Micheal Vito "Ava Vita" Ciccarelli - Nashville-born tranny living in Chicago who complained about KF to CloudFlare


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Oct 14, 2014
On 2 August 2016, the Kiwi Farms legal division received a notice that a few threads were reported by at least four individuals with autogynephiliac tendencies. One of these reports was made by an "Ava Ciccarelli", a male-to-female tranny-sexual who migrated from Nashville, TN, to Chicago, IL, in a vain attempt to make a niche for himself as a full-on tranny living in a cis-dominated world. If you don't believe me, here's a still from his Twitter:


This of course is a veritable brand of snowflakery. Normally, when people of this identity and mindset find us, they go out of their way to inform the upper echelons of our "misdoings" when really we're exercising our god-given right of free speech to the fullest extent of what the law allows. This is the text of the report:
"Reported URLs:

Logs or Evidence of Abuse: This website is used nearly exclusively as a way to encourage people to commit suicide or enable abusers to harass others. They gather information on vulnerable people, especially people within the lgbt community, and expose it to the public. You don't need an account to view anything. Just click the URLs and see for yourself.

The links I added are truly just the tip of the iceberg.
Comments: Best I can tell, your company provides optimization, security, and an SSL certificate for the site. I urge you to cease these services immediately for the safety of those involved."

Mr. Ciccarelli, if you're reading this, just imagine if I were to swing my fists in front of your face but never hit you. That's exactly what we do here.

All this aside, Ciccarelli, like most people, has family added to Facebook; one of them appears to be dead, however. There is a strong possibility that "Michael Ciccarelli" is a dead name, but I would not state for certain that Ava Ciccarelli was at one point Michael Ciccarelli.


His transition from whatever he used to be to the mutant donkey witch he is now may have begun one year ago, coinciding with migration from Nashville to Chicago; there is of course a smug 48-second documentary to go with it:

On top of the autism displayed when reporting Kiwi Farms to CloudFlare (which I imagine happens a few times out of the month, Ciccarelli appears to use the same username everywhere he goes as some sort of branding.
List of websites:
Personal: http://www.avavita.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ava.v.ciccarelli
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avavita/
Github: https://github.com/avavita
Twitter: https://twitter.com/avaavita

And here's a picture of him for good measure:

Also, the contact info from the legal notice thread:
Phone number: 6158875458 (Nashville area code; may most likely change to Chicago)
E-mail: ava.v.ciccarelli@gmail.com

As a bonus, here's a picture of her reasonably attractive sister:
Archive what you can, boys, the hole only gets deeper from here on out.

Ciccarelli graduated in 2007 from Ravenwood High School in Brentwood, Tennessee. Here he is walking at graduation pre-transition:
Deadname confirmed: Michael Vito Ciccarelli
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Mar 26, 2014
Can we get @Flowers For Sonichu to make a post telling these lolcows to knock it off with this "notice me senpai" bullshit?

I was actually thinking of a guide about what to do when you have a thread here. There have been some people of interest who have been downright civil and likeable like @Joe_Cracker @jennfer a jay and that maxi pad person

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May 8, 2015
What is it with these maniacs and Chicago? Or, to look at it another way, what the Hell did Chicago do to deserve this? First Fire latches onto the place like a bloated tick in a ridiculous Mario hat and loudly declares it would be absolutely impossible to live anywhere else because something something transphobia, now this specimen rocks up and burrows in too. Do the taps run hot, cold and estrogen or something?


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Jan 11, 2014
Can we get @Flowers For Sonichu to make a post telling these lolcows to knock it off with this "notice me senpai" bullshit?
It's part of the lolcow natural cycle though:

They found me, lols I don't care.
No, really, I don't care, look how much I don't care.
You guys can stop now cuz I don't care.
No, really, plz stop.
Stop it assholes, idiots, etc, etc.
*Deletes fucking everything*
*Comes back*
Made new account, no reason to hide anymore

Rinse and repeat.