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Dec 7, 2020
I want the meme technology. You must give it to me. How to write stories that become the NPC. Where the NPC is my neighbour I and want free shit. For they started calling me your high-Bess now. I don't like pot it makes me schizophrenic. THE TECHNOLOGY is how to tell stories that are simile enough that people already believe them before they have heard them. Like all memes the have a Evolutionary structure. Memes that give no children will not survive and their disciple will die off in numbers times two. The power of the Vulk in what is at stake. This is now and forever the ZODIAC.

\section{Pepe is my meme.}
When I think of meme I think of harmless images on the internet that are more like comics than the Scientologean. But the commic is not really meme. Whay do we copy-paste certain memes more then others, what are the mechanics that govern this behaviour is the question? Many a Pepe is ignored. But I rememebre Wagi-Kagi and many others. So it's not just \textit{liking} that make it a meme. \textbf{Buy GME} for instance. Would it be really called a conspiracy if it wasn't social? If everyone just did the same thing, not because it was popularly condoned, but because they wanted to. And if it's were popularly condoned, then they must have wanted to but also wanted to be safe for ridicule simultaneously. Hug-boxs is what breed these things. How to get a fresh heard of nigger caddle to go you bidding while the shit. I do not know but I want to find out. I suspect it has much to do with social clout, where clout is the quantisation of statis in social group. Commission clout metric.

If you created deep face CIA leak it would be belived. Must study this need to be tested. GIMP is free and easy to use. Those evil niggers should shut up and move back to africa where they can die in peace and squealer. Begin document. Classifed top secrete. With real seal you can get on the Net. Take the paper and write on them: ``Operation BUY IT NOWONOWONOW''. Plan to create international incedent regarding pro-isrealy palistian realtions. Plan leverages the weaponization of SSDI recipients in market manipulation to influance current UN negotiations on currany and the West Bank. \quote{\section{Background} It is believe by special intelance corespondent that Isreal is going to be making consssions to West Bank under assurances of increased US involmeant in the region. The US is trying to pull out per current and past admi. policy. Operations in the region have been unideal for US stand point and going forward a getter deal should be arranged. Isreal had been very clear in UN hearings that increased US involmeant would lead to lessening of West Bank Tentions. Isreal has nuclear capabilities and has been very liberal about their belief in their use. From the Isrealy perspective, there is no reason for the US to change its commitment to the regoin. \textit{Operation BUY IT NOWONOWONOW} has been keyly tasked by the secratary general to implement new West Bank while maintaining status-quo US-Isrealy relations. \section{Jewish Matriarchal Family Structure And Economics} ... the report continues ...} Just like that it is more easy then ever to create the stuff of memes. So it is understood to thoroughly not be a question of technology, but a question of ``stickyness'' of the message.

Perhaps not that many of you care that the Jewes are being tricked by the CIA to who cased GME so that the Jews would police there own backyard. But the same time these stories need not be so hokey that they seem like mere conspiracies. An investigation of the Flat Earth phenomena is neeeded. To the outside observer it the investment of the mentally ill to obsess over the veracity of extra pixelated images about outter space objects. To anyone who can fathum taking a rocket plane to space and seeing it for themselves, the systems and ability of technology to do so is easily in the scope of plausable and likely. But those brave soles how take up the call of truth for truth's sake, it is a life long battle of epic proportions to secure the justic that is certain already in their minds. A degree of being self-removed is necessary. Your acceptance of facts makes you a liability as much as also you acceptance of mal-truth. \textit{Trust but verify} I lawys keep in my pocket. Though could you. You alone personally afford to visit the moon. Or, at the very least a space jont though ISS like Musk and Branson. So in honestly the Flat Earther is more correct. You should not trust in the expertise that cannot be your own. Pitty noone has tried to take Flat Earthers on a Jont to ISS.

Age 60. Wage-cuck. Healthcare Education. Voted Democrat since '95. Hording tendencies in old age. Arthritis and Alzheimer's inherited. To this, \textit{the voting public}, any rationalisation about the nation that fits with the NPC world is right on the money. Take Global Warming from two decades ago. I ember on day a few years about it being the anniversary of being told that in 20 years the damage to the environment would be irreversible. It was a cool spring (early summer) day and I was dog walking. It had been this weather about all week. Last year in this month it had been this same weather and since moving there it had been like this season every year. But even in this natural pattern the will of the people the culture and the clout it generates was to state that this cool air was actually even more confirmation of Global Warming. It is very unlikely that a '07 Buick town-can is capable of the same carbon-dioxide output that a T-rex or Brontosaurus or pterodactyl with a wing spans of two of these Buick end to end would ever accomplish. In nature it's unbelievable but in the memes it's correctness.

How to tell people what they already know but need works to say it?

... a study of the target's culture may be required.

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Aug 29, 2019
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