Melanie Herring / Purplekecleon / PK / PapayaKitty / GlitchedPuppet / Ash Hazel Woods / Floraverse - Abusive, manipulative SJW artist whose ex-husband fucked a dog and teenagers and whose current husband thinks he's trans because of a TF fetish, admitted to fucking a dog herself

So what's your deal, anyway?

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I'll be streaming about them tomorrow.

If there's info/details you think I absolutely must cover please let me know. I'm always compiling my notes until the last second.
Show some of the other kiwis this image of PK in your stream.

If you talk about Eevee, you should also bring up Kupok too.
Lol the irony
yep, every time I've had an issue with glip ive brought it up with them and we worked it out over a period of days. I've seen with my own eyes them giving people who have done (in my eyes) horrible unforgivable things a second chance. And theres usually things that both of them have to own up to. And both of them do. I really have faith that things can get better. When I say "AnyoneCanChange" I mean glip too. I mean anyone.
Glip and I have the same problems with apologies for the most part, which is why im interested in figuring it out for myself. Because if I can figure out some mental state I can put myself into that helps me reach the people whove been hurt, maybe I can work with them to do the same? I'm probably going to need to talk with friends for a long while to think up how i can go about an apology that actually reaches out to the twitter user, but i like this explanation. I've always thought about it from an internal perspective of what I considered myself having done wrong because I grew up with people who were never interested in forgiving even the slightest thing no matter how much you tried to put yourself out there, so I grew jaded and uncaring about those people. Definitely something I should work on correcting, thanks for the help paving the way.
get fucked Twee, so much for your good intentions and wanting to understand others
Do you think Twee tried to apologize to PK and called them an asshole too?


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Well I’m sure you probably were going to mention it, but Pk’s/glips old PMDE group on deviantart definitely deserves a mention as it what kinda what propelled her to even bigger popularity and all the ridiculous drama from it, the sexualization and how she basically made pokemon sex and shit canon even thought it was marketed as sfw pg 13 and the canon stuff of a lugia raping a character named ”shroomsworth” and much more. Honestly it was such a mess and pmde kinda inspired floraverse too, such as the fact that she ripped off celebis design, similar awful comic style, audience participation(well at first until it was kinda abandoned) Honestly the lolcow wiki and even bad webomic by extension talks to it great in detail as it was much more stuff but just mention the important stuff like awful writing, creepy sexualization of a pg topic, minors being exposed to it and so on.

I was way back a member of that pmd-e group and it was a fucin mess....
on that note, I'm just gonna throw this out there again:
keep in mind, most of her fanbase was minors and children, and she knew it (she regularly polled people on opinions about sex and poly stuff as well)

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Would it be worth it to mention this confession which alleges eevee solicited nudes from minors?

there's always the forum posts of eevee trying to convince minors to fuck their sibling:
https://stopscammingartists.tumblr....pscammingartists-eevee-of-the-floraverse-team (all things considered that place is a good archive for screencaps, might be worth looking into)
also this:
Well then. Thanks so much for finding those.

I'll re-embed the screencap since it's been basically confirmed now:


Eevee removed age-related userdata off of FurAffinity when he was a coder there in order to suit his agenda.

The specifics of what that means though, I'm not sure. If I recall correctly, there is an age indicator on furaffinity is a blank field that you have to change manually. There is indeed a birthday field you use when signing up but you can change this later on to fake your age. Maybe he wiped these at one point?

We already know he wanted minors to access pornography, and that he defended the legalization of actual child pornography, now we know he states he was jealous of his friend being sexually abused as a child (also stating that he believed the abusers loved said kid), pretty much solidifying that everyone in PK's little harem group seems to be interested in the sexuality of minors.

While that "I'm jealous" comment is over 10 years old at this point, if Eevee hadn't done those other things over the years, maybe it could be passed off as someone in their younger years saying something insensitive or stupid (which everyone does). No fucking way though, especially since those child porn defense tweets were only posted 3ish years ago, and then he went on to defend his stance recently when their group came under fire again.

Eevee is 100% committed to expose as many kids to adult material and possibly predators wanting victims to groom:

is the pengo thing gonna come up? here's the post about it + a link to the back and forth with glip where they admit they knew about marl wanting to fuck dogs but did nothing about it and that they still love him

hey, i've been lurking for awhile and i actually know pengo. he might be pissed at me posting all this but i'm tired of seeing him get dragged into this over and over with speculation about half truths. (at best)

i'm not here to play telephone or for this to be a response to glip, it's more to give some.. information

View attachment 680685

it was a long time ago so i understand if it was fogotten, but you have to be able to check your claims before you denounce the claims of others. weren't you just saying that? this is part of why no one will believe anything you say.

"I was asked to let this reach the ones that are talking about bestiality, and its important for you to know:
It has nothing to do with PK, and if it continues on that subject, they will sue the ones responsible for diffamation"
it's right there
View attachment 680687

even if marl handled all of this, it's still on them. glip is the one that filed the claim against pengo. you need to take control of your own assets and stop making other people do it for you. at the end of the day, these are still the actions you choose to work with, and not double checking despite the continuous red flags of marl being untrustworthy.

also, about the reason for sueing. before pengo and glip made up the comic had actually GAINED traction. the reason the comic lost traction was before he ever made a post, and it was because the comic had not updated in 100+ days, only updating with species sheets and other filler art. not actual comic pages.

i can confirm that pengo tried very much to listen to glips side of the story. i was one of the people who he trusted to help him not fall back into drama.
he replied genuinely trying to see glip's side despite how antagonistic glip had been in the past (and at the start of the emails, really.)

unrelated to glip exactly, but pengo had told smellestine (this is the ex-friend that was trying to middle-man to convince him to talk to glip about taking his old post down) about accusations regarding marl, and smellestine replied that they didnt really care because they didn't know who marl was and this was about glip.

despite that, i think pengo didn't want to deal with anymore drama and tried talking to glip with sincere intentions that maybe deep down they could be good. (like some of you kiwis try)
View attachment 680695
BOLD is pengo, non-bold is glip

View attachment 680696
BOLD here is glip, non-bold is pengo

pengo was vague in that he didnt say "hey marl talked to me about dog fucking" but i feel given the amount being said about someone close to you by someone that use to also be close to you.. definately should have raised some red flags
if you followed pengos blog at the time, the anon who sent the ask about marl being into bestiality didnt provide any details at the time lain did, and the entire ask is pretty vague, pengo only says he has proof he'd use if he needs to
another note is 3-5 years ago is out of the timeframe of lain
lain hasn't sent the anon
View attachment 680712View attachment 680702
the top image is something marl had sent pengo which pengo never posted (he didnt know who invader pichu or minum was and didn't want to accidentally drag someone in if they were unrelated)
the bttom image is the original anon, they came off anon after that ask. again, it was before lain ever posted anything.

that doesn't explain the constant vague posting about him and distorting what his post was about. especially after things were apparently cleared up and not wanting to upset him?
he was quiet for.. 5 years? the only things i know he posted after the fact were a reply to smellestine telling them not to use him to defend marl who (previously mentioned) did not listen to him about why he was afraid about marl, and a reply to opa who was claiming he had clinically diagnosed paranoid delusions, which wasn't true. he had the AUDACITY to defend himself, for once. (a note for this cap in particular is glip had to APPROVE what pengo wrote before he posted it. "lukewarm"? it's what glip wanted. and they admitted it wasn't "all lies")
i think he had a pretty good track record compared to this weird trainwreck going on.

also... why did glip buy all his music? "i didn't talk to pengo because it seemed like he didn't want to talk" but a few weeks ago glip bought all his music and followed his bandcamp... isn't that weirder then just sending an email? what?

try not to criticize and publicly and aggressively attack people that come forward with things you dont want to hear.

i dont doubt there are people having a field day over this, but you are still reinforcing the way everyone sees you by acting like a huge dick.

also I gotta go to work now so i can't help with the glip side of things. there's some of glips nasty fuckin kiddy porn in the tumblr + asks that prove they were into it. I'd also mention their demonization of spaggle as a seductress 11/13 year old that was asking for it

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Glip made a video update on her site where she kills some hand angel things. The hand angels are how she represents the Farms (this thread)

tbf the hands are supposed to be... literally anyone who wants to hold glip accountable for their actions which is obviously Bad (don't forget they also drew rape porn of the hands, because not wanting to side with an abusive pedophile is just like raping someone.


Considering they have shown that they lurk this site and how they can't live without knowing what people think about them, I wouldn't be surprised if they attended the stream themselves... and that could be pretty amusing. If they doxed themselves over a post that everyone had dismissed "false information", imagine them reacting to a livestream with actual information and a lot of people watching.

Glip and Eevee will do three things when the stream goes up. Stream snipe it, strike it as harassment afterwards or foolishly copyright strike it (I can see either one of them being stupid enough that they think they can do that), or Do both at the same time i.e. Streaming themselves striking it and telling others to strike it as they tell us how Joshua Moon is the real pedo.

Can someone explain Eevee's involvement? It seems he just cucked the husband and defended Melanie's
No Marl got cucked by Eevee. Eevee was a person that came in when Glip and Marl were together and started fucking her. He's also a troon with a rubber fetish and has tried to defend drawing CP before on his twitter. Eevee is gonna be Glip's wife if they get married.

Glip and Eevee will do three things when the stream goes up. Stream snipe it, strike it as harassment afterwards or foolishly copyright strike it (I can see either one of them being stupid enough that they think they can do that), or Do both at the same time i.e. Streaming themselves striking it and telling others to strike it as they tell us how Joshua Moon is the real pedo.
that would mean that they'd have to still have to refer to themselves as their old names though, since Null is most likely gonna refer to them as their old names.
Can someone explain Eevee's involvement? It seems he just cucked the husband and defended Melanie's
basically the coding side of the duo who never learns to stop talking about things that push us to further believe he's a pedophile, alongside what everyone else is mentioning.


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On mobile so I can't get achives/ caps but for a tldr on eevee

Glip was into polygamy and while she was married to Marl, Eevee lived with the two as basically Glips preferred side bitch. Now that Marl is gone, Eevee and Glip are getting married.

Eevee is a troon in his own right. He built the veekun Pokedex, was a furaffinity admin who really wanted to change ff so kids can easily access porn. He was on a forum where he regularly argued the ethics of zoophilia, encouraged siblings to commit incest and mentioned he'd be cool with fucking an 8 y/o if the 8 year old really wanted it. There was an anonymous accusation that Eevee solicited a minors nudes during this period.

Later he argued that child porn should be legal because "I am uncomfortable that information is illegal". Eevee insists that he wasn't really arguing that child porn should be legal, but just recently stated he found it questionable that someone was banned on some site for using a 16 year old as a porn voice actor "and not for the fact the person is a transphobe"

When it comes to Glip and him as a pair he's essentially Glips attack dog and is known to write 50 page essays defending her.


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Can someone explain Eevee's involvement? It seems he just cucked the husband and defended Melanie's
Eevee is the trooned-but-not-a-troon sidedick pedo the dog fucking pedo was cucked by. He was also PK's favorite in the "poly" relationship and Eevee used this favoritism to claim that both PK and Eevee had no idea about Marl trying to get minors to fuck dogs, etc because they didn't pay attention to him and he kinda did his own thing.
-But they totally knew.


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Not sure if it's worth mentioning in the stream but a funny reminder that a month after the logs dropped Vinny played a floraverse game made by Eevee and "pedo Dev" was spammed in chat so he hopped off it fast.


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