Michael J "Mike" Hirtes / MHirtes / Aristocrat / Polterbob / Slep / Totem Sanic / AspergercornChris obsessed old man, A-Log 2.0, EXTENSIVE history of online fuckery in fur community

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Who's the biggest A-Log now?

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  2. Phillip Delici / Isabel Araujo / ADF

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  3. Darrel Motel (Christian Fundie A-Log)

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  4. Field Marshal Crappenberg / Roketsune

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  5. Michael Hirtes / Slep / Totem Sanic

    300 vote(s)
  1. [​IMG]

    @Totem Sanic is a former erotic fur e-zine admin old man approaching senior status from Council Bluffs with a major hateboner for Chris, Trump and his fellow furs, that has an extensive history of being accused of scamming on art and doing charge backs, as well as socking and getting banned from communities such as FurAffinity and LULZ.net for his bullshit. Going by MHirtes, he has caused a lot of problems and raised hell over usenet and in a multitude of fur communities since the 1990s. He has even been hating on Chris since 2010 (archive). This guy has a massive footprint, and it is shocking we haven't had a thread on him already.


    So how do we know that @Totem Sanic is Michael J Hirtes of Council Bluffs, Iowa? A lot of evidence points to it, but below the basics.

    On twitter using his RektByLife account, Michael says that his email address is "warriormail1234@yahoo.com", and that this email is linked to his twitter. Based on this, I searched the email, and I found that someone was complaining that someone with the same email was engaged in some paypal fuckery. This was a pretty strong link, but not enough to say for certain.
    upload_2017-7-15_14-15-15.png upload_2017-7-15_14-15-32.png upload_2017-7-15_14-16-15.png upload_2017-7-15_14-17-8.png
    I did some more digging and saw that Michael Hirtes appears to have a hard hateboner for Trump, has stalked, socked and obsessed over people online in the past, and a few other things that I have confirmed with @Null which all point to Michael and @Totem Sanic being the same person.

    Michael has a wide footprint online, but also has a history of irl fuckery as well

    Michael has a long, long, long history of being belligerent and harassing people in the fur community. Searching YiffyLeaks for him (archive) you see that he was trying to excuse socking, harassment and fighting with users on FurAffinity. When you look at the quote below, Dragoneer is the owner of FurAffinity.

    Eventually Dragoneer dropped the hammer on him and his faggotry (archive). The comments on his page seem to indicate he is not missed.

    He also was involved in the fur community, with an extensive footprint going back to the 1990s.

    Michael ran an e-zine called FurPlay (archive), which distributed material online. The e-zine has been shut down, but there are still archives to some of the text on the websites. Among the reasons why the magazine had to shut down was because Michael didn't want to lose his :tugboat:.

    Archive on Novia
    Archive on Furnation

    From Wikifur (archive)
    In addition to Furplay, Michael also helped with the publication of Midnight Sands.

    From Confurence (archive)
    Here is a review of one of the issues from 1993 by Ahmar Wolf. Ahmar has a thread, too.

    Here is some of his art. An archive of all of Midnight Sands #2 can be found here.

    upload_2017-7-15_13-19-35.png upload_2017-7-15_13-20-7.png upload_2017-7-15_13-20-32.png upload_2017-7-15_13-21-10.png

    He was charging $5 for Furplay and $20 for Midnight Sands according to Usenet posts
    In addition to furfaggotry, Michael is a hardcore Trump a-log and has attacked other politicians as well. Michael was published in the Omaha World-Herald (archive) talking about Republican Senator Joni Ernst and Social Security. Interesting he would speak on this considering he is on the :tugboat:.

    Angry about someone trying to use a $100 Bush Bill (archive)
    In these quotes from Usenet (archive) he was getting roasted for a-logging on a 7 year old who died in a hottub. In one quote he literally asks for proof that the child was "innocent".

    There is a bunch more, if you want to see the absolute spergery he reaches, click here. theres over 2,000 messages to go through.

    So now what is he up to? This thread right here is a good synopsis of what he's been up to.

    Many more

    Michael J. Hirtes
    505 S 6th St Apt 608
    Council Bluffs IA 51501-6438
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  2. You live long enough to see yourself become a lolcow, or you die a kiwifarmer.
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  3. Hold the fuck up, Totem Sanic is Hirtes? That's a name I haven't heard for a long time. I remember how he was shitting up lulz.net (even though it does a good job of doing that to itself) back in the day.

    Shouldn't this thread have a Halal tag?
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  4. lmao he's a furry too

    @Totem Sanic drink bleach, it's the only way to fix this
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  5. I should have added to OP, but there is more stuff out there in the fur community, and with LULZ.net, as well as there being drama dealing with CrushYiffDestroy and Point of Evil to dig into. This guy's history is pretty endless.
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  6. We can't harass Chris.

    But we can sure as fuck dox you.
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  7. He's a sped on welfare? Big shocker there.
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  8. He's literally :alog: all over again. Same deviancies, everything.

    This should be fun.
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  9. Lol, I love how he thinks it's totally okay to question the innocence of a dead child who died in a hottub.

    Like, that's what I call the ultimate A-log.
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  10. :story: he literally said that to a newspaper reporter IRL, I can't even...
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  11. Lol, didn't know he was a furry.

    Next thing you know, he'll be sperging out and trying to say he's someone else again.
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  12. Lol, this is better than I could be hoped for! He would've stayed under the radar but he just couldn't help but poke the kiwi.
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  13. How long until he jumps into this thread to shit things up and defend himself?
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  14. You give him too much credit; he's probably just going to a-log us off site and sperg about how mean we are.
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  15. my favourite part about this guy is the way he likes all his tweets with his socks
    and the socks are the only accounts liking his tweets
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  16. Haha, stick a fork in him, he's done. @Totem Sanic , did you ever pause in between bouts of abusing Chris to wonder if you were any better? At least Chris is funny.
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  17. Holy shit, this is massive. He probably thought he was safe being an active Kiwi but DAMN he fucked it up big time. Can't wait to see how this unravels.
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  18. It just goes to show you that a-logs tend to be as bad or worse than the cows they're mocking. Deep, deep self-loathing.
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  19. 8hinnb4.png
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