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Mike David is the host of the Red Bar Radio Show, a comedy podcast that has aired on various sites since 2003. Mike is a Chicago native, born to a Jewish family in 1983. He has addressed his heritage with winks and nods for almost twenty years, which has led to confusion for some of his fans as to whether or not Mike is bullshitting about being one of the Chosen. This point was decidedly cleared up when an investigation into his mother's Facebook profile turned up her wedding photo, in which Mrs. Robin David is hitched under a chuppah.
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Mike studied at the accredited meme school, Full Sail University, pursuing a film degree. The AV know-how David picked up in this time was applied towards a parody radio show he'd started recording with a friend: The Red Bar Radio show, named after their production company. By the mid-2000s, the Red Bar Radio Show was being live streamed and, taking cues from Opie and Anthony, frequently featured comedic talent from the Chicago scene. The likes of T.J. Miller, Aziz Ansari, and Epic Rap Battle's Nice Peter, among others, were made at-home in the Red Bar studio by the end of the naughties.


In 2010, the Red Bar brand would be furthered through a partnership between Mike David and Kyle Lane when the duo successfully launched a comedy club in downtown Chicago, predictably under the Red Bar banner.
David describes their first year of patrons as a medley of tourists, suburbanites and comedy lovers of all ages. A loyal following, he says, is a work-in-progress as Red Bar attempts to wrangle Chicago’s acclaimed comedy onto a professional, Vegas-style stage.

“People who have never been to a comedy show, those typically aren’t as good of laughers as people who are into it. We want people who will laugh the loudest.”
Article | Archive
Some footage from the club can be found in Nice Peter's August 3rd, 2010 vlog, 'Chicago Time Machine'.

Flickr full of club images
If you're to look, various other photos and reviews from the club's heyday are easy to locate. What's harder to find is information about the club's downfall. At some point, Mike David was removed from the enterprise, with the club continuing under Kyle Lane's direction. It was eventually renamed the Comedy Bar, and still finds success in Chicago to this day.

After his dismissal, a soured Mike David went on to post dozens of Red Bar episodes shitting on Lane, and accusing him of stealing the club, etc. At least, that's what people say. If you're to search the Red Bar archives for references to Kyle Lane today, nothing will turn up. This is because is because in 2018, Kyle Lane decided to sue Mike David and the redbarradio.net web designer, Cameron Malek for defamation, and a claimed $300,000+ in damages the two caused. (Archive) Mike's course of action was to delete every episode referencing Kyle Lane, who he no longer addresses by name on air.

Mike David's "fame" really begun around 2015. After ditching the morning zoo aesthetics of earlier years, and having severed many of his local connections, Red Bar from the mid-2010s onward became Mike's solo affair for the most part. Red Bar's staple bit then became fools watching - Essentially just Mike's riffs on eCelebs, celebrities, comedians, podcast rivals, etc. A component of most fool campaigns has Mike guiding his fans to fuck with whoever the target of the day is, employing the use of pranks, prank calls, spam, archiving and measuring to get under a fool's skin.

In 2015, Mike had a spat with comedians Amy Miller and Phoebe Robinson which caught the attention of Proud Boys / Vice founder, Gavin McInnes, who was hosting The Gavin McInnes Show on Compound Media at the time. [Compound Media was created by Anthony Cumia from Opie and Anthony; one of Mike's biggest influences] The friendship of Mike and Gavin provided David the opportunity to host two episodes of The Gavin McInnes Show from the Compound studio in New York. Soon after, a deal was struck allowing Mike David to stream Red Bar to the Compound Media platform from his studio in Chicago.

At this point in time, Compound Media had a much higher profile than it does today. Coming off the coattails of Anthony Cumia's firing from SiriusXM, the Compound's content was both politically charged and deeply in debt to the New York comedy scene that Cumia had spent some twenty years promoting. That is to say Compound Media had a lot of baggage and was a lighthouse for faggotry and fools. Mike quickly set to mocking his fellow Compound Media personalities, including Joe Matarese - the pill comedy originator, and high profile Proud Boys close to McInnes. This chapter in Red Bar history has been thoroughly documented across a series of videos by the YouTuber Porsalin so I'll keep this brief.

A few results from Mike David's time on Compound Media are of note. Firstly, his relationship with Gavin McInnes quickly deteriorated after Mike implored Gavin to drop the Proud Boys shit since it was, to put it simply, a bad look. Some Twitter DMs between the two:
redbar dm with gavin 1.pngredbar dm with gavin 2.pngredbar dm with gavin 3.pngredbar dm with gavin 4.pngredbar dm with gavin 5.png
(Quality is sort of bad since I took them from a Porsalin video)

Second, it was around this time that anti Red Bar sentiment started to see some real traction. In 2015/16, Compound Media and Anthony Cumia were chiefly followed by r/opieandanthony; a rabid community of truck drivers and cyberterrorists hellbent on squeezing entertainment from the dying O&A sphere by whatever means. The community had mixed feels on the content
Mike David was delivering, and many users wrote him off with a big fat 'fuck you'.

(r/opieandanthony threads bashing Mike: 1 | 2)

Similar negative sentiments to those found in r/opieandanthony threads eventually moved to the Fighter and the Kid subreddit, and other comedy subs who Mike had caught the attention of through his coverage of the L.A. Comedy Store scene.

Today the biggest hub for Red Bar hate is r/redbar, which was once a fan subreddit before it was taken over by Mike's trolls and detractors, mirroring the dichotomy between Anthony Cumia and r/opieandanthony before him.

A favorite topic of Mike's trolls is his wife, Jules Felker.

Jules is a 29(?) year old Canadian who learned about Red Bar through her ex-boyfriend who was a fan. After getting on Mike's dick, the two married in 2016. After starting out as Mike's show prep assistant, Jules became the second mic on Red Bar in 2018 to mixed reception.

Red Bar fans may remember that when the two started dating, Mike bragged on air about how the two always Skyped and exchanged nudes. Mike went as far as to post some tasteful nudes like this one on his Instagram which have since been deleted.
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.
Eventually, a couple pictures of Jules' tits were leaked, which Mike claims were taken when she was underage, and that detractors claim were taken by Mike around the time they started dating, like is the case with the picture above. There isn't a ton of proof either way, but the contention around this makes me think it's better not to include these images at all, at least for the time being. Mike submitted DMCA takedowns against some r/redbar posts containing the leaked images, although he didn't hit all of the posts linking to offsite copies of the nudes.

Although I couldn't find an archive for it, screenshots suggest that Mike posted on the subreddit showing a victim information notice filled out in front of a Chicago police station, suggesting he'd take further action against users spreading the images. The results of this action are unknown to me.


Other links:
Red Bar YouTube
JulesFelker on Twitter
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As a fan from back in 2010, I wish you lots of luck trying to archive Mike, RedBar has what feels like a MASSIVE history of mike being an alcoholic, try hard who spends more time burning bridges than making them.
I'll look around my old harddrives and see if I have anything good from the 'bring back' facebook group

After he brought "Yes women" onto the show I had to stop watching, because they always had the worst fucking voices.


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You forgot to mention that he made the racist ducktales song, and was buddies with Hannibal Buress back in the day. Got this video from Bitchute.

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That's true. He also created the song Kill All the Gays (and the faggots)

I'm not sure when this first aired, but in this Opie and Anthony clip, Opie referrers to a "Mike D from Chicago" on the instant feedback, which is almost certainly our Mike. It's at 9:50.


Excellent post. Was hoping to have a central place to discuss redbar on the farms. Good call on not posting Jules' supposed underage nudes, regardless of the veracity of what mike claims, it isn't important to the rest of the info presented
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Never watched him, but from the clips of him in Porsalin videos he seems marginally funny. Good OP, but would this be better in Multimedia?

Do they allow cow threads in Multimedia? I don't really go in there.

It's a great OP (as would be expected from one of our beloved jannies), and extremely informative. If it winds up in Multimedia I might have to start dropping in.

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Do they allow cow threads in Multimedia? I don't really go in there.

It's a great OP (as would be expected from one of our beloved jannies), and extremely informative. If it winds up in Multimedia I might have to start dropping in.
Oh yeah, though the threads in Multimedia are usually more centered on discussion/criticism of content than on derision of the person/people in question. I would respectfully disagree that Nick Rekieta's thread still belongs there, but with what's in this OP currently, it's more of a synopsis to kick off discussion about general Redbar stuff, not really about 'let's laugh at this retard.' Just my two cents though.


Somethings that may be worth mentioning:

redbar hardcore (former) fans get really into shitting on him on Reddit.
He has a big group of retards that blow him on facebook (BBG).
The illness is almost certainly fake or a girl's disease (fibro).
His dox policy is the same as our Jannie Josh's: "come and get me".
Hasn't done a show in 4 months, still collects shekels from his paypigs.
Still name searches to find any clips of him so he can copyright strike them. Somebody posted his now unavailable "Redbar in London" documentary from 10 years ago and he had it taken down in less than a day. It was super cringe footage.
He is very anti-religion in that 2010 atheist style.


The evidence is going to SHOW!!!!!
I don't know that much about Redbad but does he have Jim-initis?
He seems to a have mysterious debilating illness that he uses to justify his sporadic lack of content.
And he will never reveal what it is

Reddit theory about it:
There's been countless speculation over the years (and most recently) regarding his debilitating "autoimmune disease" that he claims to suffer from. However, he's never actually admitted what specific autoimmune disorder he has. Many have wondered why that's the case given his transparency on the type of ailment he claims to suffer from, in addition to the crippling symptoms he's described over the years.

It's widely accepted around here that his condition is Fibromyalgia, which is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues - all of which he's described. Now, why wouldn't Mike just come out and finally be transparent about it, especially when the majority of his listeners already know this?

I'll tell you why. It’s because he DOES have Fibromyalgia, which is NOT an autoimmune disorder as he's been claiming to suffer from this entire time. It's actually widely regarded in the medical community as somaticized depression. Fibromyalgia is simply one constellation of symptoms that is part of a large hodgepodge of psychiatric disorders with very debilitating physical manifestations such as IBS, chronic pelvic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. I'm not implying his somatization process is conscious or voluntary, but rather a manifestation of his neurotransmitter dysregulation - which stems from his anxiety and depression.

Simply put, Fibromyalgia is the physical manifestation of a psychiatric disease. It's also more common in women than men, which is another reason why he keeps mum on his condition - a dude like Mike with a "feminine disease" is both emasculating and embarrassing, especially given all the grotesque things he's said about others throughout the years. He also couldn't come out and admit to having Fibro when he’s claimed for years his ailment was FAR worse than any other terminal illness and that he should deserve more sympathy and pity than one suffering from cancer - which couldn't be more of an egregious claim.

Further, doctors typically don’t encounter Fibro patients that are normal - meaning no psych disorder or preceding psych stressor - where they just suddenly develop Fibromyalgia, as one might develop a heart attack. As such, I'm almost certain his alienation and ridicule from the comedy community - coupled with the nasty things he’s projected on to others from his own insecurities - manifested physical symptoms, with which the underlying precursors are anxiety and depression. He’s had this condition for the past decade (even prior to Jules coming into the picture) and it's gotten progressively worse - lining up with the fact that he's never been more socially isolated and insecure than he is now.

It's almost as if Mike knows he would be exposed as a hypocrite, or something, for making fun of other peoples mental health problems. Oh, right, it's because he is one (cue "he's a whiny, little, bitch!" soundbite). Now take your antidepressants and put on a show for us, you fool.

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I know him from his legendary takedowns of Anthony 'the count' Cumia and Bill Shcultz (ex-foxnews now-compoundmedia cokehead who also deserves a thread here). RedBar really did end up doing a Cumia, the hardcore fans turned on him and hate him on reddit, and his casual fans still blow him on social media.

Another part of RedBar's hateboner for Gavin is Ryan Katsu Rivera leaving Red Bar's show and going to Gavin's show, which RedBar saw as a betrayal.

Nice OP!

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Eventually it gets exhausting listening to some fart-sniffer like Mike David take 8 hours to dissect a 30 minute clip of Tony Hinchcliffe acting like a faggot
Yeah his biggest problem. Which is a shame, he seems to know how to pick good 'fools' who are genuine low-level lolcows.

If he wasn't drunk and stoned all the time he could probably have really funny shows where he doesn't stop the video every 15 seconds to go on a 10 minute rant. But almost everything he puts out just looks like he's filibustering his own show.

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