Lolcow Melinda Leigh Scott & Marshall Castersen - Sue-happy couple. Flat earth conspiracists. Pretending to be Jewish. Believes Kiwi Farms is protected by the Masonic Order. 0-6 on lawsuits.

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Nov 14, 2012
This story starts with a humble thread about a lolcow.

This lolcow was a stalker of Melinda Leigh Scott, who, upon finding out Andrew was talking about her here, threatened me directly.

To show how truly seriously she was, she had her husband Marshall Castersen (on their joint YouTube channel) make this glorious fucking YouTube video.

After being absolutely ridiculed for being a moron, she deletes the video and files a frivolous lawsuit against me which was dismissed as being invalid on the 22nd of June.

And now, not being able to take a fucking hint, she charges headlong into Lolcow territory by suing two courts in Virginia for dropping the case. (See attached.)

So here we fucking are. I present the dumbest person, possibly ever.


Everything before this point was written on July 7th, 2017. It is now January 30th, 2019. She has filed a lawsuit against me, my company (Lolcow LLC), and people formerly associated with another website (or some combination of those things) every year since.

2018 lawsuit, 2019 lawsuit.

Her lawsuits immediately fail. She writes them herself, sometimes on college rule with a pen. They are incompetently drafted and utterly baseless. She essentially asserts publishing any opinion or truth about her or her family is libel and a violation of her Fourth Amendment Rights (which protect her from unwarranted government intrusion).

I have done video livestreams discussing these lawsuits with users of this site. She replies to them to remind me she's above me. In her latest message, she confessed she wanted to kill me.


This is in response to messages helpfully, accurately explaining to her how she can sue me better, she pretends that as an "aspiring law student" she knows more than I do despite having a near 0% success rate in her efforts.

For trying to help her understand her faults in how she drafts her lawsuits, she confesses has has thought of killing me. For running a private website she doesn't have to visit. For not rolling over to her frivolous bullshit.

Considering her husband has been in jail for violent offenses, sometimes tells me they've both thought about this.


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Just so people won't have to look through the tamarlover thread for info on Marshall:
Marshall's Facebook: (
Article on domestic violence: (
His arrest info: (
MySpace: (
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