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That stretch at 2:30. . .does he not see how fucking bad he looks? He was telling the truth when he said he hasn't done 1 single push-up in the 2010's. He looks like he has some type of physical wasting disease.
He's the result of a man who hasn't had to use his own bear arms in what, 10 years? Probably more.

It even proves the point that he's a fucking bullshitter saying how he used pump iron. Imagine having actual muscle and then not using them for that long that they become slosh. Just looking at him, you can tell he's a spoiled, rotten child.


Benny Harvey RIP

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$100 make me look like a tard goal, pledge now

15 seconds in just in case
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So if I'm understanding that correctly the person doing the playthrough with a low int character named their character Phil Burnell, nice and a good idea. I bet they still don't play through that game as exceptional as Phil did though.

YH 870

original video was removed from GradeA's channel but he mentions DSP around the 4:22 mark


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