Memes that you’re glad are dead -

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While I don't think ytps are as bad as everyone thinks they are, I definitely think ytmnd deserves a lot more flack. There was just something about the site that bothered me.
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Y’all are attracted to me, lez be real here
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  • Who is watching X in (insert year)?
  • Wakanda forever
  • Rise and shine (I hope it’s actually dead)
  • (Noun/adjective) BOI
  • I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100%(insert moronic statement here)
  • The dress (blue/black vs. white/gold)
  • The cinnamon challenge
  • Damn Daniel
  • Pen pineapple apple pen

I’m glad that I will never see a brony avatar nor hear damn Daniel again in my entire life.
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Anything posted in /r/memes I wish would fucking die instantly.
Fairly glad Old Town Road memes died the moment it started, but that's just one terrible mee mee that came to mind.


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Any meme that is posted more than once on imgur. God, I fucking hate imgur...