Mech Warrior 5 mercs -

Defense missions (or any other for that matter) wouldn't be nearly so terrible if Ryana could bother to tell the player where the new spawns where coming in from. Worst ops officer ever. So yeah, I get what you're saying.

Homoerotic Cougar-kun

Kill the meat, save the metal
I seriously never cease to be amazed at how bad AI lancemates are at driving their robots.

CASE 1: A Warzone drop somewhere in Marik territory. Dropship plonks us down, I plot a course to the hold point. Assume (incorrectly) that all lancemates are tagging along. Get to hold point and realize I'm a man down. "Where the fuck are you, Shenzeng?" I ask as I look around. Why, he's sitting at the drop point with his mech's thumb up his butt. Figure he's stuck on something, so I walk back down and investigate, giving him "Form on me" orders that he claims to be complying with all the while. Finally reach him and kind of bump him with my giant robot. Suddenly he remembers how to walk. Hokay.

CASE 2: An Assassination drop in Liao turf. Seems like everything is going smoothly. Notice Shenzeng is down to about 50 percent health (which is strange because everyone else is doing fine). Investigate. His Stalker is being harassed by a Locust who has been drilling his rear CT with apparent impunity. Can't fucking leave this guy alone for a minute, can I? Just imagining Shenzeng screaming "BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH!" over comms repeatedly as this one piss-ant Locust fondles his Stalker's ass with a Medium Laser over and over again.

Homoerotic Cougar-kun

Kill the meat, save the metal
Bumping to announce that PGI has released the latest patch for MW5M and it has broken all my mods and CTDs when I try to drop on a mission.


when PGI breaks the game just right