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For some updates. Yes they all expected the shit to get shutdown. They still are talking and getting shit done via irc and other means. They are still working on stuff. They are still going to develop stuff. This is nothing. Ivan himself said he is just gonna remake a random twitter later on when he gets free time to make announcements n shit.

Anything else will either be mentioned on the group's keybase or here on a page ivan set up Don't worry there is more coming.
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Finally made the jump from having a slightly autistic fascination with guns to actually owning one, ended up going with a Sig P229 since I had a pretty good experience with it when I went shooting the first time. Hasn't even cleared the waiting period yet and I'm already eagerly looking for my next purchase.

I have purchased a beat up Mauser C96, where can i find parts for her? Specifically a magazine spring as it has snapped in half near the bottom


The final solution to the weeb question.
True & Honest Fan
I am going to add that there is a member of deterrence dispensed called Jeff Rodriguez. He has not been nuked every by virtue of being more low key. He has managed to fly under the radar for some time.

If you want more 3D printed gun updates check here on his personal page. He usually goes by the name big tan gringo elsewhere.

Some of what he has worked on

Apparently TFB did an article on it as jeff is going to be releasing more updates of the design soon. If you want his git hub is here.

Also here is a really cool Brazilian gun

"A customized homemade submachine gun, decked out with AR furniture and finished in a Choc Chip paint job which was seized by police in the Brazilian municipality of Espirito Santo. It was apprehended after traffickers from the neighborhoods of Vila Velha and Cariacica fled who were planning to attack a rival group in the area. ‘B.A.M’ is likely the name of the gang it belonged to."
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