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Mister Dodo

It doesn’t get much gayer than this
Kiwi Farms: most trusted source for nigs burning their own neighbourhoods down.
Riots are one of the most difficult topics to get pure, unbiased coverage of. Left=wing news outlets will almost never depict left-wing protesters as violent, painting them in an almost saintly light. While they scorch all conservative protesters as nazis. And right-wing news outlets will do the same, describing liberal protesters as chimping hoodlums attacking peaceful demonstrators. If they aren't doing this, they're sensationalizing. One of the only real ways to receive unbiased coverage of these events is pretty much youtube livestreams and that sort, although even those can be manipulated.

The site founded to discuss an autistic manchild virgin with rage is now one of the best sources for news coverage and discussion. What a world we live in.


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This will make your soon-to-happen departure even sadder. :trump:
There's a whole hell of lot of the farms I disagree with, but a world where the only message is large corporation's carefully sterilized message online is a nightmare. Its a black joke that this change would come by vector of said large corporations protecting themselves from civil liability, while the opportunity for enforced propaganda angle just becomes a strange benefit. The death of the Farms would be a symptom of a much larger problem, and I've had some good times here, it'd be sad for that to come to pass.

This shit stinks. I really hope these political fucks lolcalmdown and its all saber rattling before they make the internet go full Disney(TM) on us.