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Mega Man 11It's better than nothing

Discussion in 'Games' started by ComeoutandJULAY, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Protodude of the Rockman Corner, just a few months ago, spotted artwork in the second Legacy Collection that had nothing to do with any of the first ten classic titles, suspecting that something was up.


    Now that we know what it is:




    Agreed. I'd like to see a game that ends the X series for good this time. Also, I want a closure on...

    what the fuck happened to Axl at the end of X8.
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  2. This, there is no much gap between Megaman X and Megaman Zero, the Elf wars are barely explained in the material book but for the looks of it if we get a game is going to be very dark considering the massive body count that war had , lets just pray that capcom want to do it or simply retcon Megaman Zero and ZX to keep jerking off X

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  3. aw shit nigga

    I actually like MN9 and MGB

    Might as well get a switch since the drought lasted TOO long.
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  4. I can’t wait for the X series.
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  5. The good thing about this is MM8BDM will probably get another more of their material for updates. Mega Man V (the game boy with the killer planet robots, not the fifth game in the nes) was going to be the last, but it looks like it'll still get one or if we're lucky, a couple more.

    I think it wouldn't hurt if they took a little gimmick by switching back to 16-bit in MMX9.
  6. Some more details on Mega Man 11:


    Four difficulty Settings and No Female Robot Masters: 11 Things We Know About Mega Man 11

    We have 11 things to tell you about Mega Man's upcoming game.

    What took so long for Capcom's little robot to spring back into the battlefield? The January edition of Game Informer has answers about Mega Man 11's development process—and the events leading up to the project getting green-lit. Some of the revelations are available on Game Informer's site (the staff got to go hands-on with the game), and others were gleaned from the issue itself and posted on Protodude's Rockman Corner.

    Here are 11 cool tidbits we learned about Mega Man 11:

    The Mega Man 11 team was unsure how to pick up the series after Keiji Inafune departed Capcom
    Mega Man 11's producer, Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, says Capcom's staff had a hard time saying, "I want to work on Mega Man" once the usual man behind the wheel, Keiji Inafune, departed the company. When he left, remaining staff was unsure about how to fill his role.

    There are four difficulty settings
    Like Mega Man 10 (and the American release of Mega Man 2 long before it), Mega Man 11 will have difficulty settings. Four, to be exact. We know of two so far: "Normal" is a standard Mega Man challenge, and "Superhero" is for Mega Man enthusiasts who enjoy the musical crunch of a steel-plated boot sailing into their shin.

    The Robot Masters are former allies of Dr Light
    It's not uncommon for the nefarious Dr Wily to simply turn his good colleague's robots against the world with a little re-programming (or with some good old-fashioned coercing), and it seems that's the case in Mega Man 11, too.

    The gears under Mega Man's health meter have something to do with the game's difficulty
    If you look at screenshots or video of Mega Man 11, you'll see an image of some gears below Mega Man's health and weapon meters. According to Game Informer, these gears are part of "an entirely new gameplay mechanic that will impact Mega Man's moment-to-moment action. Unfortunately, we can't talk about this feature, but we feel that it's a nice addition to the action and helps balance the difficulty." Hmm!

    There's a weapon wheel
    Shuffling through menus isn't fun in the NES Mega Man games. Later games let you choose weapons with bumper-buttons, but even doing that wastes time. Mega Man 11 has a cure for the weapon-switching blues, however: A weapon wheel that's programmed into each console controllers' right analogue stick. Now we just need to remember which direction switches to which weapon. With my lousy memory, it looks like I might be hitting L and R all the time anyway.

    Mega Man's helmet and armor change when he equips a Robot Master's weapon
    You've probably already seen the concept art floating around of Mega Man wearing a suit of bricklike armor. Turns out when he switches weapons, his body design changes along with his color. We're looking forward to seeing the cool alterations Capcom applies to Mega Man's classic bod.

    All eight Robot Masters can be challenged from the outset
    This point is probably a "Duh" for less involved Mega Man fans, but there are actually several Mega Man games that force you to take on the Robot Masters four-by-four. Not Mega Man 11. All eight Masters are available for a beating as soon as you start playing, so enjoy your prolonged period of performing guesswork while you slowly grow your weapon stash.

    Mega Man was almost "super masculine"
    Mega Man 11's director, Koji Oda, says the team experimented a bit with Mega Man's design. At one point he was "super masculine," but that idea was scrapped, presumably after the artists started having flashbacks to DIC's Mega Man cartoon from the '90s.

    Several people pitched new Mega Man game ideas before Kazuhiro Tsuchiya got the go-ahead
    As you might expect from a franchise as beloved as Mega Man, more than one pitch was made for a new game. Koji Oda's pitch ultimately wound up getting the green light.

    Mega Man 11's team re-designed old stages from Mega Man 5 through 10 to test the new art style
    Not everyone is a fan of Mega Man 11's new art style, but rest assured it went through testing before it was given the final thumbs-up. The team re-designed old stages from Mega Man 5 through 10 to make sure the style gels with Mega Man's sharp movements.

    There's no female Robot Master this time around
    "There was actually a female Robot Master at the concept stage [for Mega Man 11], but when we paired up all the different weapons, she was one of the Robot Masters that didn't make the cut," Oda says. "We definitely feel like there are plenty of opportunities to add female Robot Masters in the future. This is one of those things where we feel like it's all about what fits best for each occasion, and there are those occasions where a female would be more appropriate than a male." Well, Splash Woman will always flip-flop around in our hearts, right?

    I'm surprised there has yet to be any manufactured Internet outrage over the last point, though I'm sure there will be in due time.
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  7. I am hyped for this game, It's about time Mega Man moves on from 8-bit and try a few new things.
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  8. I think I can make an accurate guess on what the journalists and twitter are going to flip shit about.
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  9. Time to scour the net for any potential butthurt. ;)
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  10. >weapon wheel
    Why the fuck did MN9 not have that? It's such an obvious feature like goddamn, who even wanted to switch between weapons manually in real time?
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  11. Reeeeee I want pixels! Reeeeee it looks like mighty no.9!

    Autists never stop tard raging.
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  12. If you want a 8bits megaman,play mighty gunvolt.
    Thinking that all megaman need to be like megaman 2 is like wanting FF16 a 8bits j-rpg
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  13. I'm no huge Mega Man fan, I've only played a couple of the main series games and none of the spin-offs, but I think this looks fine. If anything I kind of respect that they're not using the 8-bit nostalgia crutch that so many devs use these days. I'll probably get it when it comes out.
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  14. Mighty Gunvolt Burst is excellent.

    I loathe Mega Man 2. 3 was decent, despite the rush job, but I can enjoy 3 over 2. I am not even a fan of Mega Man in general.

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