Michael Anthony Janke / Mike Janke - Father of Isabella, Former Navy SEAL Team Four and Six Member - Ridiculously wealthy; has founded or been a part of seven different data privacy-focused start-ups

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Feb 22, 2015

Michael Anthony Janke (typically goes by Mike) is a former Navy SEAL and the father of low-IQ sadist, Isabella. He's founded multiple different startups since ending his military career at 12 years, almost all of them focused on data privacy or some form of cyber security.

Bella claims the gentleman isn't her father, but it's been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he is (namely through her interview with him below).

According to her paternal grandfather's obituary (Charles Janke), Isabella is Mike's only child:

My interest in Mike was piqued when we discovered Isabella's homework assignment interview with him from when she was 17, two years ago:
UPDATE: Sometime during the DDOS downtime from 8 August to 9 August, the interview was privated.
00:00:02 Bella

This is Isabella Jenke recording my father Michael Jenke and my.

00:00:07 Bella

My my Storycorps interview assignment, so I'm going to begin.

00:00:15 Bella

What is your name?

00:00:18 Mike

Mike Jenke

00:00:20 Bella

When and where were you born? Mike Jenke.

00:00:23 Mike

I was born in 1962.

00:00:29 Mike

In Pennsylvania.

00:00:32 Bella

What events of historical significance have you been a part of or witness?

00:00:39 Mike

Been a part of her witnessed well.

00:00:42 Mike

I was in the Sandinista Contra wars in El Salvador.

00:00:49 Mike

I was in the invasion of Panama.

00:00:52 Bella


00:00:53 Mike

I was in the.

00:00:56 Mike

The Rwandan genocide, huh? I was in the Balkans, war, Bosnia, Kosovo.

00:01:09 Mike

I was in the.

00:01:12 Mike

Of course, Middle East with Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan I was involved in.

00:01:24 Mike

When Yemen tried to overthrow its government.

00:01:32 Mike

A lot of.

00:01:35 Mike

Nation shaping.

00:01:38 Mike

Events in the last.

00:01:42 Mike

30 something years 35 years uhm, I started in the military.

00:01:49 Mike

Be at.

00:01:52 Mike

19-20 years old.

00:01:55 Bella

OK, well before we go into that, let's talk about any refugee experiences you may have.

00:02:02 Bella

Personally, like, have you not saying that you were a refugee, but anyone you've known in your community who was a refugee or anyone like refugees at the time?

00:02:17 Mike

I had

00:02:17 Mike

And a started a company.

00:02:21 Mike

And that worked for the US government and other governments like the British, Australian Canadian.

00:02:31 Mike

During the Iraq War of Afghanistan and in Pakistan and.

00:02:38 Mike

Some of my employees in both Iraq and Afghanistan that were interpreters after a certain number of years, they were granted.

00:02:53 Mike

Into the United States.

00:02:55 Mike

Uhm, one Afghani and his family. Two Iraqis but.

00:03:02 Mike

I also three years ago.

00:03:07 Mike

Two former, this was the Newsweek article.

00:03:10 Mike

Two former Russian.

00:03:13 Mike

Spies the former KGB.

00:03:17 Mike

Which is now called the FSB.

00:03:23 Mike

Defected to the United States a husband and wife.

00:03:27 Mike

And myself and some retired intelligence officers and special operations guys got together to help them.

00:03:37 Mike

They were working for our intelligence service in the FBI and then were stranded in Oregon of all places can.

00:03:44 Bella

You talk more about those Russians.

00:03:46 Bella

Can you tell us their full story and your encounter with them?

00:03:50 Mike

Well, they were a husband and wife. Both of them were FSB agents, which is.

00:03:59 Mike

Uh, you know a post cursor of the Russian KGB.

00:04:04 Mike

And a lot of people don't know that the FSB.

00:04:08 Mike

He is kind of works really closely with the Russian mob and mafia, and the husband Jan. His life was threatened.

00:04:19 Mike

They got fake passports, flew to the Dominican Republic.

00:04:24 Bella

Why was his life threatened?

00:04:28 Mike

As an FSB agent.

00:04:31 Mike

He was part time working for one side of the.

00:04:36 Mike

Russian mob

00:04:39 Mike

Uhm, and there was some. His superior was supporting and getting money from another side.

00:04:48 Mike

Long story short, uhm.

00:04:52 Mike

He was basically told he needed to get out, so he took his wife, who also worked at the FSB.

00:04:57 Mike

And they.

00:05:00 Mike

Defected, they went to first Dominican Republic and they contacted the CIA and the CIA. Got him by a boat to Miami. From there they flew into Virginia.

00:05:12 Mike

Yeah, and they worked a couple years for the CIA and then for the FBI, but due to some paperwork snafu, they didn't have any work or they didn't have, you know, lifetime retirement and the Newsweek reporter wrote a big article.

00:05:32 Mike

It was.

00:05:36 Mike

Part of it was on the cover of Newsweek three years ago. You can still search it.

00:05:41 Mike

And uhm.

00:05:44 Mike

We helped them.

00:05:46 Mike

I actually.

00:05:48 Mike

Hired them both into my company in LA until things were straightened out and they came back to Washington DC to work, but in a sense where they're refugees. You know somebody who defects is kind of like a refugee.

00:06:05 Bella

OK, now let us talk about your personal military experience.

00:06:12 Mike

Well, I was a Navy SEAL.

00:06:15 Mike

For many years my last.

00:06:20 Mike

Nine years in the SEAL, teams was at SEAL Team Six, which is the counterterrorism SEAL team.

00:06:28 Mike

I left there. That's where I had most of these experiences in El Salvador and elsewhere.

00:06:35 Mike

Iraq and Afghanistan. I left there and I went to work for the intelligence community.

00:06:42 Mike

I I didn't like that very much.

00:06:45 Mike

I did about a year.

00:06:46 Mike

And I left and started a company that.

00:06:51 Mike

Provided former special operations guys.

00:06:55 Mike

Back to our U.S. government.

00:07:00 Bella

OK, where were you at 9/11?

00:07:03 Mike

I was actually in Santa Fe, NM.

00:07:09 Mike

Holding you.

00:07:11 Bella

What was your first impression when you heard this?

00:07:20 Bella

Were you surprised?

00:07:22 Mike

Yes. What was I surprised that we were attacked by terrorists. No, I was surprised at how that such a coordinated.

00:07:34 Mike

Audacious attack could be carried out, but it also demonstrated how.

00:07:44 Mike

Our security apparatus.

00:07:47 Mike

That has so many intelligence agencies that don't share.

00:07:54 Mike

Signals or things that could have been picked up to pass through.

00:07:58 Mike

So I was shocked.

00:08:02 Mike

By the magnitude of what these people were able to pull off in our country.

00:08:08 Bella

Has there any been? Has there been any personal civil actions that you took on yourself to be part of the community or help others?

00:08:21 Bella

Uhm, how about that woman that was in the car and he ripped the seat off and she was going to die.

00:08:26 Mike

Oh well, that's that's a little different.

00:08:30 Mike

Helping people, yes.

00:08:35 Mike

Because in the SEAL teams I had an EMT license. There's been people having heart attacks on airplanes that I've assisted car accidents.

00:08:47 Mike

Vehicles rolled over in a ravine. I've helped.

00:08:50 Mike

But I think most people who are firemen or policemen or ambulance or medics end up doing that kind of thing anyways. But as far as civil, you know and organized.

00:09:06 Mike

Type of thing no.

00:09:09 Bella

You saved quite a few lives though, right? Like with a heart attack victims you mentioned.

00:09:14 Bella

Have you ever done CPR on someone? Have you ever saved someone's life other than working in the military?

00:09:21 Mike

Yeah, there's varying degrees of it, I mean.

00:09:24 Mike

And I've done CPR on people that have died or.

00:09:30 Bella

Didn't make it.

00:09:31 Mike

They were going to die anyways and I've done CPR on people that didn't make it.

00:09:36 Bella

Did they make 'cause of you?

00:09:38 Mike

I'd like to think so, but I think it was a combination of things. You know I've applied people that had from, you know, arterial bleeding, been able to put a tourniquet.

00:09:52 Mike

Uhm, but.

00:09:55 Mike

You know the there was a one incident?

00:09:58 Mike

That you're aware of, it happened just outside of Sedona AZ.

00:10:03 Mike

We were driving.

00:10:06 Mike

And a woman.

00:10:08 Mike

About a mile ahead of us had gone off this hillside into a ravine, and her car had rolled. I don't know 10 times into the ravine and was upside down. She had a broken leg, but it was leaking gas.

00:10:26 Mike

And there was a bunch of cars up top and people taking pictures, but nobody went down into the ravine, so I went down.

00:10:35 Mike

Broke the there was a Jeep. Cherokee broke the rear window. Went in cut her seat belt off.

00:10:45 Mike

Drugged her out.

00:10:47 Mike

Carried her up the hill and the whole time she's screaming about a cat that's stuck in the car and there's gas leaking and The thing is, smoking.

00:10:57 Bella

So you saved her life and her cat's life.

00:10:59 Mike

I went down in and the cat was all the way up towards the windshield and was hissing at me and I was able to grab it, pull it out of there, go up top and by that time and ambulance it was on its way up.

00:11:17 Mike

You know, I put her in a shock position, checked her leg and vitals, her leg was broken in a couple places, but it wasn't arterial bleeding or anything.

00:11:27 Mike

And the car never blew up. It just smoked and leaked gas. It's not like a movie.

00:11:33 Mike

And the ambulance came and medics were all over her and I got in the car and drove away. But years later I got contacted by the lady, which was interesting.

00:11:46 Bella

Cool, can you name me the most influential or most important parts of your life?

00:11:53 Bella

Uhm, in terms of historical events like which historical events were you in part of and which historical events affected you the most?

00:12:03 Mike

Well, that's tough too.

00:12:06 Mike

Separate what was more historical than one or the other. I would say, in my personal view, the genocide in Rwanda received.

00:12:20 Mike

Global coverage, but it didn't really cover the extent.

00:12:27 Mike

Of how monumentally atrocious.

00:12:31 Bella

Regardless of the atrocity or the popularity of the event, which events affected you the most?

00:12:31 Mike

That was.

00:12:40 Mike

I would say that I would say Somalia.

00:12:44 Mike

I I would say El Salvador.

00:12:47 Mike

Uh, I think as far as globally, I think the.

00:12:55 Mike

Kosovo Wars was a time that, you know.

00:13:02 Bella

Was historical OK and what were your thoughts and feelings you experienced during these times? Did it change you?

00:13:10 Mike

Sure everything.

00:13:12 Mike

Changes you in some way, even though.

00:13:14 Bella

But what were your thoughts and feelings during them?

00:13:16 Mike

Ah, honestly, I think it's.

00:13:20 Mike

That it never ends that humans.

00:13:24 Mike

Continue to do the worst to each other. For religion, power, sex and money and it's been going on since recorded history and it's still going on today. It's not meant to be depressing, it's just as a, uh.

00:13:44 Mike

As a creature on this planet, we continue to relearn the lesson over and over, and.

00:13:50 Bella

Over again, is that what your thoughts were when you saw the arms cut off in the Rwandan genocide of the children? What were you thinking when you saw the the stumps of the arms put into the tar?

00:14:03 Mike

Absolute anger and.

00:14:07 Bella

Just anger so your anger angry what? What would you have wanted to say to the government?

00:14:15 Bella

The Rodan government, who were telling the.

00:14:18 Mike

It wasn't the Rwandan government so you had a tribal, the.

00:14:18 Bella

People will do this.

00:14:24 Mike

Hutus and the Tutsis.

00:14:26 Bella

Well, the sovereignty that ever made.

00:14:27 Mike

There wasn't a sovereign at that time, it was utter chaos of two different religious groups fighting, trying to wipe each other out.

00:14:37 Bella

Well then, who was making the kids cut their arms off?

00:14:40 Mike

Well, both sides did these type of atrocities. My anger was.

00:14:47 Mike

At everything that how could people do this? How did it get to this situation and how could anybody hurt a child?

00:14:55 Bella

What was the biggest event in your life of all of including the Rwandan or the Bosnian, whatever.

00:15:03 Mike

I think after all of that, having a daughter.

00:15:07 Bella

The historical events historic.

00:15:09 Mike

The historical event they were all in some way.

00:15:13 Mike

Had their own piece of history, but if you're asking me.

00:15:18 Mike

What was an event? I think that kind of changed the way I looked at things was having a daughter.

00:15:21 Bella

The chains do the most.

00:15:25 Bella

But it has to be historical event event that you were in part of like a war or a military assignment.

00:15:34 Mike

I think.

00:15:35 Bella

Or some perspective that you saw. Like maybe you saw something which changed you.

00:15:39 Mike

I think Somalia changed the way.

00:15:43 Mike

Ah, I viewed.

00:15:46 Mike

How humans interact with each other. How so well it was. One of the IT was the second it was after El Salvador.

00:15:56 Mike

Nine is 9394 ninety three.

00:16:03 Mike

I, I think, just the sheer.

00:16:09 Mike

Realization that humans would treat each other in such a way.

00:16:14 Bella

How were you involved in Somalia?

00:16:19 Mike

I don't think you evolve. I think you're affected and.

00:16:21 Bella

How were you involved?

00:16:24 Mike

I was in.

00:16:26 Mike

In missile teams, and I was a sniper.

00:16:29 Bella

And what was your duty as a sniper?

00:16:35 Bella

Protection and defense against two this mauling government.

00:16:39 Mike

No, so there were a group of warlords.

00:16:44 Mike

Basically, at that point, Somalia didn't have a government, and the warlords were fighting for power and most of the populace.

00:16:57 Mike

Chewed a narcotic root.

00:17:00 Mike

And you had these warlords?

00:17:04 Mike

Fighting for power and the US government.

00:17:10 Mike

Went in to try to stabilize Mogadishu, the capital.

00:17:18 Mike

But it was not a good situation.

00:17:23 Bella

Uhm, if you could give advice to young people of today, what would it be?

00:17:30 Mike

I would say.

00:17:33 Mike

Go out and see the world, the good, the bad and ugly. Just don't.

00:17:37 Mike

Travel to Paris and London.

00:17:40 Mike

And have that as your view of the world.

00:17:44 Mike

Go to Africa.

00:17:46 Mike

Go to Eastern Bloc, go down to Central America and there's so much good down there, you know, yeah, we talked a lot today about some of the bad.

00:17:59 Mike

But get a true sense of the world. Don't form your political opinion from sound bites on a television show. Whatever you are, whether you're Democrat or Republican, go out and form your own opinion based on experience.

00:18:18 Bella

Uhm, can you tell me about someone other than me who had a big influence on your life? Would you tell me about some of the most important lessons that person taught you?

00:18:31 Mike

So I I know this sounds cliche, but probably my dad so my dad was in the Korean War and he was wounded and uhm.

00:18:44 Mike

He came back.

00:18:46 Mike

And he was a farmer. Very simple life.

00:18:50 Mike

But he never let.

00:18:53 Mike

His experience in the Korean War.

00:18:58 Mike

The way he helped and felt about other humans.

00:19:02 Mike

I think that helped me in some way.

00:19:06 Mike

Look at, you can be jaded by things.

00:19:12 Mike

I'm not a very sociable person anyways, but

00:19:15 Mike

Uhm, what did he?

00:19:17 Bella

Teach you though the most important thing that he taught you.


Know what is that?

00:19:22 Mike

I think.

00:19:25 Mike

And that there is good in the world.

00:19:30 Bella

Come can you describe one of your happiest memories?

00:19:36 Mike

One of my happiest memories well.

00:19:39 Mike

Other than having.

00:19:42 Mike

A daughter having a child.

00:19:47 Mike

I think.

00:19:52 Mike

The first company I started.

00:19:55 Mike

When a big company bought it because all the people that had believed in me.

00:20:01 Mike

One everybody made money and so I felt.

00:20:06 Mike

A sense that.

00:20:09 Mike

Kind of completion.

00:20:10 Bella

What accomplishment are you proudest of? What does it make you feel proud? Why does it make?

00:20:16 Mike

You feel proud again. This might be cliche.

00:20:20 Mike

But as your dad, I've seen you.

00:20:23 Bella

I mean like a not not not a child.

00:20:24 Mike

As a baby.

00:20:27 Bella

No, not a child.

00:20:27 Mike

Not a child. Not having a job. OK, so we're deflecting from you here, OK?

00:20:34 Mike

What accomplishment?

00:20:39 Mike

I think I would say that.

00:20:44 Mike

Now at this age, being able to to build and start seven companies and not have it.

00:20:53 Bella

So starting seven companies.

00:20:56 Mike

Not have anybody?

00:21:00 Mike

Say that I've done business wrong or screwed somebody over for money.

00:21:06 Mike

But I would also say.

00:21:11 Mike

Being able to adapt.

00:21:13 Mike

In a very fast moving world.

00:21:19 Mike

And education I don't have a college degree.

00:21:25 Mike

It's hard to adapt in a in a very fast moving world.

00:21:29 Bella

OK, and how would you like to be remembered?

00:21:36 Mike

It's just a good man.

00:21:39 Bella

Uhm, last question. If this was to be a very last conversation, is there anything you'd want to say to me?

00:21:47 Mike

I love you.

00:21:48 Bella

OK, thank you so that was my father. We are in Thailand, Maryland. I am Isabella Jenke again. I'm 17 years old and today is February 12th Tuesday 2019 UM.

00:22:07 Bella
Yeah, yeah, and that's all.
I was originally suspicious of Mike's grandiose record - anyone claiming SEAL Team Six makes me eager to verify, given the team's exclusivity and prestige (they killed Bin Laden, just as one example). However, I attained verification that Michael graduated SEAL Training Class 174 on 10 May 1991. He was initially assigned to SEAL Team Four and later served at SEAL Team Six. He was a sniper.

It was a personal former SEAL friend who has access to the non-public database of all SEALs past and present that provided this verification, so please reach out to me if you desire to see the receipt for yourself.

Michael Janke's various Curriculum Vitae, archived:

entertainment network live




UPDATE: Sometime during the 8 August to 9 August DDOS downtime, Mike disabled his personal website.
Personal website (mike-janke.com)

Two books from 2000
Power Living
Take Control

He and his wife move between states often, and it's always a mansion they buy. His most recent (and likely current) housing, thus tantamount to Isabella's own DOX because she's never lived on her own/outside college, is worth close to $2 million.


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May 25, 2013
I'm assuming glowdaddy was the one who knocked the site out last night. I know glowies have the ability to do all kinds of crazy shit, but let's see if they can combat the Streisand Effect!

St. Terry, please protect us in these trying times as the patron saint of combating feds


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Aug 28, 2018
@DawnDusk I was wondering how Mike Janke managed to make enough money to get involved in cybersecurity VC (he'd need probably $10 mil plus), so I did a bit of digging. Turns out the first company he started was:

SOC-USA -one of the largest defense logistics and security firms in Washington DC, with over 6000 employees. SMGI
The SOC government services page speaks for itself:
Screenshot 2021-08-09 at 20-09-39 SOC Security Critical Infrastructure.png

Basically military glowie stuff, staffing FOBs, doing security for embassies, etc. Presumably Mike Janke had a big network of guys from the SEALs who he could reach out to in order to get this off the ground. The business model for contractors like this is basically to take ex-military or glowies who are all trained up and cleared already, poach them to work for a private sector firm, and then charge the government several times what it would cost to hire them directly. Why do this? Good question. The military industrial complex works in mysterious ways.

It looks like they branched out more into general federal cleared contracting, but my guess is it started with solely providing guys for jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan given how the company was created in 2003. That was incredibly lucrative, with even unskilled grunts making six figures just for putting up with the shithole conditions and hazards. And the contracting companies would take a 25-50% cut off the top. So that explains how he had the cash to get into tech investing. He likely made a ton of money off that sale, depending of course on when he sold, how much investment he needed to get it off the ground, etc. Interesting how he kind of minimizes that now though in favor of the tech stuff.

Janke has also been involved in some interesting events that caused drama in the security community. First there was Silent Circle pulling their warrant canary shortly after all the Snowden leaks happened, and then Janke was involved in a weird story about Supermicro getting supply chain attacked that took ages to be substantiated (and I'm still not sure if it was ever proven outside of "the FBI said...").

Honestly this guy seems too high-profile and smart to do DDOSing or any nonsense like that. If he were to get involved, it would probably involve throwing piles of money at lawyers to bury Null in lawsuits, not skiddie shit. If he's smart, he'll just wait for this to blow over and then move Bella out of the country for a few years, somewhere with private security and no internet connection.
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Bella is like the exact opposite of her parents to such a insane degree. How does someone like Michael, with so much discipline under his belt, end up with such a dysfunctional daughter? Was he and his wife simply too busy with their careers to actually raise her?
Good parents, on paper, don't always produce good kids. Same the other way round too.

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May 24, 2019
will they ever realise that their glowie antics only fuels the interest towards them? Will these people ever give up, or will they make this the best arc so far? Will josh cyberfight the CIA? Is chris the victim of some mkultra experiment? Who will play jewsh in the netflix series about these events?