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This is exactly how I found about this thread and I'll take a silent bet a lot of RG did too- lurking but here. You can mock him for the dramatics but I think it matters little- he still pointed plenty in the right direction. Plenty of people in RG came from PMD-E and PMD-U but do not know of PK's and co's. doings.

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Why do people keep doing this? Are there those out there really that excited about restarting projects originally made by pedophiles? Same with the new Floraverse project that popped up, just make your own creation instead of trying to “fix” PK’s CP mascots. The whole thing seems to be in incredibly bad taste, especially since these claims just recently blew up and people are finding out about it in detail for the first time. I know the creative commons act means you can do whatever you want with these characters, but at this point the Floraverse reputation as a whole is so damaged, is it really a good idea?
It's probably bad timing, but it's not like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is PK's original idea to begin with. I get why people aren't keen on keeping Floraverse alive and I can see how they would dislike another former PK group being revived, but at the end of the day it's still fans enjoying pokemon together--not a Glitchedpuppet creation. The group explicitly stated they would not reuse any of the former groups characters. The only thing they should worry about is the pedo group sneaking back into relevance.


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I planned on writing this anyways, but the whole focus on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers made my observations more relevant.

The LOLCow Wiki said that the group was a family-friendly group that Purple Kecleon contaminated. However, my experiences say otherwise. During the controversy with Mike Charmander/Charmeleon, there was a set of missions set in the past where everything got 'dark and edgy' (so to speak).
There was a Zoroark invasion and Green Kecleon (not that name exactly) gave Purple Kecleon a couple of ponchos: one hid the zigzag sprite Kecleon could not alter when camouflaging; another was an 'amplifier' that was useful against the dark-themed Zoroark. The problem was that they were made from that tails of Green Kecleon's wife and (one of?) his son(s)! Worse, 2 of the missions involved killing at least a leader Zoroark (one day-themed, another night-themed). Meanwhile, Green Kecleon himself went with Mike (the character) against a Shaymin tree where a leader Sky-forme Shaymin (Ceylon) was the tree's guardian. More specifically, they were to get an all-curative sap from the tree because a Rattata was stuck in a never-ending nightmare. The problem was that the 3rd mission involved killing Ceylon, an idea that Ceylon got stuck in his (Ceylon had a feminine appearance, though) head and loudly insisted, despite Mike (the character) wanting to resolve things peacefully. This was reflected on the mission: though the prophecy said that the tree would give its sap if Ceylon's blood is shed on the tree, the members could not get away to simply inflicting a non-fatal wound on Ceylon and have the blood drip on the tree, whereas breaking Ceylon's neck would work.
In light of this, I left a comment on the group that was a worry that people, already worked up over the Mike controversy, would revolt about how their once family-friendly group took such a dark turn. (Indeed, there were plenty of members who raised troubles over the gruesome nature the missions had.) A moderator who had an Espeon avatar in the PMD-E style explicitly said that this 'dark turn' was planned from the beginning. In other words, PMD-E was never a family-friendly group in the first place.

(What was odd is that, despite the controversy of the main missions and the availability of a non-violent side mission where you help Dr Quack, a Golduck, triage medicine towards the wounded, I did not see anyone take advantage of this side mission, whereas I saw a lot of applications that involved the murderous main missions. Then again, side missions did not have the impact that main missions have...)

I may be reaching here, but...

These missions were the 'past' series where some characters, including Mike, Devonshire, and Purple Kecleon, traveled into the past. Scenes set in the past were monochrome and relatively abstract visually, though that fit the 'past' theme, given how the colour was beige instead of magenta. Before the murder incident, the 'main villain' of the 'past' series was Tivoli (please restrain your laughter), a Tyranitar that was a tyrant who manipulated Dragon Pokémon using his violin and forced every female to wear a ribbon. (That sounds familiar...) Mike and Purple Kecleon left permanent bodily harm on Tivoli (increasing Tivoli's rage and making him racist towards Charmeleon), while Devonshire put Ribbons, a female Larvitar who is Tivoli's daughter, into a never-ending nightmare himself.

Purple Kecleon's crew/self inserts messing with 'the patriarchy' in an abstractly monochrome comic series... did I see the precursor to Floraverse‽

I know that, after the deadline has passed on those missions, the group fell silent during a significant amount of time before turning into a High School alternate universe where everyone was anthropomorphic Pokémon. This was an April Fool's prank, though this went forward during an abnormally long amount of time. Eventually, the original missions and the 'past' storyline was resolved. The official characters did everything, with Green Kecleon killing and skinning Ceylon. (Mike noticed that the tree's emitting sap seemed to be a way of 'crying' because of Ceylon's death.) While Green Kecleon made the necessary tea that cured the Rattata, he could not case less regarding Percy, a prominently-featured Rhyperior who got struck with a nightmare after fighting the Zoroark, despite Green Kecleon having enough sap. Percy died the next day.
I probably should mention that, not only was Percy married to 2 wives, but Brooke, a female Haxorus who fought alongside Perry, was not affected at all.
That was a moot point, anyways, since a time accident with a Celebi character in the present day brought everyone from the dead... though you can be forgiven towards not knowing that at the time, because the part of the storyline that contained the accident, despite being important, only had its script released, an abridged-style comic (that did not contain Percy) being a substitute. Then, other moderators took over the group, there were family-friendly missions that involved religions regarding Groudon and Kyogre, and Purple Kecleon forcibly shut down the group.
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Suicide is not the answer PK. Just stop the kiddy porn shit and do a 180 in life and most of this shit would go away. Really.

... (Is optimistic.)
At the risk of a-logging..

literally what's stopping you, Glip? Honestly. What's stopping you? If you truly wanted to kill yourself, you would have already done it instead of making a theatrical about it. No, you want attention and people to asspat you and also money. You suddenly updating three pages on floraverse again after a "hiatus" clearly means you want your income to stay. Why? Dead people don't need an income. A truly suicidal person wouldn't give a shit about income if they're gonna neck or wrist themselves. Fucking stop. This is just getting pathetic and this is coming from a suicidal depressed person. You aren't suicidal, you're just upset people are calling you bad words and "she" instead of "they" not to mention this whole debacle.


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suicidal is literally becoming so apathetic you can't care for life anymore. sure, it's different for everyone, but real suicidal people don't care about posting 34985729 tweets every two minutes, or baiting. most people who are going to commit suicide do it quietly, and leave a note after. you wanna know why they do that? because they don't want to be fucking stopped.

glip is suicide-baiting and manipulating her fans, and that's sick.
all hope is lost for this mental child because I just... don’t understand how one could be so not aware of themselves and their actions. it was mentioned earlier that it’s possible pk truly believes this is undeserving, but when there’s evidence dangling in your face, you can’t run from that. maybe along with the predator stuff she thinks that beastiality is fine too.

as much as I dislike how smug and arrogant she comes off and her childish ways, she never deserved to be preyed on by someone like marl. she deserved better. she had the makings of a good future, even with the weird porn and all. that’s not really something that gets you banned in the industry but maybe it’s different when it involves beastiality/pedophile shit? I’m not sure

she just continues to prove she’s not a good person by continuing to use the same argument over and over again. i get she doesn’t want to lose her career, and that’s why she keeps stuff like this as vague as possible (until she rants on Twitter anyway), but it’s another reason why she can’t outgrow a teenager’s mentality. she thinks she’s all important. she wants to alienate as many people as possible for petty reasons (see using they/them pronouns over.. petty shit). she doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong. she’s combatitive, she cant handle or accept criticism. and that frustrates me since it’s wasted potential, dissolved away by hypersexuality, toxicity and degeneracy.

and I say all this because I would want her to succeed. she has some good ideas and knowledge. I would want her to turn this around and maybe take some responsibility. but that will probably never happen, because her entire life has been a trainwreck

I’m probably repeating myself because honestly I forget most stuff I post here but it’s just frustrating to see anyone with skill act like this

>she deserved better. she had the makings of a good future, even with the weird porn and all.
Bad things happen to good people all the time. Doesn't mean you have to be a dogfucker about it.

That said, I agree that her relationship with Marl is unfortunate, but from the thread it sounds like two mentally ill people (and then a third) just gravitating toward eachother. I'm not even sure if Marl preyed upon Melanie more than he simply had to reel in anything that bit. Especially if someone as sexually deviant as him was a virgin until he married Melanie. It sounds like he was more a lame tiger stalking humans out of desperation than an Indominus Rex killing for sport.

I don't even think she knows what the specific allegations against Marl are. I doubt she has read the chat logs or even looked at this thread.

In the past when it's come to call outs against her, or even stuff like that old /v/ thread from years back that made fun of her for leaving art school, it's always come off to me that she only knows as much as other people, mostly Eevee, tell her is going on and being said. I'm certain she's flat out said in the past that she refuses to read this sort of stuff.

So when she's had spaz outs on twitter before all this, it's from whatever Eevee has told her. And you all know how Eevee talks and likes to frame things, so he is only telling her what she wants to hear: that what everyone is saying is a bunch of bullshit.

So when Glip/PK says "the logs are faked", she doesn't even know exactly what she is saying is faked. She doesn't know what the contents are; just that Eevee says people are lying about her once again, even though the chat logs are about Marl and not herself. She doesn't know that Marl accidentally confirmed the logs because she refuses to look at the screen caps that show it happening, and isn't going to believe what anyone else says unless it comes out of Eevee's mouth.

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I know that, after the deadline has passed on those missions, the group fell silent during a significant amount of time before turning into a High School alternate universe where everyone was anthropomorphic Pokémon. This was an April Fool's prank, though this went forward during an abnormally long amount of time.
I just remembered, in the flash they had voice acting (and somehow hired the Duke Nukem guy to voice the Lugia principal, I believe? Where did they get the money for that, I wonder.)
In the flash, the Dratini character that Marl's self insert was grooming was voiced by PK herself. Instead of her own self insert, who was voiced by some other random girl.