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SOMEONE HAS GIVEN the rumour mill an almighty kick as it's been suggested that Microsoft is considering buying-up game publishing behemoths EA and Steam, along with PUBG Corp.

Polygon cites a "reliable source" close to Microsoft who has allegedly tipped it off about Redmond's gaming ambitions.

Rumours of such acquisitions appear have been fuelled by the promotion of long-term Xbox figurehead Phil Spencer who will now head up Microsoft's leadership team, a move that shows show that Redmond is serious about its gaming division.

But the Xbox One, even with the 'most powerful console in the world' Xbox One X under its wing, still lags behind Sony's PlayStation 4 in terms of overall sales. Many would claim this is down to a lack of captivating exclusive games, so buying the biggest names in gaming could be one way past this.

EA is one of the biggest players in gaming with a net value of around $7bn, and Valve grew from a small startup into a massive game developer, publisher and gaming platform maker, so it's not short of cash either.

Relatively new firm PUBG Corp soared in value thanks to the success of Battle Royale-inspired Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and is now worth a few billion dollars.

This would mean Microsoft would need to dig deep to buy any of the gaming outfits.

And while EA's corporate nature might fit nicely under Redmond's banner, Valve tends to have a more holistic approach according to workplace stories and is a pretty independent company, so Microsoft could struggle to encourage it to sell to them without offering the moon on a stick.

But all that being said, Microsoft did manage to snap up hit game Minecraft and its developer Mojang for $2.5bn and that's worked out pretty well for its gaming division.

All these rumours need to be taken with a grain of salt. Yet, if Microsoft does indeed want to buy a gaming giant, then we'd expect it to do so one at a time or enter into partnerships rather than corporate acquisitions.

Either way, hopefully, this means an exciting year for the Xbox One and hopefully the improvement of Microsoft native gaming on Windows 10. µ

I Have mixed feelings about this even if it Is false. It would be ironic to see EA get Gobbled up though.


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Oh goodie, I always wanted to buy my games off of the Windows 10 Store App. You know, the one where literally anyone and everyone can publish shitty apps that no one likes :story:


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Steam is essentially Valve's money printing factory. Valve barely even releases games anymore with how much Steam is keeping them afloat. The last thing they'd ever do is give somebody a split of the profits for a one-time deal at the cost of dropping a long term money-making platform. Valve itself has proclaimed their freeform workplace where people just do whatever they want and form groups instead of working under a hierarchy. There's no reason they would ever drop this ethic in exchange for being owned by a larger corporate entity.

EA on the other hand is known for making the dumbest decisions for the sake of a profit, so I'm not sure if they'd be stupid enough to let themselves get bought out by Microsoft. If so then I'd only have to wonder if EA would become more or less blindly obsessed with money with Microsoft holding the reigns.


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I for one, like Microsoft. :deviant:

Still wouldn't want them meddling with Valve though.

Especially since they would get origin as well buying our the competition.

Microsoft would then kill the companies as that's what Microsoft does with their game development studios.
if It did happened sony would be fucked so would the consumers as well.

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Which would wreck Steam more: Amazon as corporate parent or Softie?

Conpletely off the wall thought, but AMZN does have kind of a history of buying the weirdest stuff, from Comixology to Goodreads to Twitch at this point. I doubt they'd have any use for Valve itself, but Steam seems to me to be just the sort of thing that gets Bezos's motor running.

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I wonder how this would effect the EA licensed properties, if true. Microsoft, as a console manufacturer, already has the rights to make licensed sports games, they just don't. But do they keep EA's multi-platform rights too until those deals run out, or do they only keep them if they keep Madden et al. as multi-plats, or perhaps would they lose those deals no matter what? And is there a clause in the Star Wars contract that does something similar? We know that EA chose to keep making kiddie Star Wars titles for Nintendo systems, even when the two were feuding, possibly at Disney's behest. Is there any way that Disney is okay with Microsoft cutting off half of their customer base? And would they, who supposedly get a cut of each Star Wars purchase, be okay with those games going directly to Microsoft's subscription service?

I don't want the Valve purchase to happen and am neutral on the PUBG one, PUBG is a good game but its only one game and they would surely leave the PC version intact, which is all I really care about.