Memes that you’re glad are dead -

For me I would have to say screamers. Back in 2007 I had to be very careful about which YouTube videos to watch because I didn’t want to piss myself after hearing earrape and seeing demons jumping through my screen. While it’s been a long time since this meme has been around so I don’t really remember the scope of how common it was, but one thing I do remember is that sometimes there would be those clickbaity videos and would have a screamer in it. Thank god that meme is over with. Any more memes that you’re glad died? They could be shit memes, unfunny memes or outright Islamic content like what I mentioned. Post your shitty dead/obscure memes here


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Le troll face, u mad bro and all those memes with colored backgrounds. They were so god damn normie it made me gag when people in school did them irl.

The decline of ytp's has been great. The only ones that were funny were the King of the Hill ones

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Thankfully most modern memes have a shelf life of about two weeks so all of the memes that I hated while they were around like Ugandan Knuckles and Big Chungus are basically erased from public memory save a few extra spicy redditors who still think they're funny.

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A lot of memes don't even die, I still see Hotel Mario and Zelda CD-i shit, merely two decades later.
Jesus. Those Jewtube Scat Fetishists can't seem to realize that times have changed...

But anyways I think Twatter memes are the most unpleasant out of the rotten wasteland that is Memeopolis, which itself is full of desert rat teenage boys who think that everyone who hates Memes is a "Normie"

If I where to make a Twatter meme. I would only do it just to fit in the crowd. Because I'm some sort of Secret Agent smuggling Teepee Harms Memes that are Chernobyl levels of radiated?

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