meal prep, outfit of the day, this is amazing 4/29/2019 -


Comfortably Silent
-Outside again.
-needs to use conditioner cuz our gorl frizzy!
-Lmao, birds do walk! proving the haydurs wrong!
-Amber and becky go out!
-"PinkSparkles watches me and talks to me on Snapchat! We're friends now!" They Bond over stickers.
-"I Just had to find the stickers, but Pink sparkles sent it!"
-She inscribed Amber's sticker book. AL fake cries but doesn't read aloud.
-Tuna salad Sammiches. Chonky salads.
-She doesn't post YouTube live because she's trying to be family friendly. She swears too much...
-Gratuitously thanks audience on YouTube live for helping her not binge. lol
-SHows off Necky's nephew's bday gifts. We don't need to know what the card says. Wanted to buy tricycle but unavailable. Candy was tho.
-Twinkie feature where ALR sounds like and idiot talking to her... "Do you love me?" Lmao, "Are you going to remind me to put pillowcases on the pillows? Are you going to tell me to get them out the dryer?"


I went to college for pre-law
'I'm not bothered by comments, I literally don't care.'

Meanwhile anytime anyone breathes in the wrong direction she's there to bitch about hate comments and haydurs 😊
lmao right? like 50% of her content is some kinda response to something someone else said or did. But oh yeah, unlike the furniture when she gets her steps in, our gorl is unshakeable


Orange Chicken Bad. Cheeto Amber.
Holy shit this video. I am going to have to do a recap for this situation we have going on right here.

0:00 Is that our dainty gorl or is that the sun? That yellow cardigan situation is throwing me off.

0:10 Amber is going somewhere but she doesnt know where. "Its at a park or something..."

0:20 It feels soooooo good outside. It is in the 60's but it totally feels like the 80's.

0:27 Amber closes her eyes and makes a face similar to her first bite of Orange Chicken. Check out her eye shadow situation ya'll.

0:38 We are delighted by a shot of Amber's tits while she talks. Ain't no one trying to see that BooBoo.

0:45 Our gorl is having second thoughts about wearing her hair down because of the heat. Yes the poop bun would have just completed the "I have given up on life look" Amber is currently rocking.

0:59 Our gorl just realizes the importance of conditioner for your hair. She is going to STTTTAAARRRRTTT to use conditioner because her hair is so frizzy.

1:14 Amber shows a bird waddling to #TriggertheHaters and #OwntheHaters that gave her shit about her stupid poem. SUCK IT HAYYYDUUURRRSSS.

1:30 We get our first Necky sighting. She is wearing Mickey Mouse ears for some reason.

1:39 We see Eric trolling Amber by showing her a hideous picture of herself. I am sure there is a meme tied to the picture. Amber calls Eric a haydur.

1:43 our gorl is cold after her two hour nap so she is wrapped up with blankets around her neck. She looks like she fell in quicksand.

2:00 We have to see these upcoming clips Amber is going to edit into the video but she doesn't remember what they are :story:

2:13 Amber is so hip and funny ya'll. Her repeating the word vlog while doing a little movement is the pinnacle of comedy. Prior, Carlin, Kennison, and Hicks eat your heart out.
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Long time lurker
Amber edited the video to add text saying she also added $100,00 to the crap gifts. So, she gave the kid a dog toy (the taco plushie or whatever it is), a couple of inappropriate age toys that probably came from the bargain bin (Toy Story, really? How old is that movie?), an "outfit" consisting of shorts and a tee and 3 bags of candy that most people get as an impulse purchase when they're checking out.

Even a small child would know that there was no thought put into this gift bag. Who gives small bags of candy as a birthday gift?

As for the "lovely" note added to the video...Pleeeeeeease, bitch. Not only it's stupid, since a 2 yo wouldn't give a flying fuck, it's tacky as all get out. (also, I don't believe it)

I wonder if the sticker book is a hint and Amber will finally get a PO box. The Slaton sisters do it better, though. They at least show the card and read what was written.

Chía P.
Wow, she really gave herself some deep hooded eyes with all that weigh gain, I didn't notice until now with that poorly applied eyeshadow. I bet she went around at that party with Becky's family showing off and talking about how good and expensive the palettes she bought are, and I hope she did it in front of the members who gave her all that cheap makeup for Christmas, you know, the makeup she threw away, untouched, on camera just a few months after it was gifted to her.

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