Melanie Herring / Purplekecleon / PK / PapayaKitty / GlitchedPuppet / Ash Hazel Woods / Floraverse - Abusive, manipulative SJW artist whose NOW EX-husband fucks dogs and teenagers

So what's your deal, anyway?

  • I used to be a fan of PK's and was already a Kiwi

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  • I made an account just to post in this thread

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  • I was never a fan of PK's but this shit fascinates me

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  • This thread is a fucking circlejerk trainwreck and I wanna watch

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I'mma be real here, I don't know how PK's followers can hear "let's play a fun game where we all lie, manipulate, and smear anyone who brings up the pedo accusations" and not suspect that they're in a cult.
I look at her social blade from time to time and while it does generally go down, I noticed unfollow spikes happen when she tweets.


Cryptid Cretin
There's quite a few thread goers that aren't on PK and dipshit Co's platforms of choice, so their usual methods won't work. I bet that eats PK and Eevee alive when they can't squash all those nasty little truthbugs.

Also it's not so much the pic we catalogued, but rather the fact that you posted it on an account that interacts with two pedos and their ilk. You poor dense motherfucker.


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I kind of hate watching this unfold. This kind of dog piling is what kept me from reaching out directly and why I instead came here, as I'm sure the case is with a number of you. They're just encouraging people to come here instead, and in a few months we'll get another "b-b-but no one came to me directly! How was I supposed to know how damaging I was being?" tweet.


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Hahaha nice job Opa
This just confirms my theory...Opa is just dense as fuck.

You missed this part, lmao
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PK is so Not Mad Online that she's calling this random person an abuse victim and a child rapist in a desperate attempt to make them upset somehow. It's not working.
wow...speaking about making strawmen

I see PK's game here, she's reacting like a 'kiwi' to all these tweets to expose some 'hidden hypocrisy' of some kind.
It's really not working, this will only encourage people to find receipts of PK's fixation on little boys.
The Rhodes story is one thing, but she's expressed a liking to shota and had a fetish of teaching sex to kids 'before they are supposed to'.

Let's not forget her obsession with Killua (a 12 year old) and child N (whom she has drawn being raped by his father).
Do I need to go on PK? Do you want us to bring to the surface all of your dirty laundry because you just can't shut up?
Let's not go that far, less than a week ago someone wrote a pron fanfic involving one of glip's character clearly depicted as a child and her only answer to it was "I HOPE YOU HAD FUN WRITING IT!"

Is that the same community that has been preemptively blocking you and Eevee on various platforms? Lol
Or maybe is the same community people keep coming from because they're completely afraid of speaking up against her doings?

Opa, would you watch porn next to your kid?...

Actually never mind...don't answer that...

He's been a lost cause for awhile. He has a document talking about why he's choosing to still support PK and Eevee.
Holly shit...are we sure eevee didn't write this, he's the only person I know would do this kind of thing.

opa really came out and straight up said "um lolicon is ok actually you guys are just paranoid" while at the same time he literally has a kid, and a young one at that-

I doubt he's gonna listen to anyone even if they show him the fucked up porn glip has drawn at this point, its becoming more and more apparant that he really believes everything glip is telling him

i actually hope he gets his kid taken away, holy fuck

Questionable Sandwich
I have no sympathy left for Opa watching him go along with this manipulative bullshit. They think this 'game' of theirs will show people how people against Glip's actions act/behave and that they're 'insinuating toxicity' into everything. But the people who try to talk to Glip are people who are actually concerned/angry/whatever about logs and shit they did over the years. The people who are concerned are people listening to multiple witness testimony of people who knew them and were even in relationships with Glip.

Watching them do what they 'think' other people are doing to them is just some nasty ass shit and that they have other people doing it with them is even fucking creepier. Not bothering to pretend you don't use people to dogpile anymore huh.

Who thinks of doing something like this- don't answer I fucking know

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