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Melanie Herring / Purplekecleon / PK / PapayaKitty / GlitchedPuppet / Floraverse / Forbidden FloraAbusive, manipulative SJW artist whose husband fucks dogs and teenagers

Discussion in 'Animal Control' started by MayMay, Oct 28, 2014.

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So what's your deal, anyway?

  1. I used to be a fan of PK's and was already a Kiwi

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  2. I made an account just to post in this thread

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  3. I was never a fan of PK's but this shit fascinates me

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  4. This thread is a fucking circlejerk trainwreck and I wanna watch

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  1. God dammit, I wish I didn't delete my old tumblr. I think I remember this person telling me to kill myself (or some similar extreme insult?) on their personal blog when I first made that one Marl post. I'll still try and find it.

    Edit: I was confusing them for some other webcomic artist, nevermind.
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    #18061 lainiwakuraa, May 16, 2018 at 8:26 AM
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  2. I can't find the archived comic, but I could find the entire thing hosted on other sites just by googling "Mismatch Floraverse". if you've read the Lugia/Breloom rape comic, it involves the same shit about a male character getting raped by a female and being too tsundere to admit they're loving it, so expect a similar vibe.

    This one is honestly worse, what with Alice forcing ropes and a ballgag on the elephant guy, fucking him while literally cracking jokes and laughing at his attempts to squirm away because "your dick says otherwise". she proposes that he waves his trunk as a safeword equivalent if she's going too far, and then proceeds to pretend she misinterpreted it as "fuck me hard". she taunts him that he won't be able to escape until she's done wrecking him and hints that she's raped other guys before and will do it again.
    The whole thing plays out as a flashback as she tells the story to the pissy jackal, her "indentured servant" - she's salty that the guy gave her a fake address and never contacted her again. Her level-headed friend's explanation: the guy was too embarrassed about enjoying anal to call her again. not only they both completely missed the point; keep in mind this is happening in a world where homosexuality is perfectly socially acceptable, sex is not a taboo and gender stereotypes are not a thing. hell, genders are not a thing, according to the author.
    do you still want to read it :)

    That comic was a failure on so many levels. It was the first PK creation I've seen after stumbling onto PMD-E and forgetting she existed for a while.
    (EDIT: fixed typos)
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    #18062 Seta, May 16, 2018 at 8:56 AM
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    Seta ಠ_ಠ

  3. It's alarming that a webcomic artist said that to you to begin with. What the fuck.
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    Roach screamin semen demon

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  4. lurker popping in in case anyone else is interested in the Erika Moen connection. Hopefully this isn't too off-topic for the thread:

    -Moen is already publishing that guest comic where Beleth blows pool noodle in one of her kickstarted books (source)
    -Shortly after the recent resurfacing of accusations she made a post promoting Glip's other guest comic. Not sure if bad timing or a deliberate show of support.
    -Her husband showing support at Glip deciding to lock down everything, and apparently just ignoring the accusations (source)
    Seems doubtful that they will do anything in response to their friend and published contributor being outed as a pedo.
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  5. I just read Mismatch and oooh boy. You can argue about the Merlot one because he did sort of consent but this one was just outright rape. It's such a rape comic that I'm completely sure if you shown it to her five or ten years ago she'd even agree it's rape, whether she'd think it's hot or otherwise
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    CallieMarie Salted squid is a delicacy in some places

  6. you know why
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    Filoviridae actually ebola

  7. General Delphox

    General Delphox Notice me, Eevee senpai <3

  8. I saw gay anthro shark porn and I quickly closed the tab

    I went through the tumblr thinking "Surely it can't get any worse"
    and then I found the drawing he did of his big adult characters ramming young boys
    I wish there was enough bleach to scrub my eyes and my brain
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    #18070 Boxed in Lurker, May 16, 2018 at 4:12 PM
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    Boxed in Lurker

    Boxed in Lurker Vore Connoisseur

  9. Well that's good on him to actually do that- it's the biggest complaint I have for many of these artists. I do truly like his art too- his "other art" not so much but I try not to view it so whatever.
    Oh, and I know I've said this before but I'll say it again:
    I don't care what people draw no matter how disturbing it may be, freedom of expression and all that, but for the love of all that is holy, keep the line between NSFW and SFW works solid and make sure the underage can't just get easy access to it. If artist's did this more often, they'd likely get less flack for things they draw.

    Also hello Chilly. I bet you lurk this thread since you seem to know what's going on and how you were spotlighted long ago.
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    KiwiLedian Just a bug on'a saw

  10. Just don't be an apologist. Most of us will never get some of these furry kinks, I hope you wouldn't be too surprised if someone who draws a ton of shotacon and rape turned out to be actually into the real thing. And by drawing it you're still tantalizing people who're really into it, right?
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    Reynard Alpha (She)Male

  11. Chilli came back under some scrutiny. They were in Glip's inner circle for a while and they share the same fetishes hence why they're suddenly going "im gonna keep this separate now." They had no problems letting their fetishes seep into PMDU--something that's not inherently "personal" so to speak to the point there was a literal BDSM torture dungeon/prison under the city in the group. Complete with gear which included ball-gags, leather outfits, whips, latex masks, all of it. Plus there was a clearly public tumblr for the group that was18+ and consisted of the Swampert having it's dick out and fucking the other members of the NPC team which included the young weavile, Sundance.
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    Oh Ok Yeah That's Cool

    Oh Ok Yeah That's Cool Best Kled Main NA

  12. Kinks are, by definition, nonsensical.
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  13. a9b89a798a0f6bb37b08ee6e8cbed18ed462d08b2931664563a0e8c78fbd1e79.png
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  14. Coward.
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    Staff Member Moderator True & Honest Fan

  15. They are like antiphobias, I guess.
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    Sebben Crudele

    Sebben Crudele Candyass extraordinaire

  16. I have seen worse, myself. (That would be off-topic, though.)
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  17. It's really simple, just expect people to speak up if you draw weird content. All you need to do to keep that to a minimum is, yeah like what's been stated before in this thread, don't be an apologist. Utilizing damaging or 'problematic' content to make a statement Breaking Bad style is an effective tool in storytelling, it drastically effects the way consumers receive what a creator outputs if stuff like CP and murder is presented in a way that's actually meant to be horrific and damning.

    I'm specifically thinking of stuff like the PK x Rhodes comic when I say that pretending sex with a minor is ever alright in any context is just going to earn you scrutiny that you, at that point, rightfully deserve. If it's kink stuff you don't take seriously as a moral statement/story device/etc, limit it to websites where it can't easily be found by people who don't want to see it.. and probably just make disclaimer statements that you understand this content is bad, that's its meant to be a strictly fantasy presentation and you don't condone these actions in real life.
    If you're posting cub porn on Tumblr you can expect to probably be harassed and sent death threats, just find somewhere else.

    It helps to have some steel nuts about it and expect people to ostracize weird shit they find on the internet. It's going to happen one way or another, and expecting your content to be passed over without any sort of criticism, especially if it's morally defunct weird furry porn, is delusional and setting yourself up for pointless emotional upset.
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    #18080 Yes Man, May 16, 2018 at 11:39 PM
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    Yes Man

    Yes Man A little more assertive!

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