May 29th was the busiest day in the forum's history -

Gangster Talk
I can only pray we have a LOLCow or Deathfat wander into one of the cities rioting. Hell toss in a Furry and make them live stream that shit. The communities will combine faster than Voltron to make nonstop comedic drama happen.

Please everyone, encourage your favorite LOLCow to head to their major cities downtown tonite and livestream. It's the only way for the gatekeeper and keymaster to finally conjoin.
We've gotten one already at least, painfully insufferable thot grandmother Corinne made a complete ass of herself at a protest until the crowd yelled at her to leave.


GORGAR speaks...
Hm. I wonder what the root cause was that made people head over to Kiwi Farms instead of 4chan to discuss something like this?
Could someone explain their reasoning on why and while their at it, can you clarify whether or not you want other people to be on Kiwi Farms or not?

I'll start: I came to KF the day before and heard the news of the riots. Immediately, I was hooked, and after I went to bed, I wanted more information, and luckily, Mister Metokur was able to provide a stream towards it happening in real-time. After it was over, I decided to join in on the speculation on what was going to happen next.
No, I don't.

Tonight should be another busy one. I wouldn't neg rate you if you put up a banner asking for donations (maybe that would be very tricky though) or reminding people the ways this site is important during events (less tricky) such as this. Capitalize on it!
I have work this evening so I shant be around to aid in the shitposting.

You Kiwi's hold down the fort, I expect the page count to be doubled when I get home in the morning.