Memphis Rap - truly demonic shit


Lock'em in the Trunk
Anyone else absolutely love this shit? I'm mainly a shoegaze and doom metal guy (whole lotta punk and electronic too), but I love a lot of rap, too. East coast, west coast, whatever coast, I dig all the OGs....that being said, the south is, by far, way better than the east coast or west coast when it comes to real raw shit. Some people have compared memphis rap to black metal in terms of aesthetics and involvement in cassette culture and, honestly, I can't argue with 'em. Demonic rap music made by troubled souls, the majority of whom are either dead or locked up now (aside from the Three Six Mafia guys of course). Here's some good shit:

Lots more where that came from. This stuff is the fucking best.


Lock'em in the Trunk
>tfw Memphis Rap thread has no Three 6 Mafia or 8Ball & MJG.
Oh yeah, Triple Six is the GOAT imo...prefer their earlier stuff for the most part, though I still enjoy their more mainstream albums like Da Unbreakables and Most Known Unknown (not huge on Last 2 Walk, though). Eightball and MJG are legends too, though I only got around to hearing their full albums recently. Fav 8Ball and MJG trax:

And some Triple Six favs, of course:



Not to :powerlevel:, but I've met most of the Strange Music roster in person and they're amazing musicians and amazing people.
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Lock'em in the Trunk
I like this tape a lot, it has a nice G-funky vibe to it...according to /x/ the souls of murdered children are somehow contained within that song. Of all the murked out memphis rap out there, this struck me as a weird choice to make a ridiculous urban legend around. There are far creepier releases.

Here's one of my personal favorite Memphis rap examples. It's definitely rap that takes place in Memphis.
Haha, I only know this guy cause he had beef with Three slaps regardless, would sound nice on some subwoofers.
Anyone Out There is one of Scarecrow's best tracks, he's my favorite rapper ever...never heard that remastered version of Damn I'm Crazed, nice find!
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"You're a hard bitch"
Outside of OG Memphis rap I can recommend some Delroy Edwards who chopped and screwed some Southern rap, Triple 6, DJ Squeeky, and Redman, etc.
Also you find some decent stuff on bandcamp and soundcloud, just gotta look in the right places


Lock'em in the Trunk
Outside of OG Memphis rap I can recommend some Delroy Edwards who chopped and screwed some Southern rap, Triple 6, DJ Squeeky, and Redman, etc.
Also you find some decent stuff on bandcamp and soundcloud, just gotta look in the right places
That Delroy Edwards track is dope, i've heard his techno work before but didn't know he had a whole tape of Memphis remixes. That LilProd channel is cool too, i'd like to see them remaster all of DJ Paul & Juicy J volumes 1-3. They definitely have a knack for recreating the beats on there.


Lock'em in the Trunk
This one's a banger.
Ahh, one of the first Triple Six tracks I really got into when I was 14 or 15. The LL Cool J sample is one of Paul's best sample flips ever. Body Parts and Gett'em Crunk are some other favorites from that album, though the whole thing is bangin'.
Kansas City, Missouri, actually. They are heavily influenced by the Memphis scene and it's still midwest rap.

Also on the subject of Three 6 Mafia, anyone here got love for Gangsta Boo?
Boo is my favorite female MC, by far. Her verses on I Thought You Know and Now I'm Hi Pt. III are my favorites for sure, but she slays it everytime. This video captures the grindhouse aesthetic far better than Tarantino/Rodriguez/Rob Zombie ever could.

Off-topic as hell, but, if we're gonna bring them up, their stuff up to Hail the New Dawn is some of the best Oi! of it's time. They weren't always neo-nazi skinhead thugs. Also, I knew a kid named after Ian Stuart Donaldson. True story.

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