVirt's video)

March 20-29, 2018
Matthew is sued by his landlord for a combination of unpaid rent and property damage. Net judgment is eventually found in favor of the landlord for $299.73

July 30, 2018- February 21, 2019
Matthew is fined for driving on suspended vehicle registration. According to the docket, He pleads guilty but repeatedly ignores summons and the fine, causing the infraction to be drawn out for seven months before it is finally resolved.

October 5-7, 2018
Matthew works as AV staff for World Wild Fur Camp, an outdoor furry meet in Ohio. According to testimony from a WWFC staff, Matthew talked with them enthusiastically about starting his own convention one day.

March 13
CCFC’s social media pages go live.

May 14
CCFC announces they have a contract with the Hilton Harrisburg Hotel

July 17
The first annual CCFC charity picnic is announced three days before it happens, July 20th, claiming the charity is ALS.

July 20
-The charity picnic happens. 50 people show up, $666 is raised.
-The ALS charity would later claim they never received any money.
-Furries local to the area would heavily criticize the picnic for running extremely close to a more established furry meet (it was held roughly 4-5 hours before said event, and about a mile away)

August 26- September 30, 2020
Matthew is fined for speeding. According to the docket, He pleads guilty, but repeatedly ignores summons and the fine, causing a simple infraction to be drawn out for over a year before it is finally resolved.

September 21
CCFC announces another fundraiser, this time at an amusement park/campground. It is not known if this event ever happened, as it was never mentioned again beyond this post.

October 19
Matthew puts out a bizarre “press statement” on the official CCFC Twitter, seemingly to shit-talk a furry at another convention.

October 31-November 3
Matthew works at the 2019 World Wild Fur Camp as an AV staff, with several photos of him still visible on the official website. According to this testimony from a staff member, Matthew tried to poach several WWFC staff to quit and join CCFC. Matthew was also put in charge of finances and allegedly stole money (claimed to be $3000-4000), which he presumably used to fund CCFC.

December 8
-CCFC’s PR staff “Lifty” quits (less than a month before the event) after multiple disagreements with Matthew, with the breaking point being a failed CCFC promotion at MFF.
-Matthew immediately fills in the gap by hiring two furries he was hanging out with that day, “Tripp” and “Loveless”

December 9
CCFC announces that Tripp and Loveless are brand new PR staff for the event

December 17
CCFC confirms their charity is the ALS association.

January 2-5
Capital City Fur Con happens.

January 2
-CCFC is almost shut down by the hotel due to the nonpayment of a deposit. Matthew tries to extort his staff member Tripp to hand over money from their savings but is unsuccessful.
-However, Matthew is able to convince his friend “Shadow the Wolf” to put their card on CCFC’s billing accounts to save the event.
-The schedule of events is also changed at the last possible moment, causing several panels to not happen (due to the people running them not knowing they changed and thus never showing up) and every hotel info panel shows all events starting and ending at 4 am for the rest of the convention.

January 3
-CCFC Opening ceremonies.
-A local news station records some footage and puts out a puff piece about CCFC
-Someone working for the MadeFurYou fursuit company makes a $217 donation directly to ALS during a panel.

January 5
-The charity auction happens. Notably, Uncle Kage agrees to help run it.
-CCFC’s closing ceremonies happen, during which it is announced that Matthew is no longer chairman and the role is going to DJ UltraPup, a DJ who played at one of the dances.
-It is claimed by Matthew that "$4000+" was raised for ALS by the convention attendees. However, a friend of Matthew's would claim a few hours later (via a post on CCFC's Facebook) that the final amount was actually $4600.

January 13
Matthew tweets a CCFC “press statement” stating that two of the event's staff are permanently banned from future events for “unprofessional behavior”. The statement is then deleted a few minutes later. It is later revealed that one of the staff was banned for getting overly drunk at CCFC and ignoring their duties.

January 15
10 days after DJ UltraPup is declared the new CCFC chairman, he tweets a statement on Twitter that he is stepping down. The statement is vague, but he does specifically mention that the CCFC work environment "is toxic and unhealthy for many reasons".

January 29
Xusho Wolf (one of CCFC's guests of honor) posts a video they recorded during CCFC where they solicited charity donations via a bucket. While the exact amount Xusho raised is unknown, at least 27 people donate during the video.

January 30-May 30? (precise date unknown)
Matthew's roommate Gabu/Bean moves out and relocates to somewhere out of the state. He is replaced with David/Max Nightember, who is still Matthew's roommate as of this writing.

May 19
The first time CCFC was ever mentioned on Kiwi Farms, via Pinball 2000 in the Furry Convention Drama thread.

May 20
Tripp notices KF talking about CCFC, offers to share his side of the story.

May 22
-Pinball reaches out to Tripp, hears out his story, asks Tripp several questions that were brought up in the thread, and posts the conversation to KF.
-LurkerDog also provides access to a leaked “CCFC feedback chat”

June 11
-Tripp calls out Matthew regarding CCFC on Twitter, airing his grievances with the poor management and demanding proof that the charity money was properly donated
-Matthew announces a few hours later on the CCFC Twitter that the event will be ending. He also posts a photo of MadeFurYou’s $217 donation receipt from January as “proof” he donated. The receipt was deleted a few minutes later.
-Matthew nukes his social media and most of CCFC’s accounts.

June 13
-Shadow the Wolf puts out a youtube vlog talking about his experiences with Matthew and how he was essentially thrown under the bus after saving the convention.
-He reveals that the only reason CCFC wasn't shut down for nonpayment was that he put his credit card on CCFC's billing information.
-After the event, Shadow was sent a bill for $12,000. Matthew responded to Shadow trying to resolve the situation by blocking Shadow on all his social media. Shadow was able to work with his credit card company to transfer the debt over to Matthew regardless.
-Matthew unblocked Shadow after the debt transfer and tried to get him to take the debt back in exchange for being a guest of honor at CCFC 2021. Shadow declined the offer.

June 26
A woman representing the ALS association leaves a post on the Facebook page of Keystone Furry Events (a group that helps run/organize some of the more established furry meets in Pennsylvania), asking if anyone operating that page had any way to contact Matthew. She states they have a signed contract from Matthew he has not upheld and he was supposed to send a check back in February. The operator of the page states that he unfortunately has no way to contact Matthew.

June 26
Matthew’s roommate Max/David “leaks” a charity donation receipt to a friend to prove that Matthew donated to charity. It is almost immediately proven to be a forgery.

June 28
Uncle Kage tweets that he contacted someone at the ALS association and confirms they never received any donations from Matthew or CCFC, he then encourages people to donate to ALS directly via a fundraising link he posted. This fundraiser would ultimately go on to raise about $8,000 for ALS.

June 29
Keystone Furry Events puts out a public statement declaring that Matthew will be blacklisted from all of their future events and asking that people not contact/harass Matthew.

August 25
Matthew makes a new Twitter account “NRooski”. It remains mostly unknown for about a month and primarily reposts photos of Matthew’s “Nitro” fursuit.

September 7
Matthew tries to sneak into a fur meet by getting the furry he’s dating (at the time) to ask on his behalf, with Matthew being their “+1”. He is initially told yes, but the offer is immediately rescinded once it was clear the +1 was Matthew, as he was on a preemptive ban list.

September 23
Furries find the “NRooski” Twitter account and start harassing Matthew, which causes Matthew to name-drop the furry he was dating before making the account private.

October 9
Matthew registers multiple social media accounts for “Cyder The Donkey” while he is in talks with a fursuit owner to buy their donkey fursuit.

October 13
-Someone realizes “Cyder” is Matthew and warns the donkey suit owner that Matthew is a known scammer. The owner decides to drop the sale entirely.
-Matthew then reactivates the CCFC Twitter and goes on a bizarre rant claiming that “Cyder” is his cousin who lives with him. He then spends a few hours yelling at the furries making fun of him.

October 14
Matthew comes back to the CCFC Twitter and tweets the ALS contract he signed. It doesn’t seem to prove anything, but it stays up until he deletes the CCFC Twitter again.

October 20
SoulDoggo is first contacted by Matthew (via Facebook) to ask about their “Patch the dalmatian” fursuit for sale. Soul eventually agrees to a payment plan to sell it to Matthew, with two conditions:
-He must pay for the suit in its entirety by the end of 2020.
-Matthew asked permission to repost old photos/artwork of Patch to help "establish" his new online persona. Soul agrees, but only when he puts down half of the money first.

October 23
The social media and website for “Amish Country Fur Con” go live. A good portion of the website is later found to be heavily plagiarized from other convention websites.

November 8
-Matthew uses the ACFC twitter to spam-follow hundreds of furries in order to improve the account’s visibility.
-This results in several furries taking notice of the extremely suspicious website and questioning the staff in the ACFC telegram chat, where it is eventually revealed that the entire thing was Matthew’s idea before everything is DFE’d.

November 10-16
Matthew puts his “Nitro” fursuit up for auction, stating in the description that he was leaving the fandom. The auction ultimately ends with zero bids and presumably still remains in Matthew's possession.

December 21
Matthew is sent a cease and desist from Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Charitable Organizations, stating that CCFC was never registered as a charitable organization, and Matthew will face legal action if he continues to claim it was.

December 31
This was Matthew's original deadline to pay for the "Patch" suit fully. He would not make the deadline, though Soul would grant Matthew several deadline extensions as a courtesy to Matthew.

January 5
Kenaii uploads a video of Matthew, Blue, and Kyle being exceptional at Walmart

January 13
-Blue decides to make a shitty callout post about Tripp because people are still linking to his callout on Matthew from June.
-Tripp asks Blue to prove anything he said about Matthew was wrong, which results in Blue tweeting the cease and desist Matthew was sent a few days prior. Blue would go on to DFE their social media once they realized how big of a mistake this was.
-Matthew also registered the DalmatianSpark Twitter account on this day. (It is later renamed to “WildSparkDog” after being called out in February)

January 15
Matthew’s Kiwi Farms thread is officially started. Prior to this, Matthew's antics had been confined to the Furry Convention Drama thread.

January 17
Someone claiming to be Blue responds to the thread’s existence by spamming links to the thread in several furry chats, seemingly at random.

January 21-February 2
-Matthew is successfully sued by his landlord for unpaid rent. Worth noting that this appears to be the same landlord from the 2018 case, and one of his exes was named in the docket (in spite of the fact they had been broken up for nearly a year, suggesting Matthew never took their name off of the rental agreement).
-Net judgment is found in favor of the landlord for $10,638.78
-It is theorized that Matthew is exploiting a recently added PA renter's protection law that prevents landlords from evicting tenants for unpaid rent during covid, which he has used to his advantage by ignoring his rent outright for several months.

January 21
Kenaii uploads a second video of Matthew, Blue, and Kyle being exceptional at Walmart. The video is only notable for an (admittedly funny) moment where they pull a failed prank on a manager and nearly get banned from the store (about 8:57 in the link).

January 29
Someone registers the KF username BlueHeartFox, makes a single post in this thread, and immediately logs out. In his post, he claims that he is no longer dating Matthew, and he was not responsible for the incident on January 17.

January 30
Blue is challenged to come back to the thread to verify that they are indeed the real Blue. He ultimately does not, so it is currently unclear if the "Blue" who posted in this thread was the real Blue, or someone attempting to ween.

February 12
-SoulDoggo cancels the Patch fursuit sale to Matthew entirely due to nonpayment. Matthew (at that point) had only sent about half the money that was agreed upon, but Soul refunded him fully after canceling the deal.
-The suit is instead sold to the current Patch later the same day, who pays for the entire suit upfront.
-Matthew would continue to repost photos of Patch on his social media for several days after this. He is told repeatedly by Soul and the new Patch to knock it off, which he ignores.

February 15
Matthew commissions an artist to make a redesigned dalmatian character for his own personal use. The “redesign” looks extremely similar to Patch, save for a few minor cosmetic details.

February 23
-Matthew is publicly called out by the current Patch for impersonating him on social media, posting several new photos to prove that they owned the suit. Matthew does a partial DFE, renames some of his accounts, and deletes a bunch of incriminating tweets.
-Patch would then go on to confront Matthew in a private DM, where Matthew would claim that he commissioned DontHugCacti for his own Dalmatian fursuit. Matthew is told he needs to redesign it and shows Patch a (later confirmed to be fake) email to DHC stating he needs to redesign his suit.
-Patch and SoulDoggo contact DHC and ask them not to make the suit. DHC allegedly stated they had sent Matthew an invoice months ago that he had yet to respond to.

February 23
SoulDoggo offers their own take on what happened pre-callout, stating Matthew was given multiple chances to make things right, commissioned porn of a character he didn't have any rights to, insisted on talking only through voice instead of text chat (presumably because it left very few records of their conversations) and was generally creepy and unprofessional in what was supposed to be a business transaction. You can read their statement at the end of this post

February 28
Uncle Kage hosts a panel at Virtual Fur Squared entitled “So, you want to start a convention, do you?”. While no known recordings of the stream are currently known to exist, Kage supposedly spent most of the panel talking about Matthew and CCFC as examples of what not to do.

March 21
Matthew tries to sneak into the Knoebels Grove fur meet (an amusement park in PA) by getting Kenaii and one of Matthew's exes invited into their Telegram chat, then inviting Matthew into it once they are both established. Someone recognizes Matthew as soon as he enters the chat and the three of them promptly bail.

April 19
LagoVirt (formerly BBrackets) on youtube releases a video discussing Matthew and CCFC, heavily citing the OP of this thread. The video is moderately successful, reaching 40K views in a couple of weeks. It also helps expand this thread's visibility to people that don't read KF.

May 14-20
Matthew is fined for running a red light. Unlike his previous dockets, this one states that he resolved it and paid the fine fully in only six days.

May 20
Matthew's docket from January (regarding the $10K of unpaid rent) is updated with an "Entry of Satisfaction" by the landlord, suggesting that Matthew (or his ex) fully re-paid the debt.

May 23
Matthew is sent several work-in-progress photos of a "Spark the Dalmatian" fursuit he commissioned from DontHugCacti, showing that it is very similar to Patch's suit. He shares the photo with several friends, one of whom leaks them to Patch.

May 24
-Patch calls out Matthew a second time, showing that Matthew has not only continued to impersonate Patch but proceeded to actively send people to harass Patch for him.
-Patch also leaks several rambling voice messages from Matthew where he makes up several bizarre reasons about why people are harassing him, demands Patch call him instead of talk via text (presumably so there are no logs of anything he says), and gives a shoutout to "the fucking lies on Kiwi Farms".

May 25
-SoulDoggo attempts to politely reach out to Matthew and offers several compromises in an attempt to end the drama, ranging from redesigning Spark into something more original to outright offering to buy the suit from him.
-Matthew’s roommate Max/David responds (as he has access to Matthew’s account for some reason) and “Matthew” refuses all offers while aggressively threatening Soul several times during the conversation.

May 31
LagoVirt releases a second video discussing Matthew and CCFC, focusing mostly on Matthew's voice messages from the 24th and offering his own commentary on them.

June 2
Soul informs Matthew several times that the previous offer (from May 25th) still stands. Matthew intentionally ignored all the messages.

June 7
-A friend of Tripp's makes a tweet criticizing Matthew, who is then contacted by a woman who claims that Matthew tried to entice her underage son to live with him.
-She also claims that there are already multiple teenage boys living in Matthew's home that he is illegally subletting, and she is going to send her husband over there to physically confront Matthew.

June 8
-DontHugCacti finishes the Dalmatian suit, ships it to Matthew, and photos of Matthew wearing it materialize online. The final suit remains mostly unchanged from the work-in-progress photos and looks very similar to Patch. He is called out a third time by Patch for his behavior.
-The woman from yesterday also provides an update. According to her testimony, her husband went over to Matthew's home, confronted Matthew, took two of the teenagers with him, and drove them back to their parents. She claims there are still other teens living there and they reported Matthew's illegal teenage subletting to the zoning board.

June 12
Kyle the Wolf leaves a comment on LagoVirt's video, simply stating "I regret getting to know him." It is not currently known if Matthew and Kyle still share any contact.

June 14-June 25? (precise date unknown)
-The police come to Matthew's house and serve him an eviction notice. Worth noting that the police typically only serve eviction notices when someone refuses to leave.
-Matthew's mom also angrily calls the teenage son of the woman mentioned earlier, claiming that she is going to get them arrested for what he did.

June 21
Matthew hangs out with a fursuiter who tweets a photo of the two of them in fursuit together. The tweet gains a lot of negative attention before it is eventually deleted.

June 25
Kenaii makes an "apology" video. He completely misses the point that people are critical of him still associating with Matthew (which he admits to still doing) and instead tries to apologize for his non-involvement with CCFC, with most of the video spent literally crying about losing followers on social media.

July 9
Matthew contacts a fursuit maker inquiring about a commission. He presents himself as Patch during the conversation, even going to the point of registering an email account under the name "patchthedalmatian1". The fursuit maker does a quick google search on him, realizing that Matthew is an impersonating scammer and drops communication with him entirely.

July 13
The donkey fursuit that Matthew previously failed to scam is put up for auction again.

July 16
LagoVirt releases the third video about the ongoing drama, focusing primarily on the underage kids living in Matthew's home, and makes fun of Kenaii's apology video.

July 21
Matthew is hand-delivered a notice stating that he is being sued by his landlord (again) for unpaid debt. This hearing would ultimately end on August 2nd in favor of the landlord.

July 22
Someone files multiple fraudulent DMCAs on random tweets Patch made. While not fully confirmed, it's widely believed to be Matthew's work.

July 29
Kenaii deletes the original apology video and replaces it with a revised apology, making it clear he no longer associates with Matthew. Overall, it is received much more positively than the first attempt.

August 2
Matthew is successfully sued by his landlord for the third time. According to the docket, this one was for $6,186.87 and was filed due to Matthew not paying 4 months of his $1500/month rent. It also appears to be a "Recovery of Real Property" hearing, where he is told he will be forcibly removed from the property if he does not produce the money soon.

August 20
Max Nightember makes his Twitter account public, which had previously remained locked since long before this thread's existence. Some interesting information about Max's history can be gleaned from the remaining posts.

August 23
It is discovered that Max had inexplicably blocked a large number of PA furries from his account, the majority of whom had no idea that Max even existed in the first place.

August 24
Max realizes KF is talking about him, clears out his blocklist, then tweets a public statement in an attempt to absolve himself of any wrongdoing, outright lying that he ever had anyone blocked in the first place. He completely ignores most of the events that people have criticized him for and instead goes off on unrelated tangents, even when other furries start to explicitly ask him about those events. Ultimately, it ends with Max going private again, but not before he renames his account "Tezi The African Wild Dog" in a last-ditch effort to hide.
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This is everything so far, correct? Just checking. The 2nd post will be left unmerged since I know how much of a pain in the ass the text limit is

xX Puss Slayer Xx

Despite this, Nitro still managed to suppress the potential shutdown news from the attendees and managed to save the event, he instead manipulated one of his friends to put their personal credit card on the hotel for the deposit.

dudes probably still paying it off to this day.

also this might need a re-word, makes my little monkey brain hurt. Thats my only nit to pick, good job.

Pinball 2000

This is everything so far, correct? Just checking. The 2nd post will be left unmerged since I know how much of a pain in the ass the text limit is
yeah, as of now, these are all the notable incidents I'm aware of. I've seen what had to be done with the Khord thread's text limits, so I thought I'd give myself a little leeway since I know Matthew will eventually make another attempt to re-join the fandom.

dudes probably still paying it off to this day.

also this might need a re-word, makes my little monkey brain hurt. Thats my only nit to pick, good job.
I left this detail out of the cliff notes summary here, but in the full writeup, the friend who got screwed over was fortunately able to work with his credit card company and get the debt transferred over to Nitro. It didn't help that Nitro ignored every single message from both him as well as the credit card company, but it was eventually found in the friend's favor.

I do agree that's worded weirdly though, I'll re-phrase that.

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Blue then declares they have “proof” that exonerates Nitro and post a photograph of a Cease and Desist letter Nitro was sent in late December. The letter states that CCFC was never registered as a charitable organization and did not have any authorization to legally raise money, and Nitro could face legal action if he continues to claim as such.
It’s like the party van shows up and you think it’s because you’re so popular.


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Fantastic write-up. Nitro very clearly considers himself a popufur, and desperately craves attention. He’ll just keep cycling back into the dramasphere because he can’t help himself. And it will be glorious to watch.

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You’d think with the sheer number of attempted furry conventions that end in similar charity fraud-related disasters, these idiots would start to take the hint that maybe they shouldn’t also attempt the same thing. But then again if furries could learn from other people’s mistakes and let go of their egos, AC would be a very barren place :story:

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How do you manage to be such a fucking retard is beyond me. This is literally having negative IQ.

Fantastic write up btw OP, if Nitro was half as good as your OP, then maybe he would just be a scammer, instead of an incredibly retarded faggot scammer


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You’d think with the sheer number of attempted furry conventions that end in similar charity fraud-related disasters, these idiots would start to take the hint that maybe they shouldn’t also attempt the same thing. But then again if furries could learn from other people’s mistakes and let go of their egos, AC would be a very barren place :story:
You know, they could have run the conventions as a merch-stall business instead of a charity, but thinking things through isn't something that the community is known for.

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What is it with Ricks Pennsylvania furries?

Is this guy Nitrofox, one of the orbiters of Louis Dominic Gagliardi III or is he a different "Nitro" who happens to be a fox because foxes are dime a dozen among furries?


Ruining your fursona
What is it with Ricks Pennsylvania furries?

Is this guy Nitrofox, one of the orbiters of Louis Dominic Gagliardi III or is he a different "Nitro" who happens to be a fox because foxes are dime a dozen among furries?
Furries are not known for their creativity in naming, but this is an entirely different Nitro. This one is some kind of kangaroo hybrid, probably husky. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s supposed to be a “sodaroo”.

Pinball 2000

@Pinball 2000 It’s mostly an unrelated tangent but I’m positive Nitro chose the ALS Association to bank off sympathy from DogBomb’s passing the previous year. Another detail to show how pathetic this guy is.
Oh, I absolutely agree. I wouldn't be shocked if this is how they convinced Uncle Kage to make an appearance at CCFC, as Kage was close to DogBomb. This was briefly touched on in the furcon drama thread, but Kage agreed to help run the charity auction after learning it was benefit ALS. Among the auctioned items included things that DogBomb signed shortly before dying.

Looking back on this video someone recorded of the auction, it's actually really sad to watch in retrospect because Kage has to pause a few times because he's on the verge of tears. He genuinely thought the money was going to a cause that took a friend of his, and that ultimately never happened. I don't blame him for wanting Nitro to get fucking sued over this.

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Looking back on this video someone recorded of the auction, it's actually really sad to watch in retrospect because Kage has to pause a few times because he's on the verge of tears. He genuinely thought the money was going to a cause that took a friend of his, and that ultimately never happened. I don't blame him for wanting Nitro to get fucking sued over this.

Man, how can this be a "lolcow" when nothing about the dude makes me laugh, just angry.

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