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Sep 14, 2021
Hot damn, I remembered this thread when the zoo allegations came out and randomly came to check up on it.

there's nothing interesting so why are people still posting here instead of letting PK fade away into obscurity with only 10k followers remaining?

Unless there's been evidence and an arrest made why is every little move they make still important after all these years? Im genuinely curious

Why so many people come to this specific thread asking why is it still alive? If we keep talking about her is because she keeps making a clown of herself, the same way she have always done.

Sorry she haven't fucked any other dogs in teh past couple of years, you might want check other threads instead?


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Jun 16, 2018
Ultimately, while this thread hasn't had much other than Sneasel's Discord log posting, it can't die due to Eevee being a fucking idiot and trying to go after Null's Archive channel.

So remember, any time you see this thread bumped, give an implicit thank you to the ineptitude of those who surround Glip!


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Apr 8, 2022
Even outside of Lexy’s actions, Ash still continues to have a community where people get burned. Granted, most seem to hate Kiwi Farms, understandably so, but Ash is one of those people who push others to KF. It’s likely a fair bit of people on this thread would never have heard of KF if it weren’t for Ash crying about it. Granted, a fair amount of people in Ash’s discord servers are only there because of this thread, too, but they mostly seem to just want front row seats to the circus. I’ve looked at a few other threads on here, but this one always seemed unique, but that might be personal bias so take that with a grain of salt.

Even if all that is to be disregarded, its fucking Kiwi Farms. Its a gossip forum. Complaining that people are still gossiping about something is kind of… stupid as fuck? Like, sure, I might have pushed things here and there, but I really just drop it here to archive it and let others discuss it as they please. While some of us want Ash to stop, most people on KF just wanna gossip and laugh at shit, reasons why people really don’t rally the Kiwi troops to do some dumb ass cancelation attempt, and why the few who do get laughed at. I’ve seen what, about three people hop in here to complain that people are still gossiping about Ash, as if we’re beating a dead horse or something. I don’t get what any of them think they’d achieve, Ash’s antics have been deprived and stupid, and people find it funny when Ash tries to worm out of responsibility. I’m not a lore master, I’m not super familiar with KF, but that generally fits the boat for someone who’d have an active thread.

With Ash being more active on Twitter, it’s only a matter of time before they tweet Pokémon fan art that goes semi-viral, only for 20 call outs to pop up and Ash goes on a rant about how gays get no second chances or some shit. It’s only a matter of time before their next 10 page essay about how Jolly or Leon or Marl or whoever was bad or how they knew said person was bad all along but ultimately did nothing. They’ve already been posting cryptic ass art about emotions and shit and it’s so dumb, especially with the horrible MSpaint style returning. So long as Ash stirs up drama, or somebody in the Floraverse community “betrays” Ash or is used by Ash and realizes they were just a tool, this thread will likely continue. Ash and Lexy have been complaining about it for years, what makes you think you complaining about it will have any different result?


Papayas are objectively the worst fruit
Apr 8, 2022
So apparently this image was posted in the new Althar channel (for story and RP stuff) along with this text, all by Ash:

[There is an announcement across the city: President Gaap, High Priestess of Althar, has updated her runes, and a translation is being constructed.]

It looks like a new RP event is likely coming. This would have story stuff for Floraverse, for those who care, but the few RP events hosted by Ash that I’ve seen happen as they happen are odd. I remember someone mentioning at one point that it was “group therapy time” or something to that effect. If this is of interest, let me know and I can have someone screen cap it once it’s over or as it happens. Likely won’t be for a few weeks or so, though. If nobody really cares enough to read through an RP event to see Ash try to work through feeling or whatever they try to do with them, then I’ll let those who told me about it know to ignore it.

Jul 16, 2020
Eh, this might be gay of me, but even if it has some thinly veiled hints to PK's interpersonal life or whatever, I don't care. I almost prefer she works her feelings out creatively, as there is less possibility of her continuing to hurt people that way.


Papayas are objectively the worst fruit
Apr 8, 2022
Eh, this might be gay of me, but even if it has some thinly veiled hints to PK's interpersonal life or whatever, I don't care. I almost prefer she works her feelings out creatively, as there is less possibility of her continuing to hurt people that way.
Fair enough. I prolly won’t share it then unless there’s something really juicy in it.


The joke's on me for not believing.
Jan 22, 2021
Eh, this might be gay of me, but even if it has some thinly veiled hints to PK's interpersonal life or whatever, I don't care. I almost prefer she works her feelings out creatively, as there is less possibility of her continuing to hurt people that way.
Though, from the way it looks, working her feelings out creatively comes in the form of OC-volunteer porn.


The joke's on me for not believing.
Jan 22, 2021
You're not wrong, sometimes it's still wacky as hell but I suppose it's the lesser of two evils.
I don't know, it just comes off like that shit leads the simps on with a false sense of "intimacy" in order to use them, and in a way they didn't sign up for.


The joke's on me for not believing.
Jan 22, 2021
Reposting for relevance:
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:15 AM
kind of really, really put off at the moment
i was about to head to sleep until i ended up seeing something incredibly distressing
for brevity's sake there's a suicide note going around on twitter right now.
and well, in the note itself, its very clear that its the fault of kf. and all this person ever did was hack games and have the gall to exist despite having autism
there's something really haunting about just seeing so many people clamor for this person, wanting them to be alive, when the person themselves just, had to deal with so much strife at the hand of kf
currently i dont think anyone knows if theyre alive or not- their last tweet was 2 hours ago, so there's even more tweets pleading for people to go check in on them
it's... really sad.
i hope they end up being okay. but also within doing so, it's not even like this is the first time they've been harassed and doxxed by kf, either. in a way i guess its kind of cruel of me for wanting someone to push on even if it means they'll suffer more
then im left to think about all the assholes who go "yeah kf is awful but only bad people end up on kf so i dont care, you reap what you sow"
when like.. no, that's just an excuse to turn a blind eye to it, i feel

i mean there's a difference between "i wont look at this stuff because it stresses me out" and "i wont look because i dont care, it's just"
i just really dont think hate should have a breeding ground, but im also aware that like, even if kf was gone, there would always be someplace else, someplace new to migrate and continue the same behavior. this cycle didnt start, and probably wont end, with that site.
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:29 AM
Augh.. that all makes me feel so sick.
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:29 AM
even so.. i wish literally anything could be done
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:30 AM
Me too. It's.. it encourages others to join, it's like..
It's like those high school harassment groups but longer lasting
Hurting people because they feel like they're in the right, because it's "funny" to see people suffer. Because "we aren't like them"

pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:33 AM
i never really stopped having stress dreams about kf, myself. im there in ash's thread more than once. how many times, i dont know, i dont care, and im not ever going to check. but i do know that my callout post was even able to gain any traction at all was bc of kf. and that's just because im tangential to a creator that kf doesnt like. i didnt have to go through doxxing or the worst of it, yet i still have trauma.
so i can never claim to know what this person feels other than, based on how ive seen my actual friends get ripped apart by kf over the years, like..
it just feels like an awful nightmare, even though i dont even know this person at all
no one deserves to have that happen to them
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:34 AM
Yeah.. if they don't have the right support.. I don't know.
I don't know how well they'd faire
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:35 AM
well i can also imagine that they might have had support to begin with but kf also doxxes and harasses those close to their targets
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:35 AM
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:35 AM
so if someone decided, for their own safety, "im better off not dealing with this--"
effectively that is destroying the support web
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:36 AM
It's so..
Terrifying. it's terrifying what people can do.
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:36 AM
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:37 AM
I don't understand how anyone could be like that
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:37 AM
sometimes it just feels like people shouldnt even be able to have these capabilities at all, and yet somehow, emotion is a powerful thing
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:37 AM
How they can sleep at night knowing they might cause the death of someone else, or at the very least traumatize them.
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:37 AM
you dont care because you've slain the villain
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:38 AM
Yeah it's just..
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:38 AM
its just another jrpg enemy. defeat and move on

Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:38 AM
Absolutely terrifying..
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:38 AM
and the thing is like, over the years, kf has really only been gaining in power. finding out about it has only become more and more accessible
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:40 AM
I wish these people had a heart.
I wish they cared, at all. I wish they learned. Grew. Anything.

pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:40 AM
im left to think about the famous Down the Rabbit Hole youtuber, Fredrik Knudsen, and how all of his early video topics were all regarding kf victims one way or another and never once did the essayist step away to go "i dont condone these actions"
but even if you did report on it that way, bad press is still press.
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:40 AM
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:41 AM
and unfortunately, Down The Rabbit Hole is Quite A Popular Channel.
i dont blame him specifically for covering those topics, to be clear, however i will say its a drip feed of people becoming Okay with these behaviors

mmmm 27-Jun-21 01:42 AM
i really hate it when people use internet people for entertainment without also showing them as humans
if you treat human beings only as entertainment, then people become little sociopaths
maybe not in all walks of life
but Enough
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:43 AM
interestingly enough, my ex, who was a diagnosed sociopath, posted about me on kf, for not condoning of him seeing torture of living things as entertainment
and you would never guess who kf sided with
mmmm 27-Jun-21 01:44 AM
its almost like KF encourages sociopathic behaviors

pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:44 AM
look, there are ways to deal with sociopathy. causing pain to real people and things is not a Good Way of Dealing with It
mmmm 27-Jun-21 01:44 AM
and thats not me talking out of my ass
my therapist said that!
not KF Specifically but i described the specifics
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:45 AM
Seeing how they treat people just makes me feel.. rotten. To the core. I feel sick even thinking about KF.
mmmm 27-Jun-21 01:45 AM
and... yeah, when that culture is fermented on the internet, which is already so impersonal and dehumanizing to individuals just by virtue of it being virtual contact and not being able to see the other person, then people start exhibiting sociopathic behaviors
so yeah. thats where KF is at
tiny little sociopaths

Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:46 AM
The internet can breed good things but.. it's also.. it's also just.. really good at bringing out the worst in people too.
And it makes me so sad to see how people act when they don't feel like there are consequences
When they feel like they're above anyone they look down on.
It's vile.
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:47 AM
a lot of the posts i saw regarding this person's suicide note was, "don't forget the good in life too, you're only focusing on the bad" but i do not think those people realize just how fucking insidious the harassment of kf is
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:47 AM
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:47 AM
because they will make it so that anything good for you becomes rotten.
im not saying thats an awful thing to say to someone who is suicidal, to be honest its a good thing to say, i think
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:48 AM
And it spreads.
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:48 AM
but also, i dont think people realize that the internet can actually be life ruining, even if you decide to leave the internet
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:48 AM
Right now I'm scared of sharing my accomplishments and things with the people I know because I worry it'll be used against me somehow.
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:50 AM
i am so careful
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:50 AM
It's traumatizing
How careful you have to be. How measured. How sure.
Everything has to be private. Forever.
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:51 AM
i never take pictures of the inside of my house if i know it can be identified, i dont post selfies outside of really, really close knit circles (but even then, i dont like to take pictures, phobia of cameras), i do not talk about where i am going if i leave the house,
i dont even add strangers in pokemon go
...pokemon go is so hard w/o friends rip

Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:51 AM
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:52 AM
and even then, am i really even that careful? because at any point my ex has some of my identifying info. is there some nook and cranny ive missed? it is a genuine worry
and as much as i would like to chalk up a lot of my fears to paranoia, then there are times like these were Actually Me Being Careful Like This Has a Purpose, and that purpose has just been proven to me
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:53 AM
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:54 AM
somehow the internet is a place where you can simultaneously be an anonymous no one and also anything you do ever can be scrutinized
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:54 AM
I'm so tired of fucked up people deciding who should have their life ruined.
If you do something wrong, once, you're just... irrevocably marked
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:54 AM
even the french revolution was like "hey maybe we should stop guillotining people"
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:54 AM
no chance for redemption.
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:55 AM
yeah i probably still am blocked by like several hundred people by stuff i said when i was 17

Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:55 AM
People that got hurt by you are not obligated to forgive you but...
perpetuating that you're still awful and trying to ruin any of your connections is just..
it's just cruel.
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:56 AM
yeah no absolutely not i just meant that people thought/think im a pedophile for writing about my own experiences with csa. and like, mind you, these werent writings i even posted anywhere either. they were not made for anyone's consumption
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:57 AM
oh no yeah I didn't mean that specifically at you
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:57 AM
yea i figured
it still feel like it applies
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:57 AM
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:58 AM
cuz people could easily go "dangerous around minors, wrote csa"
"oh, you mean csa, of myself? of things ive experienced? for the sole purpose of getting over my own traumas?"
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:58 AM
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:58 AM
its almost like that was a thing my therapist told me was a good idea
Hollace 27-Jun-21 01:58 AM
telling people about your own experiences is tantamount to abuse
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 01:58 AM
rolls eyes
i really just dont think people should be able to mob up and don the executioner's scythe and mow down anyone they deem egregious
Hollace 27-Jun-21 02:00 AM
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 02:00 AM
because kf is literally a site that deemed children as egregious for existing, then celebrated their deaths.
that should never, ever be okay

Hollace 27-Jun-21 02:01 AM
doesn't matter what they did
I don't believe anyone deserves to die.
Even if they're cruel.. even if they did wrong..
No one deserves that.
Consequences should happen, but that's not an acceptable consequence.
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 02:03 AM
(not to mention enacting the death penalty is more expensive than it is to keep your prisoners alive, but i digress, prisons are a flawed system and that is a different conversation entirely)
Hollace 27-Jun-21 02:03 AM
Lexy 27-Jun-21 02:04 AM
please ping me if anyone learns anything new about near
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 02:04 AM
they've contacted derrick through email and they also tried attempting the us embassy
the us embassy can't do anything until they have near's contact info, though.
local japanese police have also been called. that's all i know for now.

Lexy 27-Jun-21 02:05 AM
ah good, i figured if they'd been doxxed then someone should be able to contact someone nearby
pinnapop 27-Jun-21 02:07 AM
yeah, the twitter CRTpixels made a call for anyone within the local area of japan to go check in on them, i am not sure if anything has come of that thus far, though
i really hope that they'll be okay.
Lexy 27-Jun-21 02:10 AM
we aren't exactly close but i have the bad feeling that they would not write this if they did not have a fairly solid plan and fairly serious intent to see it through

Kasran 27-Jun-21 02:16 AM
oh i ust
figured out
fuck im so sorry
Kasran 27-Jun-21 02:24 AM
@Monitor can i get good time only role for a while, im really sorry
Lexy 27-Jun-21 02:24 AM
yeah. sorry
Kasran 27-Jun-21 12:02 PM
cw: suicide, kf
i think @Lexy wanted to know
i'm sorry
this is hitting me really hard
Lexy 27-Jun-21 02:54 PM
boy if i've ever more wanted to be wrong.
Kasran 27-Jun-21 02:59 PM
i'm sorry, eevee
mmmm 27-Jun-21 05:14 PM
regarding the whisper we were just sent: no, we do not want to entertain this line of thought in any capacity
1. person 1 was abusive
2. person 2 was harassed
they are not the same

Kasran 27-Jun-21 05:19 PM
i guess not my business
mmmm 27-Jun-21 05:20 PM
it was essentially showing near's emails to null and comparing them to what joll did
in a sympathetic light still, but yeah

Kasran 27-Jun-21 05:22 PM
that sounds in poor taste
Axi 27-Jun-21 05:23 PM
It was extremely in poor taste
Lori 27-Jun-21 05:23 PM
mmmm 27-Jun-21 05:24 PM
as a dear friend of mine said: "check out what it says on kiwi farms!" is a hell of a take to be posting in this of all places
Molly 27-Jun-21 05:24 PM
hey i think one of my friends also said that
anyway yeah no.





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Jul 12, 2018
I might be a bit out of the loop here but, what were the three strikes thing? I don't remember that specifically
A whiles ago, Null planned to make a video on Melanie and Alex (Eevee), since this thread somehow managed to outpace the Chris-Chan one for a bit. Before the stream of him doing it began though, Alex had a small bunch of cronies and himself mass report the channel and stream in an attempt to keep it hush hush. We lost the archive channel, but now Melanie and Alex have a bigger problem.

We are trapped, but they are trapped in here with us.