meal prep, outfit of the day, this is amazing 4/29/2019 -


Wowwwww. That meal prep tho. Who the fuck divides up tuna salad like that? Or any sort of tuna/egg/chicken/etc. salad. I understand she probably weighed them out, but she could have kept it all in one bowl and weighed as she took from it. Just seems like a waste of space to me and she'll have to scrape it from the container to put onto the bread. She could have just tared out the bottom slice of bread, and added spoonfuls until she hit the serving size. But you know what? I clearly don't know her situation gorrrls.

While I'm hating, that cucumber salad could have also been stored in a single container and weighed out as she went. Those meal prep containers are for like...actual meals with more than one component.

I mean, it isn't like she goes to work so she needs to be able to grab something fast on her way out the door. But you know Hamber. She's just gotta be able to get the food into her gob as quickly as possible. I'll give her points for trying meal prep, but deduct some for executing it poorly. Also these particular meatballs are made from turkey, and they have a sriracha sauce-- both things she seems to like. If she just put some thought and effort into her meals, she wouldn't have to eat such bland, boring meals.


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Well, that was utter crap. Braggerlynn was out in full force.

"See, haydurs, birds do too walk!!!1!!". What. An. Idiot.

All those "special" little touches to stretch the vid to over 10 minutes (ie- like the "vlog, vlog,vlogvlogvlog" songy shit) reminds me of a third grader writing really big to hit that three page requirement on their homework

The fake country accent is so bad in this video, but how the hell has she never seen Toy Story? She apparently just sits around all day watching movies anyway. Doesn't she make Becky watch Disney movies with her?
Also her little snippet of "I also put $100 in there", like it makes her gift seem any better. She only knows to give people food because since it fills the void in her soul, that means everyone else must like getting candy on their birthday too!!

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Mad props to all who Cliff Note these videos. Honestly, I've reached a point that when she goes into her sing-songy voice describing whaddever da fuck she happens to be talking about, I start having seizures and want to poke my eardrums out with a screwdriver. While watching ol' bucket o' lard is difficult as it is, her voice now throws me into toxic shock.


I'm a jerk feline
Who is "Pinksparkles" and is she really "what all humans should be like"?

Also--that sticker book (good gaaaawd) looks like those verrrry old toys Colorforms--with which you slap reusable stickers on a plasticy background scene....sorry, crappy explanation of what colorforms are/were but I need more coffee

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The facade is starting to crack. Apparently I missed a livestream when she was on her worst behavior the other day. Comments are still very ass patty.

At her size if she's only lost 19 pounds into what, 3 weeks of taking this seriously allegedly she is still way overeating. It takes like 4000 calories per day to maintain her weight. You could eat really, really terribly and still lose 19 pounds.

Also choosing an outfit and something to eat is a pretty low bar for "amazing."

-Tuna salad Sammiches. Chonky salads.

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'Situation' seems to be a new hip thing that's supposed to substitute literally any word. It sounds trailer park dumb. For someone who claims to be heavily into reading and poetry, her vocabulary is shockingly limited.

E: typo
It's like how Stone Cold Steve Austin uses the word "Gimmick" to replace any noun but I find that endearing.

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