Memphis Rap - truly demonic shit

Feline Companion

Oh hell yeah, I was just about to share some love for Memphis rap in the hip hop thread. I love this crusty ass shit and it's dope that there's still some current day rappers inspired to make similar tracks (ugly mane, denzel curry, spaceghost etc)

some shit I've been listening to lately:
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Lock'em in the Trunk
Tommy Wright, Shawty Pimp, Project Pat, and Playa Fly are all favorites of mine. That Lil Noid tape is the shit too, Blackout is an extremely underrated producer. Here's a gem from the tape he did for Lil Slim with an early Fly feature on it:

I've been working on my own lo-fi Memphis style beats lately too, but I don't know if linking to that constitutes powerlevelling or not.
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Rei is shit
I find it hysterical that phonik and og memph rap is basically the soundtrack of russian drifting videos. Initial R(ussia) fucking when?

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