Disaster Met Police propose licences for deadly Rambo knives amid concerns growing number are being used in stabbings -


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You do realise the Met Police are a territorial police force responsible for law enforcement only in London, which is not considered part of the UK any more by us true Brits.
Yeah still....weapons sweeps are hilarious.

Orwell honestly did predict the future for you guys. Soon having bad thoughts will be punishable with a trip to the Ministry of Love with as much information that can be supplied by the Ministry of Truth to understand that sand monkeys are your friends and you should never be aggressive, ever.

Can't wait to see how many niggers got stabbed to death this weekend, ethnic cleansing themselves so we don't have to get our hands dirty.
I have a little website for you that I look at when I'm feeling down. It's called heyjackass.com

It notes all kinds of hilarious violent crime statistics of Chicago. You get to read the hard numbers of how those animals are tearing each other apart.


What, like implode under its own weight? Or cannibalize/schism/purge based on individual political sentiments? Latter's entirely possible given how stupidly polarized everything seems to be getting.
It could be both possibilities. They could purge those who have different political sentiments first to avoid being imploded under its own weight but it only delay the inevitable.


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You do realize that there is a a middle ground between being a /Pol/lock racist and doing fuck all about violent crime in cities?
Nobody cares about violent crime in British cities that have been lost to Black and Muslim immigrants.

Also I have never visited any of the chan sites.
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Its not to keep anybody safe, those knifes are designed to make ugly wounds, thats just evil and has nothing to do with selfdefense or hunting.
I dont have a problem if you carry a long knife, a sword or a trebuchet for selfdefense, just make sure your weapons are not designed to make a person or animal suffer more than needed.
I forget that in other countries they have blanket bans and "it looks bad" is a legitimate argument. Our ATF is autistic and has very specific rules on what is banned. I wonder if "not designed to make a person or animal suffer more than needed" could lead to banning serrated steak knives.

thats something different, but there is an easy solution, just outlaw every knife that would be illegal to be used in a war.
Can we also ban police from using tear gas?
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I forget that in other countries they have blanket bans and "it looks bad" is a legitimate argument. Our ATF is autistic and has very specific rules on what is banned. I wonder if "not designed to make a person or animal suffer more than needed" could lead to banning serrated steak knives.
There's something to be said for deterrence being provided by something scary-looking but generally if you're to the point where you're brandishing a weapon you're a lot more concerned with rendering someone a non-threat. You don't wave a gun around to deter, you don't point it at anything you're not absolutely ready to kill. Deterrence is best provided by the fact that the last asshole to try and fuck with you physically is full of goddamn holes right now.


It seriously blows my mind that the Brits either don't know or care that they might be past the event horizon for utter tyranny by now.
They're used to it. They've lived under tyranny their whole lives. They live in a monarchy. They are literally subjects of their queen and subservient to the government that acts in her name. They have no freedoms or rights that their government doesn't grant them in its benevolence, and this article is the latest example demonstrating how fleeting that is.

They are at all times subject to every whim of every level of their government apparatus and have no legitimate defense against it if it decides to go full ham on somebody (Tommy Robinson's retrial, complete with double jeopardy, is a great example -- they're railroading him, he can't do shit to stop it and neither can anyone else, they're doing it right out in the open for the world to see, and for no other reason than "we can, so fuck you"). It actively keeps its subjects disarmed to ensure nobody in charge is ever at any risk of harm from all the stupid shit they do.

You'll hear them occasionally talk about their elections trying to emulate democracy, but it's just for show. The Brexit referendum and its subsequent handling by the government serves as a potent illustration of what their elections are worth. The election was held, then when the government didn't like the result it just straight up said "fuck you, either keep holding elections until you get the right answer or we'll fuck up the whole process of leaving the EU so badly that you'll beg us to stop." Literally penalizing their subjects for voting the wrong way, zero fucks given.

Never forget that. Brits are not citizens. They are subjects. They exist at the sufferance of their monarch and their government, and only insofar as they are useful and stay quiet and well-behaved.

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