Memes that you’re glad are dead -

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Judge Holden

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Probably pertinent to drop this grenade of blackest cringe into the thread...

Imagine a snuff film of dead meemes from the early late 2000s/early 2010s and you would have this shit

EDIT: Lol I just realised the asian potato lady from disney star wars was in this shit at the 50 second mark! Talk about recursive meta-cancer


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absolutley nobody:
meme needs to fucking die already. it was never funny and always triggers a part of my brain that tells me something is wrong.

Also calling anything Boomer because it's old is also gay.
once saw a Doomclone call itself "Boomercore" even though Doom was made by Gen-X in 1993, not 1973.

y’shtola rhul
ironic memes specifically centered on Peter Griffin. never found them funny in the slightest.

haha holy crap lois it’s an ironic meme bottom text xDDDDD

Boris Blank's glass eye

Ring the bell, Roll down the street
Deep fried memes.
Barnie Sandlers, but that didn't even take off, thankfully.
Bad creepypastas and memes that make fun of them (think "BUT WHO WAS PHONE?")
Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style.

Memes that are still alive but I want them dead:
"FIRST!" (some exceptional individuals still use it to this day)
"Would you push the button if X happened but also Y happened?"
"Which button would you push?"
"Which pill would you take?"
Pretty much every meme that "lefties" still use, long past their shelf life.

Cryonic Haunted Bullets

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Candlejack was a shitty and annoying meme based off a shitty and annoying character and I'm still buttmad that for some reason it was the one gimmick posting meme that everyone obeyed the rules of. I don't know if mods were editing people's posts or what, but I swear I only saw somebody break the rules on a Candlejack thread like twice.
Don't remind me of fucking Candlejack. If it weren't for you I'd have gone years witho


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  • Who is watching X in (insert year)?
I don't think that'll ever truly die, though it seems to live exclusively on music videos and in the normie zone.

A brand new one that's gonna get gradually more annoying throughout the year is "Everybody gangsta until (obvious statement)". I guess that's gonna be the new thing that idiots rush to comment sections to say and rack in thousands of upvotes, just like with "Nobody:".