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A simple Ramen merchant out to avenge his father
Chris can't even sell himself on his split personality, that's why there's no comment section. He doesn't have a split personality, he's just pathetically desperate to have someone play pretend with him.
Yeah, if Magichan was so powerful, he telepathically blast us for talking shit. The problem I see is that people either straight up antagonize Chris or they play along like getting choked out by magichan.
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A simple Ramen merchant out to avenge his father
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And something for the theory that Chris is doing this for attention:

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Chris is outright dumb, so I don't think he'd know that goading yourself into becoming a split personality has been a thing for a while. Professional fighters do that, where they stare at a mirror, and entrance themselves as more violent, and dangerous people. Comedians especially do it so they won't get nervous before a show.

But I wanna know how much he believes this himself.


Making Nanomachines great again
So that is how he believes is powers work: he closes his eyes and moves his hand(if he does not do it on purpose then he may have anxiety...?) and opens them again when he hears the thing drop.
Also, that's hyperventilating, not meditating.


The True and Honest Man
I don't this behavior is all that new, remember when Chris was telling Mary Lee Walsh what Sonichu was saying when she was trying to get him to stop putting up his love quest signs?

This is just a continuation of that nonsense and that was in 2004, 15 years ago.
Also not to add he thought his "Curse Ye Ha Me Ha!" would work on Liquid Chris


the jncos stay on during sex

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what is it with chris and deep breathing lately?
It's either: "I learned this from binaural beats" or "Force Ten Movie Ticket Therapy" -- it's definitely in the "my therapist's" bag of tricks and it's the first one they pull out on you. Feeling stress? Breathe in to the count of three, exhale to the count of three, focus your thoughts on your mental happy place.

I swear if he floated around the house telling Barb that he's now Magi-Chan, she needed to dial up a 5150. I know he hid a lot from his therapist (it's easy to do) but a 72 hour psych hold can put a heavy strain on sustaining your "our hour is really only 50 minutes" stage show.

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