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Michael O. Church is a self-proclaimed over 150 IQ genius with a persecution complex, who is famous for being banned from Hacker News and Quora.
Note: All of his posts are in text and require a lot of reading.


Friendly enough, right?
Early History
Church's earliest known internet history, dating back to 2004, was vandalism and sock-puppetry on Wikipedia. He is suspected to have created at least 45 sockpuppet accounts, behavior which he carried on into his Quora and Hacker News days. This led to him being repeatedly banned by Wikipedia admins in 2005 and 2006. To this day he is blocked indefinitely. He later stated he regretted it.

Hacker News
Church was a frequent commentor on Y Combinator's Hacker News, where he claims Y Combinator co-founder and venture capitalist Paul Graham has a vendetta against him. Church gained some notoriety for a Google slap-fight about its corporate culture, which even got picked up by Business Insider. This account should be taken with a grain of salt, as another former Google employee Kenton Varda says:
kentonv said:
Please don't misinterpret anything Michael Church says as being informative. The man is crazy. Like, paranoid schizophrenia crazy. He was banned from Wikipedia not just for vandalism, but for trying to blackmail wikipedia admins by threatening more vandalism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Mike_Church). He will, of course, claim that this was all a conspiracy against him by the Wikipedia admins, just like he claims that Google management was out to get him. See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Isomorphic/Minions_of_the_....

At Google, Michael Church is infamous. Practically everyone has heard of him. He is known primarily for having posted many insane rants to a company-wide mailing list. These threads literally consisted of Michael Church writing a wall-of-text rants followed by leagues of coworkers replying to say, in effect, "For the love of God would you shut up already?". He had few, if any, defenders, yet he pretty much ignored everyone and would keep posting unapologetic follow-ups. He would say the same things internally that he now says externally. He is the best proof there ever was that Google employees can say anything they want and not get fired.

To this day, Michael Church is still a popular meme. As in, literally, we have a meme template that is a church with an M on it, and we (his former peers) use it to mock him. He is that crazy.
Notably, Paul Graham (pg) himself replies and tells Kenton to let the topic go.

On August 6th, 2015, Church was banned for calling Marissa Mayer a cunt. (To be fair, Mayer did do a terrible job at Yahoo)
dang said:
We've banned this account. Calling Marissa Mayer a cunt is an egregious violation of the civility that HN requires. (Using an archaic spelling doesn't change that, it just makes it weird.) No one gets to do this here.
I told you just three days ago that if you wouldn't or couldn't stop doing this, I would ban your account [1]. This comes after more warnings, reminders, cajolings, and please-dont's than anyone has received in the history of HN by a long shot. It's painfully evident that you won't or can't stop, and it's time we applied the rules equally.

1. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9994684

Church was a very active poster on Quora, amassing 1,514 answers and 9,799 followers. His last answer was on Sep 3, 2015. He appears to have been banned the next day, September 4th, supposedly for sockpuppeting (I can't find an official explanation). In a deleted post from his blog, Church quotes an "investor-level extortion theory" or "Quora felt that Michael was getting “too big” and had to be taken down".

From being banned from HN and Quora, Church wrote on his blog that he was "de-platformed" on "false, defamatory pretenses". He wrote that he is being attacked, receiving death threats, by Silicon Valley for questioning the tech industry:
Michael O. Church said:
I ought to admit that I’ve never been great at processing the bizarre adversity that started with my first attempts to improve the tech industry. I have nightmares and panic attacks. I Google phone numbers I don’t recognize. I watch my back, especially in large cities.

The anonymous threats, the unjustifiable closing of doors, the necessary vigilance… that took a toll on me in 2015 and ’16. For an example of what I was going through, a homeless person in San Francisco chased me, brandishing a stick. He told me not to “fuck with” certain people, whom he named.

I hit rock bottom around March of that year. It wasn’t that I gave credibility to the death threats. Those came from high-placed people in Silicon Valley who had too much to lose, and I lived in Chicago, so I perceived myself as out of their way. Looking back on it, their objective wasn’t physical harm. Their work was incompetent and that was intentional. Rather, they wanted me to speak up. They knew I would, and I played into it. Why? Because it sounds utterly fucking nuts. If I stand up and say that, one time in San Francisco, a person associated with Y Combinator sent a homeless man to harass me, I sound insane. It seems bizarre and unreasonable, because it is. However, it happened. I wish I were making it all up.
I had a hard time accepting the role I had played. Yes, I experienced death threats and attempted blacklisting. From an objective external perspective, I’m not a sympathetic party. First, I chose to work in the tech industry. Second, by revealing unethical and illegal activities to the public, press, and authorities, I “bit the hand”. Third, my experiences raise questions but don’t answer them. I’ve proven corruption in Silicon Valley; do I have a fix for it? I don’t. Fourth, I must confess to my immaturity while the worst fights (2011 to ’15) were going down. In one case, my revelations of illegal practices led to numerous successful lawsuits against the company. Am I a hero? Nah; I did it to settle a grudge. I did a good thing, but my intentions were pedestrian. If I represent my story with honesty, I must admit this.

So, there I was, in March 2016, doubting whether I wanted to consider existing. Harassment and defamation from people who are powerful in one’s industry has that effect. Believing you’ll never get a decent job again (false, proved later) because a Quora ban (tech is petty; it’s plausible) has that effect. Spoiler alert: I’m still alive. As a general rule, I’m not suicidal, for two reasons.

We may never know which accounts are genuine supporters and which are Church sockpuppets, but given some anonymous Quora questions like I'm 19 and the Michael O. Church banning scandal has scared me away from tech. What industries should I consider instead?, Is Michael O. Church a genius (according to answerers: yes!), and Why was Michael O. Church banned from Hacker News? (Anon answer: The short answer is that Paul Graham can't stand to share the limelight with a younger, smarter person doing what he did: using polished essays and contrarian thinking to establish notoriety.), I have my personal suspicions that Church is still up to some sockpuppetry.

Blog, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Since his ban, Church has still been posting on his blog, twitter, and reddit. He deleted many of his posts in 2016 in what he says is an accident (the same post claims he is still getting death threats), but many of his posts have been archived here or on internet archive. He also blogs about a book he is writing.

Church's twitter bio describes himself as "Programmer. Writer. Antifa." (the Antifa part being new) and nowadays he complains about the usual nonsense of fascism, Trump, and Silicon Valley venture capitalism.

moc tweet crop.png

Obligatory nonsense

On his 8 year old reddit account, he still posts daily where you may find some of his lastest gems.
Another PTSD sufferer :( said:
Indeed, there have been concerted efforts by these thugs to damage my reputation, and it doesn’t help that I said some dumb things under influence of PTSD (which, in part, I got from exactly the sort of adversity being discussed here).
He also held a reddit AMA where many of the top comments asked "who is this guy?"


The best part of Church is his ridiculously inflated ego, which distracts from some actual problems he brings up. This is the reason I thought he was thread-worthy in the first place. Someone has created a tumblr and subreddit dedicated to his hilarious quotes. There are too many to list and I highly suggest going through them for some laughs, but here are some gems:
  • "I'm sure I could be a professional poker player. I've read a couple of books on it, and it seems a lot easier than the math and CS papers I read." source
  • "I’m almost 30 and my IQ is over 150. I should be an EIR or doing cutting-edge machine learning work, and I’m not, because I was robbed by those fuckers. Yes, they’ll get their comeuppances. I’m sure they’ll fall into the wrong fight. But I suffer every day from what those pieces of shit stole from me. I’m years behind where a person at my level of talent should be." source
  • "I support radical honesty and the most honest way to deal with passive-agressive socially violent people is to kill them." source
  • "Yes, everyone knows that I’m talented" source
  • "I know for a fact that [death threats] came from Y Combinator. I had a lot of this nonsense investigated" source
  • "I got [Paul Graham] to the point where he shits his pants every time he sees or hears my name. Envy is his driving emotion" source
  • "You run into frustration when you’re my age (I’m only 33!) and only interested in the high-end jobs. I know more machine learning than 85% of the PhDs who are actually able to get those jobs." source
  • "People don’t like the fact that I don’t pretend to be several talent levels below what I am. " source
  • "I’m actually very likely to be opening a lawsuit against Quora in the next six months. I probably won’t win more than a couple hundred thousand" source
  • "This isn’t bragging. I can write 2500+ words of coherent prose per hour." source
  • "My first drafts are better than what most corporate executives turn in to their agents. My second drafts would be publishable in business non-fiction. (I spent a lot of time as a high-art or ‘concept’ Internet troll.)" source
  • "Heroic women don’t have casual sex, so the only way you’d have the experience of sex with one is if she were your girlfriend or wife. People can learn to be good in bed, and a heroic woman would be willing to learn in order to please you." source
  • "I have established leadership as the pre-eminent Tech Antifa." source
Thanks to @omnihitler for helping me find links
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Hate to tell him but an iq of 150 isn’t as grand as he thinks. Good enough to join the bargain-club that is Mensa, where their average acceptance rate is 1 out of every 50 people of the general population, but let me know when he qualifies for the Triple Nine.


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As far as internet authoritarian wankers go he seems for the most part inoffensive. It's nice when they're too far up their own ass to even pretend to care about other people. He's a breath of fresh air compared to the horrorcows we've got lately.


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I like how pseudo-intellectual individuals with a Hindenburg-sized ego think that having an IQ justifies shitty behavior on the internet.

“I’m a genius, so you have to listen to me, and it’s ok to act autistic.” Is all I hear.

Not to mention that their shitty attitude if often just as bad offline as it is online, so I wouldn't be surprised if Church treats everyone around him like shit.

We've all met people like Church at some point in our lives. They like to brag how smart they are (as if that is the only interesting thing about them), and turn out to be incredibly boring, self-centred and arrogant people.

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