Orbiter Matthew Vickers / @MWV / ViciousVickers - Failed Father and dramacow

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What caused Vickers' crazy eyes?

  • Tumour

    Votes: 15 2.9%
  • Stroke

    Votes: 94 18.4%
  • Gecko hybrid

    Votes: 133 26.1%
  • Dry eyes

    Votes: 17 3.3%
  • All of the above

    Votes: 251 49.2%

  • Total voters


Aug 25, 2020
can not understand vickers
they have been pre celebrating this was going to destroy the fat man and want the world to believe the cope

this does speak volumes



that is what they want to believe and what they are telling people to think
`we do not care about jail time remember because I just said that we did not care about that!`
that is after a long time saying how much they are going to ruin him
`this is a win if you say otherwise you are wrong and bad`
and just a 1 minute look of his twitter profile proves that they wanted more than this



they are very dishonest and can not say the truth
not one person would blame them for saying they wanted jail time
but they are lying, coping and seething.

they are un likeable with these lies !


Apr 5, 2021

As far as the Vickerses are concerned I'll say this: You didn't lose. But you really didn't win.

Edit to add: If Ralph had gotten the same sentence off a guilty plea, that'd be a win and I'm not wondering why TF VA brought this back to a trial in the first place and why TF you and FaiFai dragged Xander across the country for this.
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not william stenchever

True & Honest Fan
Aug 21, 2018
They gave ralph the plea deal so that Ralph can still access twitter to see their jabs. Convince me otherwise.

Instead of going after child support they just fought a gay twitter war against him until they could get a restraining order presumably to make him seethe more with their tweets. Vickers and his son also did gay ops to bring down Gator's twitter. Now they're going to continue to not go after child support and continue their twitter crusade where Ralph can see it.

Twitter is a fucking cancer upon this world.
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