Mental illness of Right-wingers - Why so many people support ideology and conspiracy that is so self destructive.

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At least when the neocons were bombing brown people in bumfuck Middle-East, they weren't also openly advocating troonism and stupid racialist policies.
Obama promised to end Bush’s warmongering policies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, he brought back medieval-style slavery in Libya and made millions of Syrians homeless by arming the rebels there.

Trump was unironically the best thing to happen to the Middle East in years. There is no valid counterargument to this that isn’t slimy liberal prevarication.


Lmao two pages of whinging with just a paragraph of assertion, you faggots are something else.

Just a bunch of hugbox reinforcing retards seething that dear feeder Jersh removed their negrate ability for being hypersensitive faggots incapable of handling a single deviation from their mentally deficient dogma. No wonder you fucking idiots have been shitkicked from every other website on the internet.
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Meh, I kept it simple. If a candidate ain't gonna do something for me and my situation or household, I ain't gonna give it support anywhere. Worked like a charm and lowered my blood pressure.

Right wing zealots are no more mentally ill than the left wing ones.


Headpats wanted, we're still here
Left Wingers have created utopia in every single city they govern..Name any inner city that isn't just the swellest place ever. Let's take Baltimore, the inner city there is like heaven on earth. Libraries, coffee shops, the finest restaurants, etc.. all thrive in the boundaries of the inner cities. The inhabitants, all college educated, well mannered, polite and courteous to their fellow citizen. The unemployment rate rivals all comers. Same with New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

Yes, it's true, Republicans are mean, nasty folks that thrive on the downtrodden. In fact, Joe Biden released all those poor immigrants back into our nation so those poor corporations starving for workers looking to make a living wage could thrive with employment from those magnanimous corporate saviors. It's good to have a willing and able workforce just waiting at the gates to show all those lazy Republicans what a day's work looks like.

War? Oh fuck, don't get me started on how Republicans like Donald Trump loves war..Libya, Yemen, Syria, etc..Joe Biden put troops back in after Donald Trump took them out, why? Because Donald Trump was a puppet or mean old Russia..Yes, Russia is pretty much a shell of its former self. But it's still mean old Russia, don't forget that..Joe Biden put troops back into Syria on Day 1, not for war, oh no, not for regime change or anything crazy like Trump did in Libya. I mean after Trump bombed Libya and destabilized the country and acted like it was a glaring success, guess what happened? Slavery reared its ugly head up in the country..What the actual fuck? Obama even wrote a book about that fuck-up..

We should start a GoFundMe or something..
I mean we are back to normal. After all those mean raycist babylonians couldn't handle having their jobs replaced by sl--- I mean those poor immigrants that we're drag into the country for their own good. Those babylonians should have learned to code rather than be happy letting those imperialist Persians into their country.

Yea those poor corporations, much like those poor plantation owners who we're starving for willing and able workforces waiting by the harbor and the gates back in the good ole days. Plus we get to make civil servants out of sa---I mean ni--- I mean immigrants who just need a helping hand.

I mean we are back to normal. Slavery rearing its ugly head up in the country? My good ser, I dare take offense to yer take on our traditional southern way of life. And slavery? I spit on your poor usage of proper nomenclature, we do not own slaves, we have domestic servants that we give wages and accordingly give them leave to own a property of their own, so long as they do their just contribution to our country and pay some reasonable taxes after we deducts living expenses from their wages.

Link to GoFundMe where? Because I can see the lines of dead people pulling their wallets out.
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A second is poorly maintained public water networks causing led poisoning and thus, brain damage.
Is this the lefty version of fluoridation? who uses lead pipes anymore? and saturnism its easy to diagnose