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Discussion in 'Games' started by OwO What's This?, Jun 18, 2017 at 7:29 PM.

  1. lol jk about that trailer thing but look we can remember how terrible Other M was and why it's good that it soon won't be what the series is remembered for.

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  2. I'm looking forward to it in principal but I still worry that it wont live up to the exceptionally high standard of Prime and Prime 2 and the mediocre but still playable bullshit of 3.

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  3. I love how in the dev diary video for Return of Samus Sakamoto didn't even mention Other M and went back to Zero Mission as the last major title he worked on. I think it's safe to say Other M was unpersoned in the canon.

    On a related note, ever notice that most of the recent entries in the main Metroid series seem to revolve around SR-388 and stuff from Metroid 2? Metroid Fusion took place on a station orbiting SR-388 that simulated environments from the planet and the creatures there, Other M was 2.5D Metroid Fusion, and now Return of Samus takes you back to SR-388.
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  4. Least this will give me motivation to try and pick a Metroid game and finish it. Should I start with the NES Metroid, Super Metroid, or just skip right to Metroid Prime to prep me for this?

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  5. Super or Prime. You can get Super on the cheap if you have a new 3ds I think.

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  6. Other M was the best Metroid game ever and this regression back to FPS gameplay is holding us back from the SUPERIOR FUTURE!

    You're also all racist and sexist for hating it.
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  7. I'm worried that they're use a western shovelware studio like with Samus Returns.

    I mean, they said it'll be a new studio, but that doesn't rule out most of em being from Double Helix or some mobile dev.
  8. There's always the chance that the studio could churn out something good. Double Helix initially started out pushing licensed movie game crap before getting lucky with games like Killer Instinct and Strider. Same goes for Silver Dollar Games where they also pushed out crap until they struck gold with One Finger Death Punch.
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