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Law Michigan Judge Fucked a Cop who Testified in a Murder TrialOne That She Presided Over

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by thismanlies, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. Article
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    thismanlies The Funnest Part of Gaming is Looting Corpses.
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  2. That's a disbarment.
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  3. Great, so a murderer might get let go because this whore of a judge couldn’t keep her knees together and then lied about it.
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    AnOminous life of the mind
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  4. We Courtroomgate now
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    hood LOLCOW

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  5. No you sexist shitlord. She's dindu nuttin'. #Feminism
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    tehpope privacytools.io | prism-break.org

  6. I keep making these mistakes... I'm a terrible ally.

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  7. Whoa there with the casual misogyny. There is nothing wrong with what this woman did.
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  8. I misread this as "Fucked Over" and thought she, like, accidentally revealed his identity when he was a protected witness.

    This is WAY more entertaining.
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    Computery Guy

    Computery Guy We've come to the end of our time.

  9. I did not have sexual relations with that judge!
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  10. And suddenly, "All Rise" has a totally new meaning.....
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    TowinKarz Actually WILL Call Somebody.....

  11. ... For the boneable Judge Brennan.
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    metroid_fetish Your fetish is vanilla.

  12. When I clicked this I figured they were both dudes. I'm a little disappointed. Damn my misogynistic male defaulting.

    Apparently there was some issue over a polygraph test and he appealed to the Court of Appeals in 2014. The motive may be jealousy. Jerome was a loser while his brother was not.


    The judge never disclosed that she had a close relationship with Furlong. They'd actually known each other for a decade. It was Judge Brennan's husband that brought the affair to light. They'd been going at it since 2006. So who knows what else got screwed up because of this.

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    Dysnomia Bah humbug!

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