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Melanie Herring / Purplekecleon / PK / PapayaKitty / GlitchedPuppet / FloraverseAbusive Manipulative Artist And Their Creepy Harem.

Discussion in 'Tumblr (◡‿◡✿)' started by MayMay, Oct 28, 2014.

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So what's your deal, anyway?

  1. I used to be a fan of PK's and was already a Kiwi

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  2. I made an account just to post in this thread

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  3. I was never a fan of PK's but this shit fascinates me

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  4. This thread is a fucking circlejerk trainwreck and I wanna watch

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  1. These are all really easy fixes too in Photoshop if you just take the time to do them. PK knows how to use Photoshop, so I wonder why they ok'd this or even if they did this themselves.

    Either way, looks like PKs quantity over quality motto is making more then just their comics shit.
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    CallieMarie Salted squid is a delicacy in some places

  2. I know I'm late to the party here but here's my edit. Misogyny for the sake of ass-blasting Glip

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    AllCISPeople NO 'TIAN' NO 'TOPHER'

  3. I feel like PK thinks floraverse is like pokemon where the Pokemon company can essentially make merch of any pokemon under the sun and that shit will sell like hotcakes because almost every pokemon ever has a huge fanbase, even with that they tend to stick with making the more popular mons eg. Pikachu, Eevee, Vulpix and the starters because those have more widespread appeal than if they made a plushie of like, basculin. Because ain't no one likes him
    The issue is Floraverse's characters don't have the same kind of appeal and there's no really set "main character" because the main characters flip flop to whatever mood PK is in that month so she can't just make merch of the main characters because there are none.
    I think if she wanted to make merch her best and least stupid bet would be to make prints or posters because ain't nobody care about the actual characters, PK's only real draw is that she's PK
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    Bugaboo I have to kill fast and bullets too slow

  4. I like basculin
    Jesus, those photoshop errors are so blatant. It looks like the result of two all nighters pulled in a row and rushed to the last minute of the deadline while half asleep. I don't see how any fully conscious person can look at that editing and think it's good enough to put on a kickstart campaign for 500+ people to see.
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    imjustahumanbean I regret choosing this username.

  5. You're being too kind. If I'm being honest it would take maybe 2 hours tops to fix that stuff. These issues are blatant, they're ugly, but they're easy fixes to anyone who gives a damn
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    CallieMarie Salted squid is a delicacy in some places

  6. It doesn't make any sense to me to have a kickstarter for four characters and having an extra two variants of the first two who are actually the same character when you could just do the smart thing and make a kickstarter for a figure of a single character and maybe do another one if it succeeds, her overconfidence and ego is actively making her fuck herself over.

    Your comic is not as popular as you think it is, your comic is never going to be a big franchise. You are not on the same level as the Pokémon Company and you need to realize that and slow the hell down and stop trying to bite off more than you can chew.
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    A.Shitposter Citizen of Neo-Kiwifarms

  7. It doesn't help that she's had a kickstarter for her webcomic for 3 years straight
    -The Book 1 Kickstarter in 2015
    -The Plush KS in 2016
    -And the Figurine KS now
    I'm pretty sure her fan are probably tired of constantly backing projects every year. At this point how can she not afford thee things herself? If she's really creating that much content, and not to mention previous Kickstarters and their profits, how has she not learned to save and produce it herself?
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    ★[Censored]★ Not my daughter you dips hit I'm a wizard

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    ★[Censored]★ Not my daughter you dips hit I'm a wizard

  8. I have a feeling that most of the fans backing any new project are not the same as the fans backing previous projects. There's some loyal fans and then others that are just getting introduced to the comics before having enough time to get sick of them. People are checking in and checking out.

    Yes PK, tell us more of how Bad Things Are Bad Especially After The Bad Things Happened To You
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    imjustahumanbean I regret choosing this username.

  9. Amazing how she chalks all her "persecution" up to the Pengo drama, as if she hasn't got layers of other dirt on her.
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  10. Well, yea. If she talks about any of the other callouts then she'd be bringing attention to them. She wouldn't want that, especially with all the archived info she can't argue with.
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    Roach screamin semen demon

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    Gabriel Obsessed with Thumbcramps

  11. Except she literally said the thought of a minor finding her porn excites her, also she has to be lying about porn "not being sexual to me a great deal of the time" because I am utterly convinced PK is horny 24/7 because all this woman draws is porn pretty much.
    Like just the amount of porn is astounding
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    Bugaboo I have to kill fast and bullets too slow

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  12. "my legacy is going to be kids secretly reading forbiddenflora and finding out theyre gay"
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Okay, I finally got a moment to get into this PK buisness. I read about her here n' there but never fully cared to check in on what the whole fuss is about. That was until a friend of mine started spamming his own twitter account with the drama. I'm all against false claims and harrassment of people, but I am also under the impression that you have to do something in order to recieve harassment.
    After reading through a good chunk of this drama I've distanced myself from said friend for the time being, since I doubt he'd believe any of this (he's an avid fanboy) and I can see, even if you cut away claims that have no evidence to back them up, there is still enough to be creeped out by this artist and her crew.

    While I do think that age old comments (as Eevee says further up, 13 years old comments) shouldn't be taken as their current opinion, I also feel like an "I do not think like this anymore, it was wrong of me back then" would be worth more than a "WTF Stahp harassing me with old comments I made!"

    I find it shady that when confronted with gross NSFW material of minors that was drawn by them or comments that say it is okay (or again, in eevees case that he does not understand why it gets "special treatment" over things such as gore or death) they do not apologize and do not say they were wrong or change their ways, but insist that they are the victims of harassment instead.

    People can do and say horrible things in their past. People can change as well. But they need to show they have changed or are attempting to. And I don't see this with PK and their gang. All their outrage and their defensive stance instead show me that they can't stand up to the shit they did, be open about it and apologize. And that in turn leads me to believe they still think they way they did, even if it was 13 years ago.

    PS: Them being so into minors/saying these things about minors still will give me the creep factor forever though.
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    Observatory Proud Ameri-kin

  15. It's not really stalking when you have the same fucking username on literally every social media website ever made. Like, it's really easy to find this stuff considering how transparent you are.

    Also, "it's not really sexual to me most of the time" but you enjoy children seeing it because it fuels your corruption fetish... so it's sexual then? For you at least? I don't understand. This is awful damage control for someone who's been in the running for so long.
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  16. It's good to see that people on Twitter are starting to post rebuttals to their victim-posts. Yeah, sure, there's a ton of fake call outs on social media for imaginary and outright fabricated slights. It's a huge problem. But in this case, when there's so much evidence? It's straight from the horse's mouth. It's finally catching up to them in a public way that they can't silence or control.

    I'm willing to wager that at least a good portion of people backing the current vinyl figure campaign are new fans. There seems to be a lot of churn in her fanbase where people are coming in, staying for a while, and then leaving when they lose interest after PK abandons whatever storyline they were reading. There's quite a few previous KS backers of hers in this thread and probably a lot more horrified lurkers.
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