Dramacow Michael Christopher Martin & Heather Lynn Martin /DaddyOFive/MommyOFive/FamilyOFive / MikeMartin1982 - now DaddyOZero, serving 5 years probation for child neglect, doesn't know when to quit

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Which kid is going to shoot up their school first?

  • Cody

    Votes: 889 75.3%
  • Jake

    Votes: 212 18.0%
  • Ryan

    Votes: 23 1.9%
  • Alex

    Votes: 21 1.8%
  • Emma

    Votes: 35 3.0%

  • Total voters


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NOTE: Child Protective Services are already investigating the situation and they've been sent the videos. Pestering them on social media or whining in the thread won't do anything.

UPDATE 5/1/2017: Cody and Emma have been taken away and are now in the custody of their biological mother. Video of Rose and her lawyer talking about her achieving custody. This is just an emergency custody order, but it means that Mike and Heather will likely be on trial very soon.

UPDATE 9/11/2017: The sentence is out, 5 years probation and no contact allowed with Cody or Emma. The other 3 kids are currently believed to be with their grandparents.


If you've been looking at social media at all today, you've almost definitely seen this video being passed around:
That's Philip DeFranco and the person he's discussing, as you can note from the video, is the "DaddyOFive" Mike Martin. There isn't much that can be said regarding the abuse shown in the above video, since everybody's already talked about it. He kicks his son Cody, shoves him face first into bookcases, yells at him until he cries over stuff he didn't do, all in the name of YouTube pranks.

@wagglyplacebo found even more stuff from his channel that Philip didn't even cover. In this video, his son gets hurt and he does nothing to help him (8:16)
https://ia601502.us.archive.org/30/items/DaddyOFive-youtube/Kid FIGHT ends in BLOODSHED-xRBdHL_xZBA.mp4
In this one, Jacob makes a huge mess out of Cody's room. While Cody's crying, Jacob throws an egg at him and doesn't face any repercussions (10:50). Mike also farts in Cody's face (15:30).
https://ia601502.us.archive.org/30/items/DaddyOFive-youtube/Kid DESTROYS brother's room-8sEmx_MREYA.mp4

So as terrible as all that is, it's not really lolcowish, just horrible. No, what makes Mike Martin a lolcow is his complete deflection of all criticism for his terrible parenting choices. He spent the last few days on Twitter bitching about his "haters" and retweeting Keemstar.



He uploaded a video too, where he gets the kids to say that they aren't being abused, lets it slip that CPS has been called on them, and brags about the toys he buys for them. Also, one of the kids says "at least you aren't beating us like most parents" which is a real healthy sign that his kid thinks that way.
https://ia601502.us.archive.org/30/items/DaddyOFive-youtube/BLOCKING ALL THE HATERS!-LOf-O4lf_uY.mp4

the mom's YouTube and a gaming YouTube, neither are particularly active
Instagram (which is now private)
a deleted Facebook, because deleting everything is a big indicator of innocence
archive of all of the YouTube videos (kudos @tehpope)
inactive personal Facebook accounts of Mike Martin, Heather Martin, Cortney Martin and Jake Martin
write-up of the situation by Nick Monroe, has links and descriptions of stuff
Encyclopedia Dramatica
video of Jake getting into a fistfight on a school bus, recorded October 2015
Jake Martin's Soundcloud

Dox (thanks @Ride)
View attachment 207303

Michael Christopher Martin
DOB: December 17, 1982

View attachment 207304

Heather Lynn Martin (maiden name Zopp)
DOB: August 24, 1983

View attachment 207308

11117 Innsbrook Way, Ijamsville, MD 21754
https://www.bizapedia.com/md/daddyofive-llc.html (http://archive.md/FFDW9)
I guess it's time to step in again and rain on everyones parade.

This thread has grown a ton in the past week, and in that time a lot of information has either been buried behind opinion posts, or has been taken as fact despite no verifiable evidence. This has been pushed by Nick Monroe, the failure of a Gamergate "journalist" who's hitched his wagon to the suffering of children for attempted fame and fortune. Nick is an unreliable narrator who is intentionally misleading with his evidence. Here is all the information that we don't know but has been taken as fact.
  • There is no evidence pointing to Heather's sister using her position in law enforcement to aid them. The information she was even in LE was hidden in the middle of the thread and completely overlooked due to the tone of the people posting in the thread.
  • The belief that Heather and Mike were withholding clothes and pills has no verifying information. It's well within their character to do that, and I actually believe they did, but look at the sources that are saying it and be skeptical.
  • Unless I've missed it, there's no evidence showing that Mike and Heather were planning to run away other than Nick and Rose.
  • Nick's intentionally misleading single series of texts shows they wouldn't budge on a meeting time for visitation dropoff. Nothing about that is illegal and it leaves out any prior history of Rose missing her pick ups, making time changes, or being unreasonable. If this was actually spelled out in their custody agreement that Mike/Heather had the right to choose a time and place for drop off, or specifically named a place, then it's just her complaining about having to follow rules.
  • Emergency Custody Orders are time sensitive. The kids aren't "safe forever" and this isn't a "feel good story". What happens between now and the trial / settling out of court is up in the air until that order is lifted and we see where the kids go.
  • There's no evidence, other than Rose, saying she had no idea what was happening to her children for 3 years. She saw her kids, and she talked to them, at least until things went south between her and Mike. That at no point her children told her about easily found youtube videos they regularly starred in is incredibly suspicious. It sounds more like she didn't do anything until it was either done for her, or people convinced her it was actually abuse and to pursue it.
Custody battles can take months, or even years. Every change of venue, every approved continuation, court ordered mediation and guardian ad litem, every stalling method such as asking for lawyer/judge removals from the case for conflict of interests, even finding time to be put on the docket adds months to the timetable. They can take even longer when one side has money to hire a PR firm and a competent attorney, and the other side has the custody version of an ambulance chaser representing her because of media attention.
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.
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I came here to squark at you
TBH just hearing about the videos is enough for me - I don't want to entertain this sick man and his wife with a single view to see how bad the abuse actually is.

Apparently they were going to Disneyland this week and left the youngest (and most abused) kid at home. I think I would be more than heartbroken if my parents had left me to go to Disney when I was a kid. Can't imagine how that kid feels right now...

GS 281

You know, he does do a decent job with how he manages social media to make it seem to the naked eye he's just a wacky dad (hi homor), but this guy is out of control. He doesn't demand any respect from his brats and then he wonders why they act like Lord of the Flies. If your kids are that bad then discipline them. No one respects a whining, screaming sped.


How can you claim it's not abuse when you pushed your son into a fucking bookcase and film him being hit constantly by his siblings? Just curious.
EDIT: I just finished watching "Blocking All The Haters." Cody's body language when he's not speaking tells me that he really is not comfortable in his own skin or environment (i.e., looking down when responding, the way he looks around himself, etc.), but maybe that's just me.
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Huge Fuckin Nerd

TBH just hearing about the videos is enough for me - I don't want to entertain this sick man and his wife with a single view to see how bad the abuse actually is.

Apparently they were going to Disneyland this week and left the youngest (and most abused) kid at home. I think I would be more than heartbroken if my parents had left me to go to Disney when I was a kid. Can't imagine how that kid feels right now...

I refuse to believe this is true. Do you have any proof? This whole case makes me sick to my stomach.

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