Methed-Up-Samurai - Edgy, weapon sperg, meth-head, terrible gifs

Sorry for the double post, found something to actually contribute with.
He's smart enough to have the box ticked where people can't see who he's following (gotta find another way to find the drug queen, lads) but he does have his likes available.

Most of it is just porn, tweaker shit, and people sucking his dick, as well as the occasional social justice post.

One I found rather hilarious is that he inadvertantly liked a Homestuck zodiac post.


Or maybe he's a closeted Homestuck, who knows? Nothing would surprise me at this point.

Somebody also made him a fursona.

But the more relevant/interesting post he liked recently was this:


Unfortunately tumblr doesn't show you when posts were liked, but considering this was in the first few pages, I'd put money down that this is where his adventure started.

Hypodermic Johnny

I fucknut. You fucknut. He/she/we, fucknut.

A new round of posts from our intrepid meth warrior! Below: Murder, mayhem, broken ribs and entanglements with the Cartel Queen! This shit's better than cable, folks!

This last one was stamped 7:04 AM. I dunno 'bout you folks, but I am eagerly waiting to see where this will go.


Hypodermic Johnny

I fucknut. You fucknut. He/she/we, fucknut.
Well Kiwis, it looks like our Mexican Meth Saga is winding down to a close...where do we go from here? I don't know. I don't even think our intrepid warrior knows.

We can only wait for the next episode, I suppose: I Married A Cartel Queen! Right here on Kiwifarms Z!

But first, lemme take a selfie: