McDonalds - I'm Lovin' It


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I actually still am not a big fan of their breakfast stuff; I think Hardee's has a better fast food breakfast.

But I will say this: when my power went out due to Isias, I was able to get a shitload of food there when other stores refused to be open afterwards. That was pretty nice.

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McDonald's coffee is actually very good as fast food coffee goes. And Starcucks coffee is a hate crime.
McDonalds Coffee is the brand Tim Hortons used to use until Burger King took over and chinced out on the coffee. It's superior and the company is called Mother Parkers.

This is the store bought variant that is 100% the same coffee as McDonalds. My recently deceased uncle used to work as a liaison for coffee companies.

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I really, really want a Big Mac right now, and I have no idea why. If it weren't for corona-chan fucking everything up, I would go and get one.

I also randomly remembered after my Big Mac craving started a few hours ago that there was a Wizard of Oz-themed McDonald's near where I lived when I was a kid. I googled it just to make sure that I wasn't imagining it, and it apparently was real. I'd imagine they were able to do so using some sort of loophole or were grandfathered into being able to do it through their franchiser contract or something.
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I used to love eating at McDonalds, but when I am craving a burger I'd rather head over to Five Guys. I just swing by the drive-thru for a tea in the morning nowadays.

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So is all day breakfast just not a thing anymore? Getting a sausage egg biscuit and hashbrown at any time, day or night, was one of the great marvels of the modern era. And they think they can just take that away from me?

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Does McDonalds still have the steak, egg and cheese bagel sandwich? It seems like it's halted production at my nearby McDonalds.


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Does McDonalds still have the steak, egg and cheese bagel sandwich? It seems like it's halted production at my nearby McDonalds.
those McDonalds "steak" patties are sooooooooooo fukkin dank
I remember about a year ago, they had these jalapeno mchickens, and I thought they were great.
yeah those were good

just back from a run, McDoubles and Spicy McChickens
good stuff, even if they're not doing 2 for $3
glad I went the extra block past wendys


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All day breakfast isn't a thing right now because of the Coof. The McDonald's near my gym pretty much does all drive thru or Grubhub business.
They have 4 outdoor tables. The other one on my way has none.

I just buy 4 diet cokes since I can't get refills right now.


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It may be different if you live in Armpit USA or Shitvortex Inner City Location (insert your own) but I remember West Virgina Surf Report brought up that McDonalds seems to really pay their cleaning staff and keep the interiors looking decent. Ever since I read that article I started paying attention and he's right. I've been inside some pretty ghetto McDs and usually the interior is spotless even if the equipment is outdated and the place is understaffed. I wonder how they do it.


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Speaking if mcdonalds, found on the mclounge subreddit

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I worked there late high school and once more during a three week factory shutdown.
A mix of joggers, Lena Dunham type mudshark managers and lifers who can't do any better. I always made sure I got put in the fry station or doing dishes.
I have a good speaking voice and social skills but my look of quiet derision always got me pulled off the drive through.

McDonalds customers are a special kind of disgusting and I don't want to bother with them.