Microsoft is making Windows 10 passwordless - It’s part of a bigger push to get rid of passwords

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HAHA.. no. Fuck you Microsoft. This better not get pushed to all versions of Windows 10 because I have coworkers stupid enough to do this with their work machines and this will create nothing but headaches for me.

We really shouldn't be dumbing down our security like this.
Eh, I'm all for this in principle. Passwords do suck (especially when managed by your typical corporate IT halfwits), and the attacks on them get cheaper and easier every day whereas the strength of the password paradigm has pretty much maxed out.
My only concern is that this will push lazy developers to just use Facebook/Microsoft/Apple/Google/whatever logins for authentication instead of implementing their own FIDO2 integration. I see too much of that already even now.
3rd party integration is bullshit and the peak of laziness. One of the options for the 3rd party MFA our parent company uses is Google Authenticator and it fucking sucks.


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I hate Windows 10. I have all the auto-updates turned off and it'll still restart my computer while it's sleeping to update. Yesterday I had to re-restart because it restar-updating disabled the M4/M5 keys on my mouse. This update will probably turn passwords off and you'll have to go find a "fix" to turn them back on.
Unless you went in and disabled the auto-restart function like I did. Haven't had that issue since then.


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Unless you went in and disabled the auto-restart function like I did. Haven't had that issue since then.
Weird, I have a laptop with windows 10 and I did this but it mysteriously reverts itself periodically.

Wait, what? I still have Windows 8.1 and never updated to Windows 10. And I never modified registry settings.
Though tbf my case is only an anecdote.
Said laptop was running windows 7 until I woke up one day and it was windows 10.

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Eh. It appears you have to purposefully choose to disable it. My desktop only has a PIN lock on it. If the lock is good enough for my phone, then it's good enough for my computer. I'm far more worried about unwanted access to my phone than my computer, if I have to be honest.

Now my job is currently going to Windows 10 devices and having PINs for that shit is insane. PINs to make sure your shit is secure for private use? Sure. For a company? Nah, that's dumb as Hell.

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Woooooho...... "this means PCs will use Windows Hello face authentication, fingerprints, or a PIN code?" Go fuck yourself.


Shit like this is why I've decided to just cut off internet access for my Windows 10 installation. I plan to use it solely for games that I can't get running on Linux. Passwordless logins are just the tip of the iceberg of all the dumb things that Microsoft does with Windows 10. Take a gander at this article if you're unfamiliar.

>not using a pirated copy of windows 7 for everything
I've been running Windows 7 for years but when I upgraded my desktop it didn't jive well with the new hardware (or rather, the hardware didn't jive well with it). I'd get random crashes that went beyond annoying and messed with the system even booting up properly. It's a shame because it otherwise performed perfectly.


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This is a fucking nightmare. My family has had shit dating back to the 1980s in our household that I'd been playing with since I was a little kid, and never in my life did I ever believe this madness was going to spiral totally out of control like this. I cannot fucking wait for my computer to deny me access because my finger is smudged with a bit of dirt or the lighting conditions shade the wrong side of my face. Passwords are borderline worthless yes, but this system sounds like abject fucking crap. Fuck Microsoft. Fuck computing. Fuck the internet. Fuck this whole show.


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