Melanie Herring / Purplekecleon / PK / PapayaKitty / GlitchedPuppet / Ash Hazel Woods / Floraverse - Abusive, manipulative SJW artist whose NOW EX-husband fucks dogs and teenagers

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Marl now goes by LYCUS ARGENT WOODS instead of Jayson Garcia, PK now goes by ASH HAZEL WOODS instead of Melanie Herring, and Eevee is now EVELYN CLOVER WOODS instead of Alexander Munroe.

Also Marl and PK divorced after changing their names, which was why we weren't able to find a public record. Why Marl and PK would change their last names to match right before the divorce is beyond any of us.

:cans: 7/23/18 THIS JUST IN: :cans:

@lainiwakuraa has shared screencaps of of Marl soliciting then-underage user @bigfluff for sex and hoping to get her to have sex with his dog.


And here's Marl pretty much admitting that this is real via a small-dicked proxy.

Synopsis by @Hellfire

A recap of what has been happening since the logs were released.

On Wednesday, chat logs from 2012 were released where Melanie's husband Marl was seen grooming a 15-16 y.o. girl and talking about filming bestiality, attempting to have the girl have sex with his dog, giving her Bad Dragon sex toys in exchange for letting him watch her use them, and a bunch of other damning, disgusting things. The girl had met Marl by inquiring about Melanie's buttons and she visited them in person on at least one occasion and she saw Melanie "all naked" when she arrived.

After these logs began to spread, Melanie went silent on social media while Alex (eevee) pretended nothing had happened before he too went dark.

On Thursday, a moderator of the Floraverse Discord server was shown the chat logs and asked Marl about them, he copy-pasted Marl's response in which Marl admitted they were real and said he was sorry for causing any harm from his behavior and communications with the girl. Not quite realizing what he had done by confirming the logs were real, the moderator began trying to run damage control, eventually banning the person who inquired about them and memory holing the logs. Scrutiny was placed on the moderator and he nuked all his social media. Various people who idolized, were inspired by, or just enjoyed Melanie's Floraverse began to express their distraught outrage, especially those with young relatives who were into Floraverse.

The silence from Melanie spoke volumes, but she did tweet out the update for her porn comic as well as updated the Patreon while still remaining quiet on her glitchedpuppet main account for hours. She and Alex were also briefly active in the Floraverse Discord, although both were set to Do Not Disturb status. People had been unfollowing her on Twitter, cancelling Patreon support, and fleeing from the Floraverse Discord.

Melanie seems to have made her first sort of public statement in the early hours of Friday morning, posting around 20 tweets on her locked Twitter account, to which people replied and provided some context to what she had said. Melanie's long-time supporter Opa-Opa was seen engaging in Twitter conversations and trying to defend Marl/Melanie while attempting to understand the situation.

Before noon Melanie began renaming her locked account (formerly vassalbeleth) and would continue to rename it while also purging the followers that had access to it. Around the same time frame, the forbiddenflora and glitchedpuppet account was locked and maybe 30 minutes later Melanie issued a more-public-but-still-kinda-not statement on the now-locked gltichedpuppet account, accusing the victims of being liars, claiming everything negative about her is "lies and bullshit," and claiming that she was going to "stop posting online" and would not be looking at replies to the glitchedpuppet account.

At least one person was randomly kicked from the Floraverse Discord, which must have been in chaos. While some Stans were convinced to actually look at the logs and took back their knee-jerk white knighting of Melanie, others began blaming "nazis," because of course they would. By the evening, this thread was surpassing other drama and had the most traffic on this site. Various descriptions of encounters with Melanie and her creeps continued to come to light.

The Floraverse Discord now featured a pinned message saying Melanie was "taking a break," and comments on the Floraverse site were nuked. At some point commenting was completely disabled on both the Forbidden Flora and Floraverse sites. The moderator who unwittingly verified the logs ended up apologizing for his earlier behavior and quit the Discord and said he was leaving the Floraverse community. At some point, the Floraverse Facebook page was deleted.

ESC Toys, the company that was producing Floraverse dolls including the Kickstarter'd vinyl campaign figures, replied in an email about the situation and said they were "looking into the matter very seriously" and suspended all sales of Floraverse merchandise. The Discord chat at this point was enraged and openly talking about this thread, with one plotting to dox the victim. Alex 'liked' some tweets from a Stan at some point, while he himself stayed silent.

At some point in the evening Floraverse was removed from Hiveworks' site and the Hivemill store took down the Floraverse shirt page.

--- Original OP ---

A bit of a familiar name to those who have been in the Pokemon fandom, seperated by the average artist on the lolcow forums in one important aspect: competence.
Unfortunately the person behind the art is... well I almost tagged the thread Horrorcow because holy shit she makes DSP look only slightly rude.

Now when this thread just started, most of us here mainly thought "hey look at this douchebag" but, well, with a lot of testimony from whistleblowers anon or not and even public statements, we can confirm that practically any bad news you may have heard about PK is probably true! Take that, faith in humanity!

There's a lot of dirt in the following pages, as such I'm mainly going to link entire posts, partly because it's really worth a read and partly to keep this OP from getting too long. I'll just mention the real juicy bit(s)

- Self-diagnosed sociopath: Insisted that autistics were "emotionless robots" then later diagnoses herself as one... when it became trendy.
- Her OC gets boned by own cat's OC (yes really) also lots of punching down and hypocrisy.
- PK rigging own contests again people she didn't like... also suspiciously interested in getting a young audience to look at pr0n.
- Lexy gets a vasectomy, talks about his Sonichu balls, PK treats it like a joke.
- Bathing with cats in filthy bathtub. Keep in mind this is the person that flipped out at the suggestion that they have bad hygiene.
- Bashing a member of the Steven "Crew-niverse" and causes harassment because Pearl didn't eat pie or something.
- Posts about pony porn book on main blog, really keen to get people of all ages looking at pr0n.
- Marl the dognobbler: hits on underage girl.
- Chatlogs of douchebaggery and more hyposcrisy. See the ego in action!
- Archived FA page.
- Being a dick to another FA member for no real reason.
- "Merlot doesn't rape"
- Lexy defends owning CP. Not lolicon, I mean CP with actual children.
- User asks about chatlogs, banned instantly, totally not suspicious.

And as a special treat, @1d4 went and archived the tumblr Pengosolvent used for the callout post, just in case pengo deletes for some reason or another
PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7 - ADDENDUM 1


There's also a lot of misc information floating around, some of it is hard to confirm since PK's dirty little deeds were often well-covered up... others are pretty obvious:

- Practically a walking sjw stereotype, the kind that immediately jumped on the Elliot Rogers killings to demonize men.
- Has a husband, a boyfriend and sometimes other partners. Pretty browbeaten guys that just seem to follow her everywhere. Said "boyfriend" (Lexyeevee) is treated more like an attack dog to spew textwalls at anyone who doesn't think PK's perfect.
- As detailed by "Tvface" she's incredibly manipulative and even abusive.
- Bad combination of egotist and tantrum prone: will go off on just about anyone who asks for anything, even brush settings in sai. Has insisted it's wrong to ask free art even of friends on their birthday. Despite that, Pengo's post notes that she constantly squeezes people for free stuff like music on really short notice.
- Made a collab (the creation of Lemon) with Pengo, continued to sell it after cutting him off and taking sole credit/profit off it. Made fun of people rightfully concerned about taking full credit and profit for half the work and only "apologized" after being formally called out.
- I'd say she has a group of friends but I don't think she even views anyone like that. They're more like devoted asskissers who do most of the hard work (like group running/organizing) and will be publicly dropped like a sack of bricks the minute they stop being convenient to her. And then proceed to punch down on them knowing full well said person will likely face harassment/death threats from her fanbase.
- When former partner made a callout post detailing manipulative and even abusive behaviours. PK immediately insisted it was made up... while acting in exactly the manner they'd been described as in the callout post, threatened legal action/doxxing.
-Ran a group on DA called “PMD-E” based on the pokemon games of a similar name. Of course, being a massive egotist, her character (a blatant self inset by the name of PK who's a Kecleon... that's purple) pretty much took the spotlight at all times while the other parts and players in the group were either phased out, booted out or ignored. Pulled the plug on the group even though people were heavily invested in it.
- Once yelled at a guy because she was whining about some health problem and said guy insisted it's usually a hygiene thing. Will also react negatively to any sort of crit in art including in-stream suggestions.
- One day some 14 year old girl sent her a message requesting a piece of art in memory of her dog who had just died. PK responded with an image that showed up as a thumbnail (so the image was hidden until you clicked to enlarge it) of some random doodles and a rant about guilt tripping artists for free art. She then screencapped this question with her response and re-posted it so that it would be rebloggable without censoring the girl's username.
- She had some inside joke plastered all over her blog about how she hates Cryogonal (a Pokemon) and whenever she got messaged from curious fans asking what that was about she'd get pissy and overly defensive about not wanting to explain it.
- One time she got into it with a member of her PMD-E group. Said member was removed from the group because his Pokemon OC was an unusual color (A White Zorua). He pointed out the hypocrisy in that Kecleons aren't purple but PK's character is evidently allowed. PK's reasoning was essentially 'Kecleons are chameleons and chameleons change color so I can have an entire rainbow of Kecleon characters (but no one else gets to be a special snowflake of course). This of course, does not explain the dark-silver Ninetales that wasn't a shiny or all the Kecleons that had changes clearly not limited to colours.

And for some extra reading: For most of the real "magic" keep in mind that they do have a private vent blog so any case of publicly attacking people was a deliberate choice. a couple of extra claims, I don't know if they're for certain though has got even more claims on it such as inappropriate conduct towards minors and such.

Also special thanks to @Avocado for some of the extra points.

OP will most likely keep updating as new evidence or just plain messed-up happenings occur.

Currrent credits: @Hazazel @Galaxy Harasser @TheInfamousJ @oneninetyone @lainiwakuraa @1d4@knifetruck

And here's some more stuff provided by @knifetruck gonna put it in a spoiler since it's a huge update on a post that's already rather big.
Sidechain, post describing making music for PK
skeletonfucker, describing PK's behavior at cons
Avocado, describing PK's so-called encouraging of beginner artists and their brief history on a PKMN site
skeletonfucker, PK has no “SFW” and “NSFW” boundaries
Malady Twigs, talking about a firsthand encounter in the podcast, also talks about PK, Eevee, and Marl
Anonymous, talking about how they stumbled across PK's porn when they were 14.
Anonymous, someone asked who the 13 year old was in a chat
Anonymous, talking about Marl's behavior on Tumblr and more IRC chats
Rosechuspickle, more about Marl on Tumblr
Anonymous, highschool account of PK.
Anonymous, another highschool acount of PK.

Their real name is Mel Herring.
PK is 26/27. Marl is in his 30s. Eevee is in his early 20s, most likely.
PK cheating on Marl with Eevee, Marl and Eevee cheating on PK with Exty.
She then makes a shirt in which her self-insert, Alice, has murdered her boyfriend's original characters.
PK doesn't really care if minors see NSFW content. ForbiddenFlora is listed as 18+ only, but the link is on PK's public twitter, which any Floraverse member could find simply by going to the twitter listed on the webcomic. Here's an example.
PK appears to have molested/humped a cat, and Eevee took the pictures. 1, 2
Besides this, PK and Eevee (probably) abuse their cats.
More of an Exty thing, but here's PK and co's reactions after Exty is found out to be a cheater.
PK once posted her own menstruation blood on her hands, and the thought of period art.
PK mentioned that they think autistic people are emotionless. 1 2 3 4. And PK has self-diagnosed autism.
PK's reaction to people thinking one of their characters was male.
Someone questions Jam's biology, and Penny and Eevee both argue with him. PK comes in later.
PK threatens to ban a commenter for calling Beleth “he”. Marl also whiteknights. NSFW
Another rant about misgendering a character. 1, 2
PK yelled at and publicly shamed a girl who had requested a picture of her dead dog.

SlurpleSpeckleon did a PDF!
PK's face 1, 2 and PK's voice
PK has let one of their hairless cats bathe with them.
Eevee has also let their hairless cat bathe with them.
Eevee's face.
From left to right: Eevee, PK, and Marl.
The cats they own have diarrhea.
PK has drawn their cat's genitals.
Here's some more pictures of their cats. 1, 2
PK and Eevee both know about the thread.
Here's the archive for both their SFW tumblr and two NSFW tumblrs.
Here's some archived posts from one of PK's old private blogs. 1, 2, 3

There's a loooot of coerced sex in Before You Know It.
Some incest referencing. 1, 2
Mellie publicly cheats on her boyfriend.
“Harassment” on forbiddenflora tumblr.

Marl has been accused of attempting to coerce a teenager into bestiality. They also mention that he enjoyed watching a girl have sex with a doberman.
Marl talks about rape while creeping on girls because why not.

Eevee has defended possession of child porn, whether it be real or fictional repeatedly. 1, 2
Eevee has no problem with minors viewing porn.
Eevee ran a NSFW PKMN site.
Eevee livetweets post-vasectomy. 1, 2
Eevee once felt jealous of an abuse survivor, and told them that their abuser probably loved them.

Exty, the designer for the original Beleth, is also the one who made the art for the Turf Tiger Tussle and Beleth, Toy Cat shirts. Exty made a mix for Beleth which you can see here. Exty is PK's, Eevee's, and Marl's boyfriend. In addition, Exty made the Undertale buttons you see in the store.
Exty is also the person Marl cheated on PK with and the person Eevee attempted to have sex with.
Exty talks about wanting to be in a poly relationship.
Exty's face.

Pengo is the one who originally brought the PK drama up. Here's the masterposts 1d4 graciously did!
Here's a masterpost done completely by Hazazel, talking about how PK has ripped off Pengo.

Here is Lain's callout of PK, Eevee, and Marl. A followup from TheInfamousJ.
PK's reaction. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ( note: the screenshots are probably photoshopped )
Eevee's reaction. 1, 2
Marl's reaction.

PK fails to understand anatomy. Literally look at any of the species sheets.
PK's art has steadily decreased into magenta hell. 2010 vs 2015
Beleth's original design by Exty.
This is how PK usually draws Beleth.
Before and after pictures.
PK has scammed people out of their money before for zines.

PKMN art archive ( NSFW )
More PKMN x human fucking, 1, 2, 3
Killua ( HxH ) fucking a PKMN
PK's self insert x Silver
Silver x N
PK has drawn MLP porn.

PK has met up with Rebecca Sugar.
She also did art for the Steven Universe comics. Here's the archive of the devianart post, and here's the comic previews.

PMD-E shit.
There's a lot of it.
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(not actually volcel)
Isn't this person involved in some capacity with veekun...?

EDIT: I looked into it a bit further. Well shit. There are fewer degrees of separation than I thought.
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Isn't this person involved in some capacity with veekun...?

EDIT: I looked into it a bit further. Well shit. There are fewer degrees of separation than I thought.
How so?
I know she did the Eevee pic for the site. Is it run by Lexy or something?
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For some reason exceptional individual is filtered but exceptional is not.

Also I seem to have lost my text bar for some reason.
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their prosthesis is a keyboard and a screen so nobody tells them to their face how fucking stupid they are, and so they can't be doxxed.
Oh some people have. Then she gets Lexy to deal with them for her.
For someone who criticized her ex-friend for not being self reliant enough (what, someone who literally just came off an abusive relationship may have extra problems?) and for a feminist she sure loves falling back on having a man do all that nasty arguing for her. Again, practically an attack dog rather than a boyfriend.
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