Meryl Streep loudly demands LGBT+ rights in glittering first trailer for Ryan Murphy’s lesbian musical epic The Prom - It's about time the LGBTQ get rights

I'm sure the masses won't forger it exists except for when shills sperg about it on the twatter.

Hey Meryl, Ryan - call me when you get the cajones to make a horror movie about a newlywed mother-to-be who slowly realizes that her new hubby is an It's Ma'am who is planning to harvest her body for parts and no one believes her. Representation, yo.


Electric Boogaloo
The "freethinking liberals triumph over uptight conservatives" schtick reached it heights during the second Bush era, and moviemakers have been pulling on that story lever with the ferocity of a rat hooked on crack. Mostly to deflect from the fact that, in the Current Year, THEY are the uptight censorial church ladies shilling for the Church of Social Justice and Conservatives are now the freethinking feather-rufflers who care more about comedy than they care about pushing a social agenda.


The last sane person on Earth
I'll give this movie this much - they're trying, there's definitely a lot of money behind this.
That being said, the trailer was the most obnoxious thing I've seen in months.
This does everything that I hate about movies.
I'm sure that the people who attend pride parades will love it, this will be very popular among the very very gay crowd.

With that said, it is a bit creepy that this movie is essentially about a bunch of middle aged people messing with the love life of a teenager... which isn't that odd in an LGBT themed product, given how much grooming goes on in that community.

Overall, I have no major problems with this, it's just blatant pandering and fanservice but it's not really trying to hide it, the article is much worse than the movie will most likely be.
Most of us will never hear about it again.
I probably won't because I'm as far removed from the target demographic as humanly possible.