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What am I but hot blood?
I have long been interested in-- a connoisseur of-- people who use tumblr to solicit funds for their sob stories. There are a lot of these. I am not "go get a job" anti-begging; I just find the narratives of woe interesting to read and contrast. #autist

Within the e-begging community, there are a few who stand out. One of these is MC Tanuki, a retired nerdcore rapper who has a hereditary "stroke condition," self-diagnosed autism, multiple self-diagnosed physical and mental disabilities, is trans, and spends a lot of her e-begging funds on weed (it's for her stroke condition).

I am tired of being circumspect about these things: I need $300 a month to keep myself alive. It’s really as simple as that. I only get $148 a month from the state. I am dying, very literally, and the one med keeping me alive is the one med Medicaid doesn’t want to pay for.

I need donations, either through the donate button on my blog (which Paypal takes a cut from for using their button), or else by sending money directly through Paypal to

A dollar, 10 cents, whatever you can spare, it’s a literal life-saver.

So, I’ve been getting anons calling me a beggar. Yes, I am literally begging. Please don’t let me die. If I had the physical ability, I would be begging on the streets. I’ve already said I’m willing to do literally anything, up to and including sex work, in exchange for donations. I’m trained as a nurse, an accountant (specializing in personal and business taxes), an English teacher (including English as a Second Language training), and a full-service sex worker. Additionally, I have experience as a musician and concert promoter. If there’s anything I can do for you in exchange for money, I am willing to do it. If there’s nothing you need, please donate anyway, because as I mentioned, I will die without this money.

Update: In April 2016, Tanuki was kidnapped.

Here's a few of her selfies.

instead of gold chains, tumblr rappers rock multiple stim-chew necklaces

Tanuki & her wife

Tanuki lived with her wife at Tanuki's mom's house, barely ever leaving... until recently, when she was throwing DVDs out the window ("visually and physically stimming"), and her bigoted allosapient mother called the Sherrif's Dept. They pinched Tanuki and whispered at her, she may or may not have been hospitalized, and now may or may not be homeless. Also her hand is dead.

For those merely skimming the thread, this is the goods.

The morning of August 9th, i was having a panic attack, and soothing myself by throwing my old burned DVDs out the window (I suppose visually and physically stimming) so my mother called the police (The Kitsap County Sherriff). That made my panic so much worse, I was catatonic. When they arrived they started slapping me, pinching me, and whispering threats of further violence if I didn’t “comply” as they kept putting it. I remained catatonic, experiencing everything but helpless to do anything. when they said they were going to tase me to death (I have a heart problem, which they knew about, and they used this fear to hurt me), my internal screaming for help became external screams for help.

My wife in the next room did nothing.

I was tackled, and then beaten, with special focus on punching the vertebra I just broke after they found out about it. I leave out the reason for this until here, because even now I have trouble believing it happened. But it happens every day.

To trans women.

Because we’re trans women.

They were called on a possible suicide attempt, and decided I needed to be “taught how to be a man”. All the time they’re hurting me, there’s a constant stream of slurs. And nobody did anything to stop them. They cuffed me tight enough to turn my hand black. 48 hours later, it is still numb. They literally threw me in the back of a cruiser head-first, rather than the ambulance waiting for me. When I got to the hospital (Harrison Memorial Hospital in Bremerton, WA), the nurse, a bald tattooed white man named Nic, immediately berated me, despite knowing nothing of my case, for “making wrong choices” which, he expounded as I cried for help, is my real problem. I need to grow up, and always comply, he said. He was real big on that word, just like the cops were. He also refused to refer to my wife as my wife. When I told security I didn’t trust Nic to use needles on me, Nic took away my phone and threatened to strap me down and do it anyway. Then he did it.

The doctor, when he eventually arrived, told me the stress had made my blood acidic (ketoacidosis), and made my blood sugars so high I had a non-insignificant chance of dying. They’re trying to fix it, but the sugars aren’t down even after two insulin shots and 3 bags of IV fluid. It’s taken me two days just to convince them to document my injuries, and by now, they’re a lot less visible.

I’m not asking for money. I’m not asking for help. I know I am powerless, and if they ever want to do it again, nobody will stop them. I just need someone to hear me. To believe me. And I need to warn you never, ever to deal with the Kitsap County Sheriff, or Harrison Memorial Hospital if you are a trans woman.

"I'm not asking for money," Tanuki says above, but she always is-- besides endlessly & repeatedly reblogging a single spergy post about trans DNA, her tumblr is entirely e-begging, before & after the incident.

The important information here is that I need $300 a month to keep myself alive, and you can donate either through the donate button on my blog(which Paypal takes a cut from for using their button), or else by sending money directly through Paypal to

The less important details are that I am a physically and mentally disabled trans woman with a stroke condition (it killed my grandmother 4 years ago, it is killing my mother right now, and if I’m lucky, it’s going to be the thing that kills me). I get $148 a month from Washington State to pay for everything. Unfortunately, that isn’t even quite half enough to buy my meds for the month. I have Medicaid, but they specifically do not cover Schedule 1 medications, such as the ones I take to keep myself from stroking out again (I’ve already had a stroke, 4 years ago, which left me permanently blind on the left side).

I need donations, from you, the person reading this. A dollar, 10 cents, whatever you can spare, it’s a literal life-saver.

So, all of this is still true, which is why I am reblogging it. But also, on August 9th, I was bashed by police for being trans. You can read the full story here. In addition to the need for my regular meds next month, I also am now functionally homeless, being unable to return home for safety reasons, and I need money for basic things like gas, housing, food, and such. If you can, please toss me a few coins. Please keep reblogging and please, please,please donate.

Disabled, Dying, and Bashed by Cops
My name is Michel Tanuki. I have a stroke condition, and a broken back. One week ago, the police beat me for being trans. They punched me repeatedly in my broken vertebrae, they cuffed me tight enough that my hand turned black and I lost all feeling (it still hasn’t returned). All of this for the crime of being a trans woman in Kitsap County, WA. My home isn’t safe to return to, and I’m couch-surfing currently. I need money for basic living expenses as well as my stroke med. If you can help, my Paypal address is (or if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can use the Donate button on my blog).

Autistic Homeless Trans Girl Needs New Computer
Can somebody possibly see their way to donating $200 specifically for the purpose of buying a cheap laptop to replace my dying desktop? All its good parts will be going to another trans girl in need, and I’ll be getting a used chromebook to replace it. If you can donate any amount, even a few cents, that’d be aces, but I really need a working computer, and having it be mobile would be even better suited to my current needs (that is, homeless).

So, my back’s broken (well, my L1 vertebra is), and my mother hid the books I sold in the attic where I cannot get at them. So now I won’t be getting that $160, and I’ll have a poor ebay seller rating, AND I’m in tremendous pain all day every day. At least people are donating. It really does help, emotionally speaking.


I know this is a strange thing to ask
But could somebody donate $41.85, so I can get food for the next few days? That is the amount it takes to get me exactly $40 after paypal fees, and $40 is what I spent on food to last me until food stamp day (the 7th), but then everybody in the house ate the food I’d bought, leaving me with very little that I can eat. I have fairly restrictive dietary needs, and so can’t just eat whatever like everyone else there can. I’m staying at a friend’s house for the next few days, but they don’t have the money to feed me either, so if someone could donate that with the knowledge it will be going to food rather than meds, I would be eternally grateful.


Paypal just took $40 in fees, and my family ate the food I bought to last me until I get food stamps. Also, I broke my L1 vertebra on Friday. I am in pretty dire need, and still not quite at this month’s goal. Please keep reblogging and please, please, please donate.


Update: my back is broken, making things even more difficult. My bank just ate $38 in donations with some fucking fee, and I’m still $100 short of this month’s goal. Please keep reblogging and please, please, please donate.


I’ve gotten a third of the way to my goal for the month, but the average donation per reblog has gone down significantly (now each reblog nets me an average of 13 cents, where it was 40 cents before). Please keep reblogging and please, please, please donate.

But what REALLY happened?

Some of MC Tanuki's asks are sympathetic...

Anonymous asked: How are you holding up now?

I’ve stopped getting donations, which has made things significantly more difficult. I’ve got $6 in food stamps left. My back is still broken, and I don’t think I can ever go home again. So…same.


Anonymous asked: You are probably the strongest woman in the world. I hope you get justice.

Thank you so much. There are so many days when I feel like the weakest woman in the world. It’s like I’m a leaf adrift on the wind, not knowing where I’ll be next, or even if I’ll be anywhere. I can’t go home, I don’t have the money to move forward. Even if I could, I can’t get past that fucking day. I used to think about stuff, and have fun with people. Now all I can do is think about what those cops said, and what they did. Most of the time I feel like they’re still on top of me, breaking my thumb, and punching me in my broken vertebra (I’ve had my leg cut in half at the patella before, and I promise you, being punched in a broken vertebra is worse). I can still feel the plastic zip tie around my wrists, the pain as my left hand turned black and died (there’s still no feeling there). The only people in my life are the ones who let it happen. I feel utterly alone and hopeless.

But then there’s you amazing people. Donating, sending me kind words, offering support even though you’ve never even met me. You are why I’m still alive after all this. I wish I could thank you in a tangible way, as you’ve helped me. I suppose continuing to live will have to suffice.


helloheyitsmichiblr asked: I hope you're okay. Hospital treatment any better?

I was released once they got me out of danger. I haven’t gone home; I’ve been staying with friends in an undisclosed location.

...but those who question the official narrative are struck down with great vengeance, furious anger and hyperspecific donation requests.

Anonymous asked: If you're going to ask for money you're going to need proof. A lot of people aren't in the position to be giving when they don't much themselves. It's not right for you to take advantage of people by making it a test of blind faith like "well those who REALLY trust me will donate to my cause without asking questions". If it's a matter of life or death accept money from people who want to check the legitimacy of a complete stranger before they give money on the internet.

Tell you what: give me a donation of exactly 80.08 and I’ll post anything you want. I tend to think people who demand proof are just being trolls, but if the money shows up, it proves you’re legit, and then I’ll prove I’m legit.


Anonymous asked: You really aught to post proof of your hospitalization. People are donating out of the goodness in their hearts, you're not really in a position to be saying these things. I wouldn't donate either unless I knew it wasn't a scam with a "sad story".

Here’s the thing: people are already donating, and you are not. Neither was that troll anon who I blocked. You want something from me? Give me something first, so I know you aren’t just a troll, too. I have no evidence that people require proof to donate, just a bunch of words from anonymous people who aren’t donating anyway. You want proof? Come off anon, tell me your name (I won’t post it publicly), donate, and when I see your name in the donation list, I’ll post anything you like. Until then, quit asking.


Anonymous asked: I don't quite get it. You're willing to do anything for money, including sex work, but you won't take a picture of a hospital bracelet? That's how I know this is fake. If you really needed it, you wouldn't JUST accept money from people who believed in you blindly

I told you already: I think you’re a troll. If you want proof, give me proof. Donate a predetermined amount of money so that I know you’re serious about donating to a cause once you have proof of its veracity, and I’ll provide any proof you like. In fact, describe what proof you’d like in the message section when you donate. Let us assume for a moment you are legit, and that $80.08 was simply too much money for you. Let’s go with a smaller number that would still satisfy me that your intentions are genuine: 31.41, first 4 digits of π.

If it doesn’t show up in my paypal today, I’m going to assume you’re a troll, and just block you.


Anonymous asked: I fully support helping people out in need but you've offered no proof of needing it. You say you were beaten. Your back broken. No pictures of bruises or a hospital bracelet. If your back is broken how are you able to post selfies of you standing just a couple days later? It doesn't add up. I hope the best for you but my money is going to people who actually need it

What the fuck are you even talking about? I haven’t posted a selfie in months. Not that it matters, since a broken back does not preclude walking, and in fact part of the treatment is regular walks. If you want pics of injuries or my bracelet, you’ve already been told what you need to do: donate $31.41 so I know you’re legit. You’ve got 2 hours to donate it before I just block you.


Anonymous asked: yeah so how can you beg ppl on the internet and not bother to prove your fake ass story? get a fucking job and have some class. jesus christ

Because I only want money from people who believe me.


Anonymous asked: yeaaah why dont you take pics of at least your hospital bracelet to prove youre not lying on the internet for money and sympathy? smh

I do have my bracelets, but fuck you.

I won’t be forced to prove my story. Believe it or don’t, neither affects me in the least.


Anonymous asked: From your selfies I see that you smoke weed and drink alcohol but seriously? Isn't that money you could use to buy your life-saving medicine?

Those selfies are from a year ago, hon. I haven’t had alcohol since my birthday. The weed also happens to be the medication I take. It reduces risk of stroke, and reduces suicidal urges. It is literally what is keeping me alive, and here you are judging me for it. Thanks. I totes needed that today. I don’t spend money on anything but food and meds. Oh, wait, no, I bought a 2 dollar thing on ebay the other day. I must be fucking terrible.

Lagniappe: this may or may not be the spiral into suicide threat that got her pinched and whispered at:

I don’t know what to do anymore. Nobody’s donating, my back’s broken, meaning even the few things I could do before, I can’t do anymore, and I can never have a caregiver again. Maybe I should just give up.Then I wouldn’t be such a drain on resources, and I wouldn’t be around to fuck up everyone else’s life.


probably gonna die tonight. bye.
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What am I but hot blood?
Her paypal button is right there! Donate and find out.

Edited to add: anon wondered the same thing
mothermangoe asked: i mean no disrespect, but what are you dying/suffering from that doesn't prevent you from doing full service sex work?

I can think of very few ailments I have not known fellow sex workers to have. What sort of disease would prevent one from providing full-service sex work, I wonder? Given that condoms are a thing, STIs don’t enter in. Cancer’s a bummer, but doesn’t keep you from doing The Sex (the treatment might, but let’s imagine I have cancer - I’m probably not flogging a guy during chemo, right?). Total body paralysis would keep one from performing any particularly vigorous acts, but men generally want you to talk to them and then to fuck one of your holes anyway, so I’m still good there. Anything super contagious would be a bad idea, but I’ll tell you right now I don’t have ebola.

No, what I have is twofold, actually. I have a stroke condition which could kill me at any moment, and has tried to do so before (leaving me half blind). On top of that, I’m frequently (read: on a weekly basis) suicidal. The brain med I take has the fortunate side-effect of treating both maladies, and while sex work does increase my risk for stroke, so does not having meds, so fuck it, might as well die trying.
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I have long been interested in-- a connoisseur of-- people who use tumblr to solicit funds for their sob stories. There are a lot of these. I am not "go get a job" anti-begging; I just find the narratives of woe interesting to read and contrast. #autist

Within the e-begging community, there are a few who stand out. One of these is MC Tanuki, a retired nerdcore rapper who has a hereditary "stroke condition," self-diagnosed autism, multiple self-diagnosed physical and mental disabilities, is trans, and spends a lot of her e-begging funds on weed (it's for her stroke condition).
I wonder if the family knows this asshole is making up outrageous bullshit about them on the Internet.


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The only thing I can find that even remotely links to a stroke condition is being fat. Like being so fat your arteries clog up.
Does anyone know of anything else or are they just using it as an excuse to continue being a lazy fuck?


how is people on tumblr are always so homeless but more preoccupied with updating their blogs than actually sorting their "situation" out?

Ho Mo for Women

Sandrat Fictionkin
It looks like we may have an official police account of the event, via someone's Tumblr. Tanuki is lying. Big surprise.
I emailed the Sheriff of said county and this is what they had to say “This e-mail note is in response to your e-mail submission sent to us Sunday morning.
I’m replying for Sheriff Gary Simpson.
Reference the posting to social media (below) under the title “I write this as I lay dying in the hospital” by M. C. Tanuki… the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office is aware of this posting and the statements made therein.
M. C. Tanuki has quite a number of social challenges to overcome besides her relationships with law enforcement and hospital caregivers. We believe that she may not be seeing things as they actually are.
It’s sometimes difficult to overcome social media / blogs when readers believe what is posted… the “If it’s on the Internet it must be true” syndrome is not easily remedied.
Here’s a brief synopsis:
Was there an incident involving this person?
Yes, it occurred on Sunday, Aug. 9, starting around 9:47 a.m., when a call was placed to Kitsap County Central Communications (9-1-1 dispatch) that the person in question (Tanuki) was acting suicidal – barricading herself inside a bedroom, throwing items out the bedroom window and repeatedly stating that she intended to commit suicide. This person had attempted suicide five times previous. It was later learned that Tanuki had ingested a bottle of pain medication pills prior to the arrival of sheriff’s patrol deputies.
Tanuki, age 30, is a 6 foot, 300(+) lb. male who identifies himself as female. We learned that she was upset over comments made about transgender women. It wasn’t made known (to us) who offended Tanuki, and whether it was done in person or something she read on-line. We also were advised that Tanuki had a razor blade in her possession.
Two sheriff’s deputies arrived at the residence of Tanuki’s mother around 10:15 a.m., along with firefighters / EMTs from South Kitsap Fire & Rescue.
Tanuki was passive - aggressive in our contact with her. She was totally non-compliant with our requests to assist her in getting help, ie: assistance provided by a certified mental health professional and hospital emergency room staff both for her suicidal ideation as well as treatment for actions already taken (by her) concerning the ingestion of pain pills. All manner and modes of crisis intervention failed in our dealings with Tanuki as this person was quite determined to escalate the situation at hand with threats to harm, specifically that she intended to “Take out a cop” (in her words).
We have a duty and obligation to intervene in crisis incidents such as this.
Was force used?
Yes, after approximately 20 – 30 minutes in our interaction with Tanuki it was obvious that she wasn’t going to willingly comply with requests from sheriff’s deputies, the EMTs or her family who were present. We still were concerned about the possible presence of a razor blade.
Tanuki had, by this time, produced a marijuana cigarette and lit up. She freely got up off of her bed, walked out to the living room and sat down on a couch. When deputies asked Tanuki, again, to voluntarily go with the EMTs to the hospital for help, she refused.
Our options were limited. Sheriff’s deputies did not use a Taser, nor any other form of weapon. Instead deputies went to go “hands on” with Tanuki to place her into restraints… plastic ‘flex’ handcuffs, not steel handcuffs.
As to be expected, Tanuki resisted and became combative. With assistance from the EMTs, Tanuki was taken to the floor and deputies were finally able to get both of her hands into the flex cuffs, together with restraints placed on her legs to prevent her from kicking at first responders or damaging interior vehicle equipment.
She was then lifted up off of the floor. After some discussion Tanuki finally agreed that she would comply and go with the EMTs if deputies would remove the restraints.
Deputies agreed to remove the leg restraints but not the flex handcuffs. Since she had been combative, the EMTs declined to transport Tanuki to the hospital.
Tanuki was escorted out of the house and she voluntarily got into the rear of a sheriff’s patrol car. She was then transported to Harrison Medical Center, Bremerton, where she was turned over into the care of the emergency room staff for a mental health evaluation and treatment for ingesting the bottle of pain pills.
At no time during our interaction with Tanuki was mention made concerning her transgender status. The statements made that slurs were cast her way, that sheriff’s deputies were going to “Teach her how to be a man” are beyond the pale.
And, while I can’t speak for Harrison Medical Center and its emergency room personnel, I would very seriously doubt the allegations as presented in Tanuki’s Tumblr posting regarding the treatment provided to her while a patient.
Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office case report number: K15-007564.
I hope the above information is useful and helps to shed additional light on this incident.”

Now I am 100% pro LGBT+ rights and I know that many transgender people in society face daily challenges and fear violent attacks from evil bigoted people, but just because someone pulls on the heartstrings and tells a tale of police brutality on the internet doesn’t mean it is true. So who do you believe? is it the many witnesses to the incident who contributed to compiling the police report or some blogger on tumblr who is clearly mentally troubled and asking for 300 dollars from strangers online? so please do not send this women any money it is a SCAM!

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If she was so willing to have sex with people for money I was going to ask why she didn't just do that shit... and then I looked at her selfies.

Good fucking god.

I wonder how long her whole e-begging stunt can last. There's only so many times you can tell a person you need money before they tell you to fuck off. I mean, if she coasts on Tumblrisms and SJW crap I imagine she'll at least keep the bare minimum but there's no way she'll live off of donations for more than two years.

Also, if she's homeless, how the fuck is she able to constantly update her Tumblr?


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So, I guess they've seen the email from the sheriff, or someone messaged them about it

Posts this which is the response posted above but copied out again for some reason.

And obviously, their stellar response is:

The post doesn't even read as transphobic outside of one potentially dodgy line. They refer to her as a she the entire time, use the correct titles, whatever.

Then it gets even better

"This was a really traumatic experience that could've killed me but if you give me money I will totally relive this"

Posts are still up on her blog but I've archived in case of mass butthurt here


Spankety Spankety Spankety!
Before i scrolled down i expected a normal weight girl, but then i unfolded the spoilers and was like "what the fuck!"
I also love how she's wearing that superugly stimming necklace (seriously, whats up with tumblr and their intense need
for stimming and to show it off? To emphasize how their entire personality are mentally illnesses?)
Also on what planet is throwing shit out the window stimming?

That whole story is pretty scary to me, no idea whats made up and what not.


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I thought the rapper thing was a joke at first, to be honest.

Edit: Their bandcamp for anyone who wants to listen to a song called 'Seminal Fluid'
I must admit, I was not expecting her to be any good. She's okay. Very reminiscent of old school rap in some ways.

But if she could step up her game, she wouldn't have to beg for donations. She could probably get some money to spare just from Bandcamp sales.
fat weed