Meet the creep behind Chris Chan's fundraisers -

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Lolcow Hunter
I was recently blocked by Chris Chan and a guy called "Alan Christopher" from my personal Twitter account, this was after I shared my opinions about this stupid whole dimensional merge bullshit.

"Alan Christopher" is apparently the guy behind those fundraisers to get Chris Chan to the UK and Japan.
His real last name isn't Christopher, Christopher is his middle name, his actual last name is Ganly and he is from a large town in Bedfordshire, England called "Luton" and resides in a city called "Hull" in East Riding of Yorkshire near Lincolnshire. Being as stupid as he is for buying crap off Chris Chan on Ebay in the past, he's probably stupid enough to give Chris Chan all that fundraiser money.

This idiot believes in the dimensional merge and apparently can predict the future and all his Tweets are associated with Chris Chan and Sockness.

I added found this Alan Christopher on Facebook, he accepted my friend request on two accounts, one seems to be inactive (I'm assuming it's a sock puppet account) and another is what he uses to communicate with. According to his Facebook page he is 32 years old despite looking like a 12 year old.

Other than being a die hard fan for CWC, it appears he is in love with Sockness and the two have been communicating.


You'll have to use a really old Twitter account, I've noticed he won't accept follow requests from new accounts, likely I have an old one and pretended to be a fan of Chris Chan so he decided to not only accept my follow request, he followed me back as well.

Here's links to his Facebook pages:
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Lolcow Hunter
Hull is unironically a bigger shoithole than West Virginia
It's filled with sheep shaggers, trannys and smackheads on tugboats.

>32 year old
Guy(?) looks like he's 15 or some shit. God it's just so tiring seeing people act like this, how long until the chimpout about being "discovered" or some shit? Place your bets people.
He looks like a lesbian hipster.


Disregarding the whole idea of Chris actually traveling does he even have a passport for international travel? Hell, has he actually been on a plane before?
Chris rode on a plane once as a kid to visit Cole, who was in California at the time. This is the furthest he has ever gone from his home so I highly doubt he has a passport.

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