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Oct 3, 2013


Melanie Herring (current legal name: Ash Hazel Woods) is an infamous furry webcomic artist who was most commonly known by the moniker PurpleKecleon (now 'GlitchedPuppet). She made her mark as furry porn artist as early as 2005, plaguing oeaki boards with Pokemon and Sonic porn, as well as contributing to cub porn magazines. She has drawn every kind furry fetish known to man (NSFW) and is so obsessed with sex, that it dominates both her personal and professional lives. She's at the center of a polyamarous relationship (despite labeling herself as a 'non binary asexual') which she publicizes openly.

At her very core, Melanie is the most vicious kind of dramawhore and narcissist that you can possibly imagine. Instead of quietly drawing a consistent product to make a living, Melanie feels the need to make long winded callouts on tumblr/twitter threads and documents about anyone who hurts her ego. If that doesn't satisfy her, she will make cult like chatrooms or servers where she bullies and manipulates her fans.

Melanie has admitted to having fetishes raging from incest and shota to allegedly fucking a real life dog. While there's no hard proof or video evidence of her committing this act, it was a rumor that floated around furry circles for nearly a decade.







Purplekecleon era (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers)


(Artist rendition of PK's administration style)

While Purplekecleon was rampant on oeaki boards and FurAffinity, she made her mark on DeviantArt by being the admin of 'Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers'. She ran the group with Marl (her husband), Eevee (her boyfriend) as well as an extensive group of associates whom she had several fallouts with. The group was advertised as a 'family friendly Pokemon roleplay group'. It quickly devolved into PK's fetish den, rife with drama that involved multiple characters being raped, PK and Marl rigging their own contest so their sockpuppet account could win, PK's Mary Sue fucking an underage character, and tricking users to go offsite to her porn tumblr blog to 'read more'.

  • Mike/Mikemander: Nearing the group's untimely end, PK had a fallout with another admin named Mike. This incident was based entirely on petty grievances which lead PK to made an overly long and detailed callout on Mike. This is an example of PK's tendency to write novella length documents to destroy someone's credibility based on her word alone, leading the subject of said callout be dogpiled by her minions.
  • PommyN64/Sean Chiplock: PK also had a feud with a voice actor she hired by the name Sean Chiplock. The ordeal is too autistic to summarize, but you can read it here: (1) (2).

'Floraverse' - PK becomes a SJW tumblrina


Eventually, Melanie and her husband left PMD to pursue an original project titled 'Floraverse'. In PK fashion, the family friendly 'Floraverse' had a porn themed sister site named 'Forbidden Flora'.

Describing the plot of Floraverse is impossible, but the folks at Bad Webcomics Wiki try their best to make sense of it.

Melanie also started being more active on Tumblr, so naturally she quickly shapeshifted into a SJW snowflake tumblrina. She adopts the 'Non-Binary' label and expresses hatred for all things male. This bleeds into Floraverse, where she vows to make the female gender the default. She also claims to want to purchase an illegal hormone to enlrage her clit and cries about 'dysphoria' for her desire to become a dickgirl. She also adapts a 'sex guru' persona where she gives tumblrinas of all ages advice on how to uncover their sex identity. Even minors.

Pk's personal blogs (1) (2)
Pk's NSFW tumblr (1) (2)
Pk's sex advice tumblr ask blog

  • PK and her boyfriend chase a Steven Universe writer off tumblr: PK and Eevee decide to go after Matt Burnett (a Steven Universe writer) because of a 'consistency issue' in an episode that had a character expressed that she 'liked pie'. You can read the autism here (Pk's blog) and here (Eevee's blog).
  • PK vs TheJWittz: PK flags a video made by TheJWittz for using her hideous art without crediting her (even though it appears for a solid 3 seconds). His fanbase comes after her and she has a meltdown. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
  • PK's attack dogs 'cheat' on her and she loses her shit: At the time she was with her husband Marl and boyfriend Eevee, Marl fucked someone without telling PK, and she threw all the dirty laundry out for her minions to see. Apperantly, ever so loyal attack dog, Eevee, ALSO wanted to fuck someone without asking PK permission, so in her anger, she made hate art of her Mary Sue decapitating both Marl and Eevee for their merch store. The attack dogs grovelled for her apology in true cuck fashion.
  • Despite participating and initiating callouts; PK makes a comic to educate on how 'toxic callout culture' is.
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Oct 3, 2013

'Glitchedpuppet' - The truth comes out


At a attempt to rebrand after the recent controversies, Melanie changed her userhandle from 'PurpleKecleon' to 'Glitchedpuppet' (or Glip) . Glip continued to publish porn comics about rape (NSFW), bestiality (NSFW) , underage characters (NSFW). Despite being told repeatedly to tag and hide her porn better, Glip ignored these requests and kept her material for all to see (most likely because she wants 'kids to read it secretly and find out they are gay or trans'). Glip said the reason she did this was because her porn was not exploitative and it was totally cool for underage people to use as a guide to 'find their gender'. This is also the time that the Dogfucker trio were active on a Discord server that was originally used to discuss her webcomic. Instead however, they had tumblrina discussion topics like how misgendering someone (even unintentionally) is violence.

TL;DR summary: In 2018, logs were leaked that showed Marl trying to groom a minor (that goes by the name of 'Bigfluff') to fuck him and his dog. Marl pimps out his dog, and is involved in the zoophile community. He was also 100% aware that Bigfluff was underage. He showed her a dick pic, his creepy zoophile listing, and how he could introduce her to a prostitute friend of his 'if she was interested in an escort gig'. They arrange a real life meetup to help him out in the Floraverse merch store. BigFluff visited the Dogfucking trio's Vegas home and ran into Melanie in the nude. Marl confirms that Melanie doesn't care about her age at all. After the business visit, Marl was pestering Bigfluff to visit again so they can finally have sex, bragging that he had BadDragon toys. It's implied in the logs that BigFluff had multiple visits to the Dogfucker home and Melanie flat out ignored her.


Ash Hazel Woods - The Furry Cult leader


Despite divorcing Marl, Melanie insisted that both BigFluff and Lain where liars and asserted that she was Marl's only ONE TRUE VICTIM. She claimed that Marl was the only predator under her roof, and yet she refuses to contact the police. Melanie claimed that she had facts, yet she didn't post any evidence that disproved the logs.


Now that Floraverse is tanking in relevancy and readers, Melanie has completely lost her mind and shits out barely legible MS Paint comics and VNs. Melanie and Eevee also created a game named 'Cherry Kisses' published on Steam. The objective is to run a sex shop as you're terrorized by a minor who wants to shut it down.

The Floraverse discord server was remade, but this time it's intended purpose was for Melanie to use as a 'therapy tool' for her fans. She uses 'attack therapy' through weird BDSM rituals she calls 'scenes'. You can view the unfiltered server logs here.

It is also worth noting that after divorcing, Melanie married Eevee and quickly found a new Marl replacement and attackdog by the name of Axi whom she cucks Eevee with.

Melanie's harem

View attachment 1499610

Eevee cucking Marl, at his own wedding

Melanie lives in a catshit infested house with her polyamorous partners. She is obsessed with collecting designer cats that constantly have health problems and diarrhea. Regardless she and Eevee like bathing with them, and if that doesn't disgust you enough, she likes playing with her own period blood.

Eevee/Alexander Munroe/Evelyn Clover Woods/LexyEevee
View attachment 1499616

Eevee is Melanie's wife. They met over a decade ago at a con where they fucked (despite Melanie being engaged to Marl at the time). He created the Veekun dex and used to work for Yelp. However, he quit Yelp to pursue his dream in making furry porn games. One of his earliest accomplishments was his role in the administration team at FurAffinity where he bragged about discovering an exploit in the site's code to expose all the porn to underage users.

After Melanie expressed petty hatred of all things male, Eevee started to insist that others use female pronouns for him, and expressed his desire to be a dickgirl transwoman. After taking HRT however, he was shocked and appalled that his dick had become dysfunctional and useless.

His passtimes are grovelling to Melanie, drawing dickvore (NSFW) and defending the possession of child porn on twitter.

Useful Links
Melanie's twitter (archive) and blog (archive)
Eevee's twitter (archive) and blog (archive)
Floraverse and ForbiddenFlora (NSFW)
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