Melanie Herring / Purplekecleon / PK / PapayaKitty / GlitchedPuppet / Ash Hazel Woods / Floraverse - Abusive, manipulative SJW artist whose NOW EX-husband fucks dogs and teenagers

So what's your deal, anyway?

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To be honest, he's probably still living at his parent's house, just keeping his head low.
I'm assuming that too since PK admitted they were all staying there when they sold the house and since their plans to have him move in in Colorado changed. Course we'll never know if that's the case or if he's gonna change his name again since we have his new one here.
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I'm afraid of the possibility of there being a future second zoosadist leak that includes marl

EDIT: edited for clarity, didn't mean to imply there was an existing zoosadist leak with marl, the only known leak had a possible false positive called "marlo" but there's no evidence of The marl being there (course it would be absolutely stupid for marl to use his real name, if anything they'd likely seek him out by comparing video frames with photos of the property and Apollo for a match)
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For all we know, Marl has a new Twitter and Internet personality and no one can tell because he was effectively devoid of personality to begin with. He was always a recluse. People like Marl don't just disappear. Like when Shmorky tried to make a Pixiv account under a new name, Marl is surely out there, thinking about kids getting fucked by dogs and jerking off to it.


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I'll be streaming about them tomorrow.

If there's info/details you think I absolutely must cover please let me know. I'm always compiling my notes until the last second.
If no one has pm'd you about it yet, you absolutely have to talk about eevee, his old ties to furaffinity, and his comments on the old Pokemon forum telling kids incest is okay. I'll see if I can find archives and pics if you don't already have them


I'll be streaming about them tomorrow.

If there's info/details you think I absolutely must cover please let me know. I'm always compiling my notes until the last second.
Well I’m sure you probably were going to mention it, but Pk’s/glips old PMDE group on deviantart definitely deserves a mention as it what kinda what propelled her to even bigger popularity and all the ridiculous drama from it, the sexualization and how she basically made pokemon sex and shit canon even thought it was marketed as sfw pg 13 and the canon stuff of a lugia raping a character named ”shroomsworth” and much more. Honestly it was such a mess and pmde kinda inspired floraverse too, such as the fact that she ripped off celebis design, similar awful comic style, audience participation(well at first until it was kinda abandoned) Honestly the lolcow wiki and even bad webomic by extension talks to it great in detail as it was much more stuff but just mention the important stuff like awful writing, creepy sexualization of a pg topic, minors being exposed to it and so on.

I was way back a member of that pmd-e group and it was a fucin mess....

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Checks out, looks like their "cleanup" role is gone on the Disqus.


Checking their Twitter, I think I figured out why they latched onto Glip so hard:


Would you look at that, Twee is also a poor, misunderstood, dogpiled "victim," demonized by evil callout culture bad guys! Something tells me the "harassment" was just as "unfair" as it was for Glip.

Also, it looks like Twee is the one to thank for all the embarrassing MS Paint pictures we've been seeing. If you thought Glip had the tiniest shred of originality in their choice of shitty sketch format, you were wrong: they were just ripping off someone else's idea as per usual.


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