May 29th was the busiest day in the forum's history -

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What's the big deal? It's called a fetish!
Of course it was. With social media and the news relentlessly censoring the riots (sorry, "the largely peaceful protests") and the President, people will look for information anywhere they can find it. The Farms has a reputation for irreverent mockery, yes, but mockery based on information we have independently discovered and verified. Let that sink in: the Kiwi Farms is a more reputable source of information that the mainstream media.
Maybe random.txt is right. Maybe we should start an investigative journalism side business.


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Nice job, i doubt trump's going to notice the farms and do something about it since the most popular thread was about him.

How Ironic that the very thing that shoots this sites popularity into the stratosphere is the explosion of yet another left wing riot about a genuinely serious Issue if Police Brutality Against a Ethnic Minority. Rather than a huge new update about Amberlyn, DSP, Tooter, ADF,, Zoophiles Drama, OPL, Or any other of the Dozen or So Big Lolcows this Site is Founded upon documenting and shitposting about their Fuck ups. 🤔

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There's a whole hell of lot of the farms I disagree with, but a world where the only message is large corporation's carefully sterilized message online is a nightmare. Its a black joke that this change would come by vector of said large corporations protecting themselves from civil liability, while the opportunity for enforced propaganda angle just becomes a strange benefit. The death of the Farms would be a symptom of a much larger problem, and I've had some good times here, it'd be sad for that to come to pass.

This shit stinks. I really hope these political fucks lolcalmdown and its all saber rattling before they make the internet go full Disney(TM) on us.
I feel ya, but don't worry too much. The U.S. is a very big component of the Internet, but it's not ALL of the Internet. By it's nature, that's not possible. If the U.S. starts over-regulating sites like Reddit, Twatter etc. then they will simply move their servers and corporate ID to Canada or another country with safe harbour or whatever provisions. Hell, even if the U.S. were to go so far as to pull every backbone in all US controlled territories and form a China-style intranet with full on nanny state 'protections' for it's citizens, the Net and the Web would both hold together, although much slower then before until the other nations ramp up bandwidth to make up for the loss.

No matter what, the free Internet will live on even if Americans have to use Tor like the Chinese do to access an unmoderated nanny-state Intranet.

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If KF ever goes down I really hope we get an anonymized dump of the posts/threads. Too many forums just disappear into the ether and future generations need to be able to appreciate Terry Davis, Yaniv, etc in context.
Pretty sure @Null said if 230 happened, he'd shut the site down and put up a torrent somewhere. The Farms will live on.


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The Kiwi Farms will last until the stars fall out of the sky.
I haven't forgotten how fast the farms folded when Vordrak started fucking with us. Thinking our existence is based on anything more than Josh's whims is naive. Not a knock on Josh. I absolutely love it here and have never interacted with a community online for this much time. That being said, I know our house is made of paper and a well placed match will be the end of it.


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The forum was down for 2 weeks after a year of dealing with him. It was not "fast".

Section 230 is the only reason a huge number of sites can exist, and they can't exist elsewhere.
Okay, I haven't forgotten how fast the farms folded when Vordrak started fucking with us. Better?