Message From "Magi-Chan Sonichu" -

Next Magi-Chan will announce the fertilization of Xtine's Sonichu eggs, which are more scrambled than previously photographed.
And he will probably mention his brain is totally baked.

If Chris's brain was 9 layers of hell, how would you escape?
Rip and tear

I made a ytp to commemorate this occasion:

Ok that was funny

I wanna Cum Daddy

Game Designer
Just imagine the body cam footage and it turning potentially confrontational with Chris him rambling and attacking the “jerkops” where he ends up in cuffs again
He won't attack them, he'll just give in or scream about the DM and his delusions as they take him away.
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I wanna Cum Daddy

Game Designer
You know the best part of any of this is?

None of it.

Cuz Chris is doing this for attention. This fucker was able to drive himself to Baltimore, more or less behave himself, and get home with minor lulz.

Chris is crazy, but not any more than usual.
The saddest thing is his type of craziness (being an autistic 40 year old tranny who wears pink clothing and talks about his headmates) is considered acceptable nowadays.

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