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Horrorcow Michael Isaacson / Vulgareconomics / rknjl / RiskybirdANTIFA college professor who publicly says he wants to kill cops and burn down the white house

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Fangsofjeff, Sep 18, 2017.

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  1. 1484768323439.jpg neckman.png Economics professor, Co-founder of Smash Racism DC and ANTIFA member Mike Isaacson first attracted public attention when he was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News. You can see it on youtube:
    Watchers were understandably shocked that a college would hire a professor who would openly gloat about being part of a terrorist organization. John Jay College of Criminal Justice was aware that he was antifa and had been following him on twitter since March 2017, yet they failed to raise any objection to his public behavior. Mike also thought it was appropriate to tell his students about his twitter account.
    collegefollowed.png 1506312538062.png 1506311806016.png
    Shortly after the interview, people found some inflammatory tweets which sparked an outrage and caused him to be suspended from his teaching position.
    In the antifa thread (https://kiwifarms.net/threads/antifa.28207/), a bit more digging revealed that not only is he a violence loving communist antifascist, he is also a polyamorous applejacksexual (no, seriously) gender confused juggalo and a proud shoplifter. A video from January 2017 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIjbkYLI1nY) shows that he was involved in a plot to shut down the NYC metro and to barricade some bridges. In 2011 he was a soundcloud rapper known as "Killa Mike" who produced songs with titles like "I'm a terrorist".

    He is Jewish by race but hates religion with a passion, going as far as talking about burning bibles and killing missionaries. He does have a soft spot for muslims, however. Probably because they're "oppressed".
    vaticanonfire.png missionaries.png racists.png
    His various public online posts reveal that in bed, he is a submissive cuckold who loves getting tied up and pegged in the ass. Applejacksexuality, according to the definition he posted on fetlife, means "I eat what I like except breakfast cereals". He has publicly admitted to manipulating women into doing sexual things they didn't want to do and has also stated that his semen tastes like shit.

    His response to his sudden infamy was to claim he was misunderstood and just wanted to talk about nonviolence. When he mayor of NYC called him out on his bullshit, he threw a small tantrum and said the mayor was the one who was really anti cop. He flip flops between saying that he shouldn't be fired and saying that he totally doesn't care about getting fired because anyways, jobs are an evil tool of capitalism. The screenshots are pretty big so I'm spoilering them, but I highly suggest taking a look because they're damn funny.

    Screenshots of his reaction to the media attention:
    academicfreee.png jobs.png diee.png vooo.png violv.png harm.png
    Screenshots of posts promoting violence:
    He wants to hang fascists by their toes and beat their lifeless bodies. And guess who he considers fascists? Why, our president, his supporters and everyone who disagrees with communism!
    lifeless.png fascist.png notsafe.png antii.png fascists.png fascists (1).png killlll.png hang.png killcops.png dier.png fireman.png killthemone.png countryclubs.png sfs.png fisto.png policecop.png firefireee.png bombth.png firebomb.png firefireer.png molotov.png molotovv.png straights.png govii.png insurance.png violence2.png bullettoo.png bankbreak.png killallwhites.png burnabank.png protest.png getaway.png peaceful.png
    Screenshotsof weird sex posts:
    His word for rape is "sexual inception". Apparently it took him a long time to grasp that women aren't objects! inception2.png inception.png reallybadatconsent.png reallybadatconsent2.png He is literally a cuckold cuckoldd.png cuckoldry.png cuckoldry2.png asseater.png Here he admits to having gender dysphoria. Why, he has so much dysphoria that he doesn't even bother shaving his beard or trying to look somewhat feminine! coward.png Why would you tell the whole world that your cum tastes like dog shit??? cumflavor.png spermtaste.png assfuck.png oralsex.png fetish.png pornee.png hinthint.png submissive.png clitjewelry.png breathe.png dom.png nosex.png cheater.png blood.png
    Screenshots of his fetlife:
    cadet.png asa.png ropau.png ropau3.png ropau2.png selfiiiii.png uglyfafaf.png
    Screenshots of misc. posts:
    Here he voices his support for juggalos and says the FBI is a terrorist organization: juggaloo.png
    Here he admits he's fine breaking the law when it suits him: breakingthelaw.png He admits to smoking weed even though it's illegal in his state marriageiguana.png takingashit.png He thinks that only cops can dig up incriminating old tweets, lmfaoooo paidto.png 10/10 teaching skills, truly. Note how he admits to pushing his agenda on his students. hindex.png crying.png trigger.png occupyt.png words.png ttttttttttttt.png prooo.png shittttt.png brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.png He gets other people's children to curse: fuck.png He brags about being a thief: shoplifted.png ssss.png
    His sites:

    His current main girlfriend is Madeline Joan Hale and she's also an antifa member who was part of faculty. In 2012, she got in trouble for destruction of property. She was born on 11/30/1990. In bed she is submissive and her clitoris is pierced. Like Mike, she loves to smoke weed illegally.

    His ex girlfriend from 2012 was @ahannahm on twitter but her account was deleted.

    I don't advocate doxxing people's family for no reason, but considering Mikey's mom considers it's fine to put up posters comparing trump supporters to nazis and saying they ought to be killed I'll go ahead and post his fam's information.
    20953181_10207508316185895_4734533408700757571_n (1).jpg The mom is Leslie Galuten Isaacson, the dad is Morton L Isaacson. The kids are Mike and his younger brother Paul who also goes to antifa protests.

    Morton and Leslie live at this address:

    Paul's accounts

    I'll be editing this post periodically with new images and information. Don't forget to sign the petition to get him fired!
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    #1 Fangsofjeff, Sep 18, 2017
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    Fangsofjeff ♡ My pronouns are master, master and master. ♡

  2. Can you just imagine what it's like to be in his class? Nightmarish!
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  3. These can't be archived, but my suggestion is to download a tool called "Full Page Screen Capture". Cap every page for posterity. You never know what little thing can turn out to unravel a whole host of mystery. You got a prof's fetlife, that's always nice. lol
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  4. Is not washing your hair a social justice tenant or something?
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  5. just your pubic hair
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  6. Tfw you're teaching a college for future cops and you go on twitter stating that you actually want to kill cops. :(
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    #6 Fandom Trash, Sep 18, 2017
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    Fandom Trash

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  7. that neck is fucking LONG
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  8. Didn't know they were hiring zoo animals for protests these days. I also love how this dude is the scrawny, low-T bitch boy you'd expect him to be.
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  9. I like how in that pic in the OP he uses the myspace angle to hide his neck
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    Xerxes IX

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  10. This guy would never be able to kill a cop, even in his wildest dreams.
    Too much of a commie nu-male fag, to go against a street cop.
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  11. fix this @Fangsofjeff
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  12. Just suspended? Holy shit what is wrong with this school? Why not fire and even report him?
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    #13 Scratch This Nut, Sep 18, 2017
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  13. He's a skinny little faggot isn't he
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  14. No, he's a gigantic faggot.
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  15. It's pretty difficult to outright fire people in higher education, especially if said person has friends higher on the totem pole. If he's an adjunct, they can just choose not to rehire him for the next school year.
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  16. How the fuck do you get a neck like that without performing one of those stupid ass rituals native-tribal Africans (or whoever actually started it) force their children into?
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  17. mike isaacson soy milk.jpg
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  18. How this guy even managed to become a professor is beyond me.

    I'm not surprised he isn't fired though, college professors are very hard to outright fire. Especially if they have tenure or friends higher up in the system.
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  19. Years of deep throating practice, one would assume.
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    kcbbq Art trappists gory?

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