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Kelly Bundy

I can be anything I want to be. It's the '90s.
Who is "Pinksparkles" and is she really "what all humans should be like"?

Also--that sticker book (good gaaaawd) looks like those verrrry old toys Colorforms--with which you slap reusable stickers on a plasticy background scene....sorry, crappy explanation of what colorforms are/were but I need more coffee
Piinksparkles is a Canadian basic bitch youtuber, Guru Gossip lolcow with 54 threads and a plastic surgery addict. She's known for scamming her young fans, lying (she has two over 30 minute videos of her confessing all her lies) and having awful plastic surgery. She has absolutely no personality and she seems to be really entitled as well as quite exceptional. In a nutshell, she's like the dwarf version of Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongue but with the personality of a potato and desperation of 20 virgin nerds.

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Honestly LOL that she didn't even say it in video and proceeded to put it on screen. Keep that shit private if you are giving Becky's relative that much money because viewers didn't need to know that.
But then how else would viewers know how generous she is?!

Hambert is trying to win back the thumbs family through gifts to a two year old.

Amber you piece of shit, this didn't work on destiny and it won't work on thumby's slackjawed family.
It might work, in this case. Becky's family doesn't have to live with her or take care of her.


Nocturnal Shit Poster
Hey, you fat narc. Quit being such an idiot and accept that your "situation" is dire. Also, what kind of exceptional individual gives a 2 year old 100 bucks? If I were that kid's parents, I'd shove it into a box of orange chicken, push it back at her insincere fat face, and tell her to choke on it.

Orange Banana
IMO the most egregious part of this whole $100 thing is that she editing in to tell us about it. Ok, giving a 2 year old $100 is a bad look no matter what but if it's just a behind the scenes thing some people might raise an eyebrow but that would be the extent of the questioning. The fact that amber felt the need to edit that into the video tells you everything you need to know about the intention of this gift. It's to show everyone how generous she is. It's also why she just HAD to get 3 bags of candy for a toddler. It wouldn't be so strange if she just mentioned it along with all the other gifts in the video. Obviously the money was an after thought she decided to just throw into the card. It just comes across as tacky.


Not like the other people here in the trailer park
While I think Amber is a fucking idiot, the giving large sums of cash to people who can't even spend it happens way too often. I went to my nephew's 7th birthday party one year and at the end of it, a small gathering of family had given him a mountain of gifts and about $300 (the cash came from only a couple of people, mind you). Another time, my boss tried to convince me to let her not pay me what I was supposed to get that week because she wanted to give a destructive very low functioning autist (think the autistic Jontron video) $100 for his birthday.

That doesn't take away from Amber being a crapbasket for feeling the need to tell people about it so badly that she edited it in later, of course.

Long time lurker
How do they both fit on that bed with ALL those blankets and pillows?
From what I've seen Amber pushes the whole pile of trash blankets and pillows behind herself to prop her up when she sleeps.
So is the mother of this child the same sister that was talking shit about hamber on facebook?
If I'm not mistaken the kid is Becky's gran-nephew (the same one that was shown in a video last Christmas with full, baggy diapers).

Regarding the money Amber claims to have given the boy: there are ways to give money to a child without being and absolute asshat. In the state I live they have a college fund type o'deal that family and friends can put money into and the child gets access to when they turn 18 or 21.
Another option is to contact a bank and set up some kind of trust fund for the child.

That said, this is usually the kind of gesture done by a rich relative (as in: blood related), and not a thing normally done when the whole family(ies) live basically hand to mouth.

Frankly, if Amber did in fact add money to that bag of clearance stuff (I don't believe it because she said less than a week ago that she's making less money), it isn't a gift, it's a slap on the face of everybody related by blood to the boy.

One last thing, aren't gummy bears (candy) kind of dangerous for small children? Wouldn't it be a choke hazard for someone so small?

Damaged Goods

Harvard's vegan propaganda
Why can't she just get on of those freeze things and get rid of the wart already?

ALR please go back to chin dabs; the lip and tongue smacks are disgusting
I'm just glad she's not sticking her tongue out every few sentences like she did for some time in the Destiny era any more. None of the annoying habits she's adopted since then have been as revolting

But then how else would viewers know how generous she is?!

It might work, in this case. Becky's family doesn't have to live with her or take care of her.
I do love it when Hamber virtue signals and plays patron saint of those in need. I wonder if this is the nephew she bought school supplies for this past summer? Or was it shoes? Some shit like that. She can't do a kind, generous gesture without calling it out. That's a waste of Torrid and CF money, lezbereal.

You'd think an adjustable bed would be better, if you have to prop yourself up to sleep, because you might die from sleep apnea (who are we kidding, it's the snoring). They even make split beds, so Necky could lay flat, and make both sides flat for sexy, roll-Amber-in-flour-to-find-the-wet-spot sexy funtime. Hell, just doing a reclined position with laygs elevated would probably help with the swollen legs some. Anyone with actual medical knowledge have any knowledge here? Would'nt sleeping sitting up make fluids pool MORE in the laygs?

Oh, wait, that would be someone who makes rational life choices - and they'd save money by getting a home sleep study and a cpap and not needing to sleep sitting up. My bad. Silly me.

(My mom had one of those fancy dancy ones, and I have to admit, they're pretty damn nice. I prefer reading and watching tv before I fall asleep partially reclined, I'm thinking of getting one down the road. You can get decent ones for under a grand, if you're not a 550lb walrus)


Token SJW
If I'm not mistaken the kid is Becky's gran-nephew (the same one that was shown in a video last Christmas with full, baggy diapers).
Becky's family is baffling. Between the grandmammy, the great-grandmammy, the aunties, the great-aunties, the nephews, the dead nephews, and the great-grand nephews (?) I can't keep track of these generations. I put it down to the Williams Hill Clan mastering the art of having their first welfare check precious gift from god at fourteen and refreshing their income every few years thereafter until menopause/arrest for statutory rape.

You'd think an adjustable bed would be better, if you have to prop yourself up to sleep,
That wouldn't be cute, though. This is why she's so terrified of admitting she has sleep apnea and getting a sleep study so a lifesaving CPAP machine can be calibrated for her. She's more afraid of the diagnosis than she is afraid of actually dying from the diesase. A sleep mask is just not cute, booboo. Unlike llama pillows. Now that's kyoooot

(And yes, if her legs could be elevated above her heart it would help to get that fluid moving up from her hooves and lower laayygs.)

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