Melanie Herring / Purplekecleon / PK / PapayaKitty / GlitchedPuppet / Ash Hazel Woods / Floraverse - Abusive, manipulative SJW artist whose ex-husband fucks dogs and teenagers

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So what's your deal, anyway?

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No; that is the sound of my joke whooshing right over your head.
Oh for fucks sake

I don't want to beat a dead horse here but fuck it I'm going to do it anyway.

You really need to review the rules of this forum if you want to contribute to the thread as you do. It's on every page.

I mean, just recently you've done stupid obvious rule violations such as
Failure to Archive
Wait... I was upposed to upload pictures?
...oops. Excuse me. I am still new at being first.
Power leveling
I dreamt about Melanie releasing a new update. The update took a very long time in loading (literally at least an hour)... but he actual update was of only five pages: two f the main stages and three of her self-insert essentially saying 'Let's get started!' before the credits displayed.
(Seriously why should we care about this shit)

There was also that time you tried to make the thread a political discussion on gender, completely missing the point on why it was brought up in the first place. Not to mention the time you went off on some bullshit analysis on Pengo while knowing nothing about him. Some general advice? You should probably do some basic reading on someones history with Glip before you analyze them and their motivations.

It'd be one thing if you had like, one or even two dumb moments that haulted discussion. We all have our moments in stupidity. But this is an on going thing and it's so embarrassing to read. Please for the love of God and Christ Almighty- lurk more before you contribute.
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There have been new status updated on Marl and PK's divorce file but I'm autistic and I don't know what any of this legal stuff means so can anyone translate?
I don't see anything new there, the case has been dismissed since September due to lack of response from either of them. PK filed a second claim in Colorado (where records aren't public) and finalized the divorce there.


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Lol, she keeps teetering on the 10k follower mark. Wasn't she saying she was parsing this information like... months (years?) ago, and suddenly it's all too much to write that she has to take a break. Damn, what a hard life, sitting at home, scribbling in ms paint while people throw money at you to sit in a roleplay cult server. She never finished her first "Victim Blaming" comic either, with the not-Snivy, and she's already moving onto this next one? Or maybe she did, I can't follow any of these comics for shit. And no, Ramotith's "summaries" didn't help.



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Update on the apology doc. It's coming with another novel about how she was abused.

View attachment 1143298
View attachment 1143300

She dumped a bunch of sketches on Twitter as well but none of them are very interesting.
A five-billion-page word doc about how Marl badtouched you into a civil union can fucking wait, Glip. Nobody gives a shit that you decided to write your memoirs halfway into crafting a public apology. If this was still only a couple months into the breakup I could've empathized with them wanting to put their history and affairs in order at the same time for brevity and clarity, but they've dragged their fucking feet writing and posting garbage about how much or how little they deserved to be held accountable and this is, yet again, Glip prioritizing their own feelings and public group therapy over the needs and wishes of the people they turned a cold shoulder to.

Hats are welcomed and deserved. Glip; if you want to spill your life story onto someone who cares, hire a shrink.