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Loving how one person posts a single photo of Opa's kid and Opa screeches about how we're "cataloging" photos of his kid.

LOL whatever, dude.

Running hot tonight.

I'm not going to archive the massive multi-branching shit going on but I think the 'game' has been revealed now. If someone says something negative/brings up shit about Glip everyone piles on that person and 'insinuates toxicity' into everything they say. Looks like they're trying to do a 'this is what you do to me' thing.

If Glip is a narc this is probably like crack to them.

What'd you tell them?
I just told 'em hell's existence
But you know me, don't nobody
Know my business
My presence flog your confidence
Who want a brand-new complex?
Now on, I'll call you, go fetch

I really hope opa knows what hes doing when he puts himself in that kind of situation.

it makes me a little sad, the whole thing. i dont tend to read twitter drama because i dont really like the website but when i see updates of this kind of stuff it really makes me wonder what makes people tick.

i really wouldnt care that much about him posting a picture of his kid on an account he also separately interacts with nsfw accounts on because for some reason im seeing that alot with people's facebook accounts where they post pictures of their kids and stuff and later on share questionably nsfw stuff, but also trying to defend the two actions at once on opas twitter is of course questionable.

but i havent really seen him interact with nsfw myself, so i wouldnt know...

but i hope his kid is actually safe.

I know of his name, not sure if I can say it or not.
if they arent relevant anymore it might be best not to. this was years ago and they may have changed heart, but thats just my opinion. im just glad it wasnt a fever dream because i wasnt able to find anything yet oops. i hope they changed their mind about stuff though
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this is the equivalent of children yelling "i know what you are but what am i?" "I'm rubber you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!" etc

i'm sure they feel smug with themselves that they're making kiwis soooo mad, but really they're all just making future problems for each other:
when people cite all of this as examples of them acting stupid as hell, saying "oh that was on purpose" only makes them look stupider.



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I'm not remotely surprised because there is no way Opa could be as close as they are to Glip without endorsing or excusing the things that are inherent to Floraverse's reputation at this point. Like, how do you have a character in this comic but also have a problem with things like loli or rape art? The obvious answer is you don't.

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*Chimps screaming*
@MRfive Hey Joop, have you and Glip spoken to each other since you made your presence known here?

Because stuff like this makes me worried for you.

Also, Glip and Eevee legit destroyed Opa. I have no sympathy left for him. He decided that writing fanfics and yelling at people online for a dying webcomic widely known for being made by pedos and abusers was more important than his family.


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If someone actually wanted to warn his wife, pm me and I'll send you her fb, she seems to have scrubbed her fb though so maybe she knows and is blocking it all out, hopefully she's already taken the kid and ran
How do you know this shit?

Loving how one person posts a single photo of Opa's kid and Opa screeches about how we're "cataloging" photos of his kid.

LOL whatever, dude.
I actually find it funny that they keep latching at that very one instance where a picture of opa's kid was posted, we have never expressed any interest on the kiddo besides concern, even whoever posted it was told to take it down since the child had nothing to do with her father's exceptional stupidity.

It seems now that they're just grasping at whatever they can to keep playing victim.

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NO. Magenta horsecock is foreboden.
I lost all respect for Opa when after some time after the Marl logs dropped, he claimed to be thinking hard on the drama but then crawled back to PK and Eevee anyway and wrote that long doc explaining why he wants to the their biggest white knight.

Opa: "I stand by Eevee's write up on why any kind of info, even if it's CP, shouldn't be illegal. It's just 1s and 0s maaaaaaan."
Also Opa: "Why did those Kiwis catalogue pictures I posted of my daughter on the same Twitter account that I interact with various NWS accounts??????"
Why so butt-blasted Opa? Those daughter pics are just 1s and 0s maaaaaaaaaaaaan.


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opa's name on the discord has been changed to good job dad, so i cant tell what is and isn't intentional anymore.
Hi, sorry I must have missed something. If you're in their discord why are you hear?

We're constantly painted as liars and evil so I'm curious about what made you check us out.

@MRfive Hey Joop, have you and Glip spoken to each other since you made your presence known here?
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Because stuff like this makes me worried for you.

Also, Glip and Eevee legit destroyed Opa. I have no sympathy left for him. He decided that writing fanfics and yelling at people online for a dying webcomic widely known for being made by pedos and abusers was more important than his family.

uh, wow, yeah, weve talked since then, but i really hope that isnt about me. I really hope someone hasnt snitched about me.

not late for work

the thing about this whole fantasy vs reality argument is like
yeah when its in your head you can recognize that its not real and you don't actually want to harm people and all that. and media can still depict horrible shit so long as they're telling it like it is, its horrible and no one wants that to actually happen. its here to make you uncomfortable, not to make you horny
but pk and crew bring that fantasy INTO reality by encouraging their fans that it IS totally okay and normal, which makes them believe its okay to do in real life too. ESPECIALLY when the fans they're aiming at are dumb teenagers that don't know whats goin on in the world yet
im about to powerlevel as fuck about my personal experience with the Rhodes comic thing, and about how that "fantasy" meshed its way into my reality

csa survivor yadda yadda whatever, still a minor when I saw that comic and it took me by complete surprise. in being a stupid abused minor, porn n stuff was all already normalized and I didn't think anything of it usually, in both indulging and sharing. of course thats gonna happen in a community where that was encouraged, regardless of your age lmao. saw the Rhodes thing and initially had some pretty similar thoughts to what AFewRegrets did, except for me i had been so fucked up that my brain went "oh when people seek me out like this that means they're trying to help me!" yeah i was an idiot. I will never be able to find the post but i remember on pks tumblr she had responded to an ask about rhodes ability to consent, and it was something like.... it was similar to her fucked up pokephilia excuse, like "pokemon are sentient like a human so they can consent just fine" which is its own autistic furry shit, with rhodes it was uh "his friend just died in the canon so hes had an experience that would mature his brain into an adult brain so he can consent just fine." wouldn't that experience, like, idk traumatize a child? wouldnt they be more susceptible to being abused bc they aren't in a stable headspace? isn't sexually assaulting this ACTUAL CHILD make the whole trauma thing worse? not that pk thought about any of this when they used it to justify her hot pedo fucking comic, lmao. so like, the comic was literally saying csa can happen because the adult wants to "help" the child recover from bad feelings and its okay and even, "cute"

so.... ran into this group of people, all mid 20s, who decided to like, "take me in" or whatever and introduced me to all their weird fetishy porn blogs. I know one of them was friendly with marl and would talk about noncon fetishes to him a lot, but i never interacted with the big three myself. sure did pretty much get abused by some people who were inspired by their own firsthand behavior and comics though! what sucks is that this was such a casual normal thing to me that I also went on to abuse someone else, too. it was a chain reaction of abuse encouraged by abuse that went on and on down the line. I can only imagine how many other branches of this has happened from other people "inspired" by pk. ive apologized to that person and cleaned up my act since then, we're both adults now and they don't hold it against me, they're more angry with pk n crew than anyone else. for letting that happen in their own community, and then daring to say sarcastic shit like "lmao looking at killua fucking a sylveon will make someone want to fuck a sylveon idk," knowing damn well that's not what the issue is. remember what jaws did to the population of sharks? it was just a dumb fictional movie some dude made right? except it influenced millions of people to hate sharks and murder them whenever they see them because they're super evil scary fishes that have human seeking radar and eat people for fun. that's not very fantasy now, is it?

tbh its truly incredible to me that pk has this giant inflated image of herself like shes the baddest bitch on the planet, yet can't comprehend the idea that posting fucked up shota shit on the internet is gonna make fans of hers not only think she thinks that's okay and cool and maybe even "hot," but it'll make them want to follow suit do shit like that too

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