Mechaylo / Mechoria / Mecha Aylo / Mecha Lifts - Underage Shoplifting Attention-seeking British HaPa Femboy with a proclivity to manipulate others for his benefit; aspiring gay pornstar


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Aug 17, 2019
OP Note: This person of interest (as of October 29th, 2019) is underage and has taken illegal nudes of himself and sent them to other people. I want to make it crystal fucking clear that I, user "karz", nor anyone who has helped me make this thread, are in no way, shape, or form, are hosting, distributing, or encouraging this person of interest to take said illegal nudes. If you see his nudes in this thread or anywhere else, report them immediately. Additionally, while I can not control any action of individual users on the Farms, follow the rules of the Farms and do not formulate troll plans. If you are concerned about the activities taking place in this thread, give the information to proper authority figures.

I would like to thank @damian , @Yuusha-sama , and @Coach Kreeton Of All That for being the princeps of this thread, collecting most account information regarding this person of interest and providing useful links and archiving techniques.
My appreciation is great, and I will support all three of you in your future endeavors on the Kiwi Farms.
Finally, this person of interest purges their Discord chatlogs frequently, making it difficult to document everything they do and say.
Take unsubstantiated, unfound claims with a healthy dose of skepticism.
I will post what I do know he has posted, even if it has been purged.

Instagram (Archive)
His "Brand" Instagram (Archive)
Reddit Mechalyo (age listed is 18, he's 17) (Archive)
Reddit Mechoria (True age listed) (Archive)
Reddit DummyThicccyBorg (Purged all posts before archival) (Archive)
Twitter (Age listed is 18.) (Archive)
Secondary Twitter? (Archive)
CuriousCat (good link)
CuriousCat (NUKED)
YouTube (Archive)
Tumblr (Archive)
Old Discord: Mecha#1106 DISCORD ID 529502726556614668
New Discord: Mecha#3399 DISCORD ID 638443500412600321
Snapchat (ALLEGED) : Mechaylo

Mecha Alyo is a 5'5'' British teen (17 years old as of October 29th, 2019) living in Leeds, England. He has the mannerisms of Freddy Mercury, with none of the talent. According to him, he has a 4 inch penis.

He had a cosplay Instagram page with 30.1k followers that was axed under the premise of botting, approximately 2 months ago.
As such, most of the content in this OP is from this timeframe - Late August to Late October.
Coincidentally, he appears to have completely re-branded and all his content that existed from before this period suddenly disappeared. If anyone is able to find this content, I will gladly add it to the OP.
That does not mean that there is little to work with. Quite on the contrary, since Mechaylo is an avid (over)sharer.
Recently, he has opened a new Instagram page (Archive above in accounts spoiler)
His server is full of mentally unstable, underage users:
Here he is in an UnderTale Mettaton cosplay
His bedroom is eyerape pink, too much for most girls to bear:

He is also well known for having such incredible stories, such as Reddit Karma Whoring:
Being Dethroned by a "nobody" over legs:
His incessant attention-whoring means he will stop at no length to be recognized as the best r/femboy anywhere!

Mecha likes to ERP with his E-boyfriend (and alleged real boyfriend)
"Now Who's Arana?" you may ask. Here he is:
He doesn't share much as Mechaylo, however, so there isn't much to cover on him, just that he's a manlet compensating for his height with his muscle.

The cherry on top is that the server is host to mostly underage LGBT discord users, who have cutting problems:

The disturbing part is that the illegal nudes I mentioned earlier were posted under the watchful eyes of other minors. Yikes!
Is this fag really this unaware and craving this much attention?
Must be, he was (or still is!) selling ass pics for 0.01 Euro. Don't forget, he's 17. I wonder, does he have a waitlist for ass pics or something?
Mecha is also super insecure about whether or not Arana even loves him (conjecture: he probably doesn't)

Sadly, Mecha's Discord is purged quite frequently, and I am not always able to document him sperging out.

However, do not despair fellow farmer! He's quite active on other platforms.
He's part of Tumblr's Shoplifting community, stealing property and harming small business across the United Kingdom.
While he has not directly stated his thievery, for which he should be promptly shot for, he has implied as such:

2,305.38 British Sterling-Pound stolen over one year. What a cheeky bastard, wonder what his parents would think about that.
Since he is involved in shoplifting (archive), he naturally is also a big scammer (Archive):



I never knew that shopping could be a zero-sum game: either you steal clothing and skincare products and cause small business to lose out, or you don't spend money at all and look like a peasant. Thrift shopping is for poor people!

Don't worry though. We're dealing with an intellectual. Truly a big-brained individual.
Carl Benjamin, the failed UKIP candidate, better known as Sargon of Akkad, would be proud.
He's also a virgin :

Never in my life have I met a gay virgin. Mecha has sucked at least one cock, on his own admission.
I'm sure he could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.
At least he doesn't have AIDS (Yet):

He is also quite fatphobic (archive), but this is conjecture. I'm sure he isn't actually like this:
His reaction to when his "Friends" talk shit about him (archive):

As stated above, I refuse to believe Mechaylo came onto the scene out of the blue two months ago.
He has a massive internet history, it is just a matter of finding it - he is unintentionally good at hiding his tracks.
But I'm sure the power of internet autism will help me find the right path and more on him.

To close this introductory thread of Mechaylo, I once again thank @damian , @Yuusha-sama , and @Coach Kreeton Of All That for helping me gather archives and posts of this person of interest.
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Dec 20, 2015
I remember there being a bit of an unwritten rule about waiting until a lolcow turned 18 before making a thread about them, but I took a long ass break from KF, so maybe things have changed in the meantime. Still might wanna check with staff to be sure.

Edit: Apparently not an actual rule, just the personal guidelines of the people saying it.
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The cuter the avatar, the uglier the person.
Aug 17, 2019
I remember there being a bit of an unwritten rule about waiting until a lolcow turned 18 before making a thread about them, but I took a long ass break from KF, so maybe things have changed in the meantime. Still might wanna check with staff to be sure.
He turns 18 in November. The disclaimer is there to warn people, if they find his nudes, since they're all illegal.

Jul 9, 2019
What, you expected giant robots? Too bad, only disappointment and sadness.


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Apr 19, 2019
The shoplifting " community" stuff is so incredibly dumb. All they're doing is making a convenient catalogue of their crimes for anyone interested enough to look. Also, by bragging about whatever scams/techniques they thought up n succeeded with, they just make it become more and more difficult as more n more people copy it, or more companies become aware.
Smh x 💯 @ the carelessness and unprofessionalism of our criminal youth and prostitute classes