Memes that you’re glad are dead -

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Christmas in July.
Fuck, that's one of those weird pre-internet memes.

IIRC, it originated as a marketing gimmick by department store catalogs in the 1960's and then became a TV meme for when smaller UHF channels and rural network affiliates would occasionally air old Christmas programming as summertime filler before eventually becoming the dead horse meme it is today.

That's how old that meme is.


*Natural Born Killaz plays in the distance*
Cory in the House anyone? Seriously though, it’s a western sitcom, not an anime!
You could make a similar joke about a western cartoon with ties to Japanese animators (such as Muppet Babies), but still, it’s a boring joke nonetheless.
The point of the joke back in like 2012-2013 was to irritate anime fans by saying non-anime cartoons were anime. It was pretty funny because it worked. Then it quickly became ironic weeb cope for anime fans to shit on other anime fans because they were insecure about their interest and it stopped being funny, and they'd run the same three jokes into the ground.

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I'm hoping those comment format memes fucking die soon, it's just kids chasing for that five minute fame and constantly editing they're op to say "Thanks for da likez!"; they are just the next upvote whores.
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